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Thread: A Noble Lie - OK City Bombing.

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    I mean, um, just looking at A Noble Lie, plus taking into account the books and other film I've watched on OKC...this seems like a very elaborate, costly, and wide-ranging operation to take on for informational purposes related to a future 9/11 attack, especially when data was gathered during the WTC truck bombing in February 1993.

    I dunno - did I watch Three Days of the Condor too many times, and am brainwashed into looking for purposes? Whatever white supremacist/armed religious cult momentum the Clinton admin DOJ was obsessed with seems to have died out once the Bush regime returned.

    So, why OKC? For instance, what did our law enforcement and intelligence agencies get out of it?

    I mean, is this a characterological theme thing? Were the Clintons obsessed with internal redneck terror (Waco, Ruby Ridge, OKC) while the Bushes were more internationalist in their pursuit of Iraq and Afghanistan?

    Did the Clinton admin studiously avoid international conflict (apart from an aspirin factory missile strike) in order to let the Bushes take the global low road? Or was the internal threat under Clinton a form of time serving that allowed Al Qaeda to "develop" while our law enforcement and intelligence services were "occupied" chasing cornpone bad guys within our shores, throwing a shout-out in passing to the Philippines terror network as a segue into the crimes of the next admin?

    Personally, I find your repeated questioning 'what was gained by dark forces out of OKC' annoying. You pose it as if you are on the side of most others here, but I think that is only a posture - and you are really trying to cast doubt on those who would question the official versions of OKC, 911 and by extension, most other deep events. I am not amused at the style of your posts. If you have what you think is a different analysis, kindly do it without the movie analogies, the cornpone bad guy allusions - but seriously. I think you have nothing to offer but doubt and that is your goal here [disguised]. For me, you do not deserve my time and energy explaining further the importance of OKC [or 911-ver.I and ver.II - or other deep events. I can't take your 'doubt' and 'questioning' serious when it repeats and repeats and repeats without what I consider any serious alternatives - only 'clever' diversions and asides. I'm starting to get the feeling of listening to a troll who is cleverly posing as a skeptic of the official versions. Stop asking questions, do you own homework and work and make your own decisions. Continuously asking others to prove X or Y to you is the work of a troll or a lazy person. IMHO.

    McVey did it all himself, with a fertilizer bomb. There was no Individual #2 [and others] and no pre-planted bombs in the building, no looking the other way by the police and federal agents investigating, no conspiracy to assist the bombing by the FBI and other agencies and entities, no cover-up, no rush to kill and thus silence McVey. It had no training value for future mass bombings of buildings and had no purpose to test reactions of the public and media - so as to better manipulate them in future and larger false-flag operations. No pre-knowledge by some that the bombing occurred either. So, now you have your answers and can stop bothering the forum with your petulant and childish questioning over and over again......and your diversionary tactics which I think attempt to serve another agenda entirely. Looking back at your older posts, which are usually quaint or 'cute' two sentence comments, without much substance, I really begin to wonder how serious you are on this analysis of the deep state operations or whether you care to act as an agent of doubt and of turning the serious into a circus.
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