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Thread: Is James McCord dead?

  1. Default Is James McCord dead?

    In reading Shane O'Sullivan's book on watergate Dirty Tricks, I was startled when i turned to page 405.

    There it says that James McCord passed on in June of 2017. I could find no notice of his passing anywhere.

    The source was his niece. At the time of his death he was living in a small town in Pennsylvania called Annville in the area called Polymar.

    If one searches diligently, you can find info on this at Ancestry and Find A Grave.

    Why all the secrecy over his death?

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    Indiantown Gap National Cemetery is where JFK assassination figure Colonel Lawrence Orlov was buried. It's not clear why either McCord or Orlov would be buried there, except that it might be a step-down from Arlington Cemetery for "heroes" who do not qualify for Arlington might be buried. Orlov mysteriously moved to a Pennsylvania town very close to this cemetery shortly before he died, although he did not have any known reason to do so.

    Fort Indiantown Gap was a place where intelligence concentrated CIA-sponsored immigrants such as those coming from South Vietnam in 1975 after the fall of Saigon.

    I have a copy of the book Dirty Tricks which I will be starting now that I have just finished Carpenter's biography of Clay Shaw

    James Lateer

    Name: James McCord
    Death Date: 2017
    Cemetery: Indiantown Gap National Cemetery
    Burial or Cremation Place: Annville, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, United States of America
    Has Bio?: Y


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    Why all the secrecy over his death?

    That's the $64,000 dollar question, Mr. DiEugenio, which, given McCord's allegiance to his Agency brethren we may never really know. One can only hope his sudden departure from this realm had nothing to do with the looming release of the then sealed JFK Files several months later.

    That said, it's shameful what the C.I.A did to exact leverage against then President Nixon. McCord, Helms, etc. were fortunate they plied their craft against an otherwise gentleman, because if they ever thought they could pull the same masquerade off with a cunning Sicilian mob boss they had another thing coming. I'm not saying Nixon was a saint, but given he knew what truly transpired on Friday, November 22, 1963, he should have not left himself open for a major dirty-tricks operation amid the Agency's clever embedding of McCord into his trusted inner circle. Even the actual Watergate burglars intimated they thought the operation--directed by McCord--had been a set-up.

    *Source: Wally McNamee

    L-R Agency assets Virgillio Gonzalez; Frank Sturgis; attorney Henry Rothblatt; Bernard Barker; and, Eugenio Martinez
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    Pennsylvania? Interesting. I had heard that he was in Colorado or Montana.
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    It may have something to do with what Posada told me two or three years ago, I'm sure if (that) information had been taken seriously rather than moving at a snails pace, McCord would've been in some serious trouble. I also promised Luis I would not release what he told me until after he, Luis passed away, it is what it is.

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    McCord's daughter was living in a small town in southeast Pennsylvania.

    He had moved there about 5 years ago.

    I actually had a follower of Kennedys and King meet up with him at that time.

    This has to be him since its the same parents when you trace the genealogy. The only difference is the date of birth and there seems to be some honest discrepancy in that. Some sources say it was in January and others in June.

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    I wouldn't bet the farm against your last post, Mr. DiEugenio, given your keen discernment abilities, but it wouldn't surprise if McCord--for whatever reason(s) faked his own departure from this realm.

    It wouldn't be the first nor will it be the last time someone immersed in cloak & dagger tendencies pulled such a stunt off. The one thing we all can agree upon is there is a major contrast between the hushed "passing" of McCord and the well-documented recent passing of the following Agency member ---->

    Hopefully, Posada's revelations to Mr. Kaiser may shed some ample light someday on the mysterious figure @ James W. McCord.

    "We're not in the Boy Scouts", former C.I.A. Director Richard Helms was fond of saying when he ran the Central Intelligence Agency --The Atlantic

    Helms testifying before the Senate Watergate Committee (1973): Credit Harvey Georges / AP
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