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    Tried attaching Bloomfield's military record to my post yesterday but was having difficulty loading it so I uploaded it to Internet Archive. You can download it from the link below.

    Below is a link for a letter I found in the Dulles papers about a possible Bronfman - CIA link.
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    Default Louis Bloomfield Papers

    Mr. Kowalski:

    Reading the military record of LMB it doesn't look like he did anything while serving in the Canadian Military reserves except get a concussion while being tested for a promotion. LMB must have been a klutz.

    For the information of the viewers here, LMB served in the reserves from 1942 to 1946 and was promoted from lieutenant to captain and then to Major. He was shown as being in first the ammunition department and then transferred into the supply department and served in the 4th military district which looked like it was in Montreal.

    The only surprise to me was that he studied at the Sorbonne in Paris from 1930 to 1931. I guess that makes sense if you are an anglophone living and practicing law in Montreal.

    I have travelled Canada from Prince Rupert, BC to Churchill MB to Louisburg Nova Scotia, and since Canada seems like such a squeeky-clean place, it's hard to picture it as a nest of assassins. Plus it is such a thinly populated area that it would seemingly be hard to cover up something like being part of the JFK assassination.

    But there was, of course, the alleged meeting in Winnipeg in 1964 with David W. Ferrie discussing the assassination in the airport. Wow.

    I don't see any indication that Bloomfield was with the OSS or even working in Army Intelligence. His service record smacks more of the George W. Bush "no-show" record in the Texas National Guard in the Vietnam era. Maybe the "no-show" look of his record was because he was actually a "no-show" and was (on paper) in Canada, but in reality buzzing around as a spy-type. There is a record on ancestry of his entry into the US to visit Burlington Vermont in 1942. But that looked to be a tourist visit.

    Another question that occurred to me is this: if he had dinner one-on-one with GHW Bush in 1976 or later, we know the Torbitt Document started up in 1970 and is attributed to David Copeland, a Texas attorney.

    Why would Torbitt/Copeland attribute the leading role in the JFK assassination to a person like Louis Bloomfield who comes across more like Walter Mitty, than as an assassin? And since Copeland was in Texas and the assassination was in Texas, then the big question is whether George H W Bush was aware of Bloomfield's place in the JFK assassination books and documents?

    Bush wouldn't be a very good CIA director if he wasn't up-to-date on JFK assassination theory. After all, when he was CIA director in 1976, you had the beginnings of the Church Committee and the House Select Committee on Assassinations.

    And if Bloomfield had this reputation, why would Bush gratuitously meet with him and correspond with him and call him "my friend"????

    This is puzzling.

    PS I don't see any significance with the Allen Dulles-Aileen Bronfman connection. Looks like a minor shot in the dark by Dulles.

    James Lateer

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    Default Louis Bloomfield Papers

    Mr. Kowalski:

    There HAS TO BE A CONNECTION between GHW Bush and Bloomfield. It's just too coincidental that they would be corresponding and not aware of the role of the other in the JFK assassination literature.

    Another question in re the above: if the Torbitt File came out around 1970 and was attributed to David Copeland, a Waco, Texas attorney, then what was that about? Copeland was allegedly the attorney for JFK researcher Penn Jones, Jr.

    According to the book Family Of Secrets by Russ Baker, at the moment JFK was shot, GHW Bush was giving a speech in Waco, Texas. Bush later told people that he could not remember where he was when he heard of the JFK murder.

    So the Torbitt Document is coming from Waco, the Torbitt Document fingers Louis Bloomfield, GHW Bush was in Waco on 11-22-63 and GHW Bush later (in 1976) begins meeting and corresponding with his "friend" L M Bloomfield.

    Why did the Torbitt Document name Bloomfield as the leader of the assassination?
    The name Louis Bloomfield could not have just been pulled out of the phone book, so to speak. There had to be a reason he was accused by Torbitt.

    Bloomfield's Canadian Army service is vague. He was in the Army, but his records don't reveal anything about his whereabouts or any specific actions that he took. There is an article in France naming LMB as an OSS agent.

    His Canadian military service began in 1942. That was the year that Donovan started the OSS and this involved Canada and Canadians. This involved Sir William Stephenson, the "Quiet Canadian". And Donovan was using the secret Camp X in Canadian Ontario, 30 miles from the US border. And Donovan's activiities at Camp X included training people for assassinations in the War.

    Bloomfield was a 36 year old attorney in 1942. There's no indication of why he would have joined the Canadian "Militia" (reserves) at that age, or whether he suspended his law practice for that period. As a reserve officer, he apparently could just continue his activities as a lawyer. There is no indication in his military record as to what base at which he was serving.

    LMB was listed as being in the ammunition and supply departments. At that time in 1942, supply was a big issue between the UK, the US and Canada. The purchasing of war materials was a delicate and profitable function and involved military procurement and war profiteering. this tended to be a magnet for greedy businessmen interested in war profiteering (as a general principle).

    No information about whether Bloomfield was involved in that function as a reserve officer. Presumably, any ammunition or supplies he would have been managing would have been going overseas to fight the Germans, not just warehoused in Canada "for a rainy day".

    Was LMB secretly an agent of the British SOE or the American OSS? It seems possible but, if he were, then somebody did a nearly perfect job of covering that up.

    Maybe more will come to light about this.

    James Lateer

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    Default Louis Bloomfield Papers

    Mr. Kowalski:

    It now looks like we have solved this riddle:

    As I feel I have proven in my book The Three Barons, the JFK assassination was the work of leftover Nazis from World War II together with certain US intel personnel and some Louisiana and Dallas Segregationists. This is also the thesis of The Skorzeny Papers by Ralph Ganis.

    The involvement of Jack Ruby, Bernard Weissman and Colonel Lawrence Orlov were instances of the JFK plotters trying to blame the JFK assassination on Jewish persons. Also General Julius Klein and apparently LM Bloomfield.

    From your work on Louis Bloomfield, it now looks like the Torbitt Document was a continuation of that attempt to blame Jewish perpetrators for the JFK murder.

    Since the Torbitt File is attributed to David Copeland, a Waco, Texas attorney and George HW Bush was also connected to Waco, it looks like the Torbitt Document was disinformation published by the JFK plotters who were still at large and had yet gone unpunished.

    Since George H W Bush was a main-line CIA operative (apparently from the 1960's onward), he might have been the conduit for this CIA disinformation. Allen Dulles was apparently totally in league with the ex-Nazi Operation Paperclip people. Dulles died in 1969. But Lyndon LaRouche began his work for the U S Intelligence departments sometime between 1965 and the mid-1970's.

    In 1981, you have the Executive Intelligence Review publishing their lengthy essay on the JFK assassination, essentially blaming "Zionists" and UK Intelligence for the JFK murder. This blaming of Jews for the JFK murder only subsided when the WWII leftover Nazis had gone to their rewards up in the sky (so to speak).

    So it start to look like the "Dinner at the Ritz" between George H W Bush and Louis Mortimer Bloomfield was just one more attempt to blame Jews for the JFK murder. That is the only reason I can think of why GHW Bush would want to associate himself with a suspected killer of JFK.

    Case closed.

    James Lateer

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    Default Louis Bloomfield Papers

    Mr. Kowalski and others:

    In the Bloomfied letter to Sir William Stephenson in 1954, he was actually writing to Richard Coit, c/o Stephenson. Below is info taken from an historical website on Stephenson and Coit and this actually implicates Bloomfield in spying activity of some sort:

    "...One of Stephenson’s agents was Ivar Bryce. According to Thomas E. Mahl, the author of Desperate Deception: British Covert Operations in the United States, 1939-44 (1998): “Bryce worked in the Latin American affairs section of the BSC, which was run by Dickie Coit (known in the office as Coitis Interruptus). Because there was little evidence of the German plot to take over Latin America, Ivar
    found it difficult to excite Americans about the threat...”

    "...Nicholas J. Cull, the author of Selling War: The British Propaganda Campaign Against American Neutrality (1996), has argued: “During the summer of 1941, he (Bryce) became eager to awaken the United States to the Nazi threat in South America.” It was especially important for the British Security Coordination to undermine the propaganda of the American First Committee. Bryce recalls in his autobiography, You Only Live Once (1975): “Sketching out trial maps of the possible changes, on my blotter, I came up with one showing the probable reallocation of territories that would appeal to Berlin. It was very convincing: the more I studied it the more sense it made… were a genuine German map of this kind to be discovered and publicised among… the American Firsters, what a commotion would be caused...”

    This may be the same Richard Coit that lived in "Turtle Creek" in Dallas, (near General Walker?) who was involved with Texas Instruments. Bloomfield was involved with G Peter Fleck through Amsterdam Overseas Corporation, which was also related to Texas Instruments and financed by the Rothschilds. Fleck was chairman of New Court Securities which handled the "initial financing" of Texas Instruments. Flick was a fugitive from Nazi-invaded Netherlands in 1941

    James Lateer
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    Default Louis Bloomfield Papers

    Mr. Kowalski:

    In a letter in 1979, Bloomfield wrote to attorney I G Alk, asking him to help get Lyndon Larouche off of his back vis a vis the JFK asssassination.

    Alk was the attorney in a federal case with Robert F. Kennedy, (as Attorney General) being the opposition in 1962. It involved Trading With the Enemy from WWII era. This case involved Nazi assets seized due to Trading With The Enemy violations.

    I'm not sure why Alk would have the influence to get LaRouche off the back of Louis Bloomfield? It looks like maybe Alk was an insider in dealing with the Kennedy administration on behalf of ex-Nazis and their property. Of course, the big case was the General Analine And Film (GAF) case which involved RFK, JFK, I G Farben and Prince Radziwill, JFK's brother-in-law. The GAF case was settled by LBJ only three weeks after the assassination.

    This puts Alk in the ballpark of international wheelings and dealings in the JFK era. And it looks like Bloomfield and Alk were "birds of a feather" who walked the line between private profiteering, spying, US, UK, Isreali and similar "cloak and dagger" type of activities.

    Also, Clay Shaw was connected somehow to the I G Farben case because some of his files were mixed in the I G Farben papers in the Archives.

    Just the type of stuff that we are always on the lookout for here.

    James Lateer

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