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Thread: RFK Assassination Resources?

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    Default RFK Assassination Resources?

    Just wondering if people have any recommendations on RFK asssassination resources such as books, videos, or websites? I see a rather expensive DVD called RFK Must Die directed by Shane O'Sullivan. Books I have seen include Shadow Play authored by William Klaber and Philip Melanson, The Assassination of Robert F Kennedy by William Turner and John Christian, and the more recent A Lie Too Big to Fail by Lisa Pease. So far I have been pretty surprised by the lack of podcasts and You Tube videos

    I called in Thom Hartmann's radio program and spoke about the RFK assassination. I give Thom for at least taking the call and advocating for a new investigation, but his question to me was whether I had heard about Thane Cesar having had Mafia connections. I said I had not. It just seems odd Thom wants to give this a Mafia spin rather than any mention of the CIA.

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    Lisa’s book is great, RFK MUST DIE is very good, and there’s a lot of good material about the assassination in the ELEMENTS OF REVISION video, which can often be found on YouTube.

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    I'd add videos, articles and more by William Pepper - Sirhan Sirhan's lawyer.
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    Also check out the website of Rose Lynn Mangan, Sirhan's personal researcher for close to 40 years.
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    Thanks all. I wanted to add that I recently found out that Dan Moldea, who was the investigator who claimed he gave Thane Cesar a polygraph test that Cesar passed, is the same Dan Moldea who reported that the DC Madam, Deborah Palfrey had repeatedly told him she was suicidal before she was found dead in her jail cell from hanging. Moldea is the only person to have heard this from her, yet he is very prominent in the mainstream reports on the story. What a coincidence.

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