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Thread: Truthdig: JFK's cold war chains

  1. Default Truthdig: JFK's cold war chains

    I had to post this in a hurry, so I confess I haven't read it! Thought it might be of interest tho.

    It's at

    Title: "American History for Truthdiggers: JFK's Cold War Chains"

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    Three people have pointed this article out to me already.

    They all want me to reply.

    But I know they will not print it.

    Same as Counterpunch. These guys make like they are great liberal truth tellers.

    What they really are is the equivalent of the Wizard of Oz.

    Places like Mintpress are the where to go for good info now.

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    I queried them yesterday about a reply.

    No answer yet.

    If they don't allow it I will just post at K and K.

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