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Thread: John Newman special section: Reviews and Excerpts

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    Up at Kennedys and, review of Countdown to Darkness and excerpts from Into the Storm, plus a review of Volume 1

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    Thanks for sharing this gem, Mr. DiEugenio.

    Mr. Newman's excerpt is an intriguing read; and, between him and Mr. Blunt, their keen insights are unraveling the dubious skill of deceptive practices amid the craft of intelligence. Connecting the dots conjures up a back room of evil men wheeling & dealing amid their bloodthirsty lust for power and greed. Trust future reviews will keep us abreast as more revealing revelations come to bear. Two thumbs up! ----> gentlemen (DiEugenio, Newman & Blunt). Thank goodness these men of integrity are on the side of truth, light and justice.


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    IMO, the most important thing in the book is the Bagley revelation about the dissemination pattern for the Oswald file being predetermined.

    I really hope that John ties that up later with what Michelle Wolf was doing for the HSCA. Malcolm Blunt sent me a lot of material on her work. She spent months trying to solve this riddle of why Oswald's 201 file was opened so late and why his files originally went to the wrong place. She interviewed several people about this. It really puzzled her.

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    Yes, Mr. DiEugenio, it indeed would be encouraging that further developments of Mr. Newman’s skillful dissecting of the Agency’s tangled web-of-deception include an addition of Ms. Wolf’s tireless, exemplary efforts. MUCH needs to be cleared up amid the smog emanating out of their old Foggy Bottom headquarters. Also encouraging that Mr. Blunt is sharing his exemplary research with someone of your discernment/investigative prowess.

    In their deceptive realm, The Agency utters any falsehood that will do at any given time to outright lie amid their penchant for delay/stall tactics. Here, courtesy of Mr. Newman is more revealing evidence of the Agency's forked tongue ---->
    George T. Kalaris ---->

    *Credit John Newman

    Attached Images Attached Images


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    Research has borne out that the wrongly accused was impersonated in Mexico.

    After reading two letters, see accompanying link and noted pages, there is also a strong possibility that he was impersonated in the U.S.S.R and New Orleans as well. There was a phrase making the rounds a few years ago in writing circles about a writer's voice. Those of you who choose to read the two letters in question--one while he was in the U.S.S.R and the other while he was in New Orleans--please make a note of his voice/command of the English language/vocabulary in the U.S.S.R letter as compared to his repeated misspellings in the New Orleans letter. Please be mindful that both letters are typewritten, so in either case the wrongly accused may not have written them at all. Another curious note about the U.S.S.R letter is "he" types his name as "Leo" instead of Lee. Intially, thought it was an honest typo, but then noted the letters "e" and "o" on the keyboard are spaced apart.

    page 24 (left column) and page 38 (right column) ---->

    There may be even more inconsistencies that I missed, but what little bit I absorbed/shared here in comparing the pages imho this isn't the same person "speaking". Anyways, a safe & wonderful weekend to all.


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