Since the late nineties, I have always thought that the Congo was a very important piece of history in the Kennedy case and also in the turning of Third World policy after JFK.

Like everything in the JFK field, it was ignored, for the simple reason that all anyone wanted to talk about was Cuba and Vietnam.

The more I read, the more I thought this was short sighted. There were three murders that took place which ended up reversing Kennedy's policies there and putting an imperial strong man in charge who was the opposite of what JFK and Hammarskjold wanted.

Finally, someone has made a documentary on this, and if you click through this article, a very important revelation has surfaced. Kennedy's ambassador to Congo, the visionary Edmund Gullion, suspected that Hammarskjold's plane was sabotaged the night it happened!

We had to wait fifty years to learn this! Dag Hammarskjold was murdered, plain and simple. And it was over Congo. JFK admired Dag and tried to pick up where he left off and look what happened to him.