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Thread: The Crimes of Quillette

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    But I am at a loss to explain how you fell for Carpenter. This is a guy who writes for Max Holland. I stopped reading his book when I saw how he covered up the military record of Thrasher who Shaw worked for.

    And that is not all. Carpenter ignores the cover up within the CIA about Shaw's contract agent status. ....
    I no longer see continuity in the Garrison Investigation debate.For example, Jim, what would you say to Nicholas B Lemann in a debate, considering his family ties?
    If Garrison had been transparent with Joan Mellen or his autobigraphy editor Zachary Sklar, either would have been empowered
    to call out Nicholas B Lemann for what he is....a useful idiot or an agenda driven professional disiformationalist with no relationship to ethical journalism. Lemann obviously had no fear of Garrison disclosure.:
    The Rise and Fall of Big Jim G.


    By Nicholas Lemann, February 6, 1974 ....

    Expanding on my last post, first with author Joan Mellen's take on the Lemann and Baldwin influence on the Garrison Investigation. I disagree that it is settled
    that David Baldwin was the source William R Martin described having lunch with, resulting in Martin's memeo of 24 May, 1967, to NODA Jim Garrison.:

    Stephen B Lemann's brother is Thomas Lemann, father of Nicholas B. Lemann. The stepmother of Stephen and Thomas Lemann was Mildred Crumb Lyons Lemann.
    Her daughter, also named Mildred Lyons, was stepsister of Stephen and Thomas Lemann after her mother married their father Monte Lemann in 1947.
    In 1945, Mildred Lyons married David Baldwin. (See first article image inthis post...)

    Considering until 2015 no one ever publicly revealed that David Baldwin was a first cousin of Garrison's wife, Liz Ziegler, or that Anti-Garrison attack dog Nicholas Lemann's
    step-aunt Mildred Lyons Baldwin was the wife of David Baldwin, readers should think twice about Stephen Roy's (aka Blackburst's) attempt to trivialize relationships deliberately
    concealed by both Garrison and Shaw, and by lack of disclosure of Nicholas B Lemann.
    Monday 12/30/1991Journalist Nicholas Lemann, movie critic David Denby, and co-screenwriter Zachary Sklar debate Oliver Stone's movie "JFK"
    as well as the facts surrounding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

    03:14Nicholas Lemann: this case, what the movie is really about, the center storyof the movie, the star who's on this screen the whole time isKevin Costner playing Jim Garrison.I am a non-fan of Jim Garrison.Jim Garrison did the worst thing a public official can do, whichis use the power of the state to take a man who was innocent andwho I think he knew was innocent and put him ontrial, charge himwith a crime to make a larger point about society.That's exactly what Joe McCarthy did andwitch hunters throughouthistory did.
    04:30Charlie Rose: And if you were doing that, how can you tell the truth? Here's a man who's a reporter from--04:37Zachary Sklar: I don't agree with what he just said.04:39Charlie Rose:That Jim Garrison put Clay Shaw on, knowing thathe did not have the facts to convict him?

    Garrison's name and the name Mrs Harry Raworth, the mother of David and Edward Baldwin, appear in the 1968 obit of Harold Ziegler, father-in-law of Jim Garrison.:

    "They" still don't get it, do they, Tom? What hath Oliver wrought? And why is his progeny over on the RT side? 2019 shall be the year of the cyberwars. But you didn't hear it from me, see?
    Your turn, Jim (that's DiEugenio, not Garrison). Janney described Tom Scully as a "DiEugenio protege'" in his later diatribes concerning Ms. Pease's rather long response to Peter's tome. No doubt that Tom is ruffling many feathers in the highest bloodlines of this affair. Hope you have the courage to change your perspective in 'l'affaire Garrison', and that today finds you well in the City of Angels. Hey, Jim, be kind to your students when you grade their tests. After all, Life itself is just a test.....but also an open secret..... and hoping that you yourself get a passing grade, sir. Zei gezunt+, and may Baby Jesus and the jews be as one, Kahane notwithstanding......... shalom! p.s. to tom..... you need an editor, sir! i'll do it 'pro bono'....... fair?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Scully View Post
    Jim, your ass kissing of the past few days in support of the handpicked successor of the guy who made special exceptions
    of both of us....
    circumventing the rather democratic disciplinary deliberation process he himself instituted and once took
    pride your case resulting in your banning with no prewarning steps formerly accorded to even the likes of Morrow and
    Rago, along with intentional deletion of at least 4500 of your posts is a sight to observe. You had your reasons for going back
    there after such abuse, related I assume to your assessment of your own best interests. However, your defense of the thin
    skinned, revised price of participation there is beyond the pale.
    Only if you think access to an internet forum owned by a private citizen is a right and not a privilege.

    Greg Burnham banned me from his forum, deep sixing some really good stuff. I don't beef. If I lost anything it was because I foolishly failed to back it up.

    Same thing when Dave Reitzes got booted from the Ed Forum late '13. Thread gone, didn't back it up valuable posts?...Oh well...I refused to decry a transgression of free speech when Tom Scully said I oughta.

    Following the 2016 election I came close to getting kicked off Deep Politics. Wouldn't have beefed if I had. Lots of people are put off by my stuff and I spend few winter eves sweatin' over it.

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