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Thread: Was there an Oswald wedding ring?

  1. Default Was there an Oswald wedding ring?

    Something is up in Sixth Floor land.

    And it just may be that Perry and Hugh Aynseworth helped out.

    We always talk about chain of custody in this case. Here is another example of it not existing.

    Was it all a myth anyway?

  2. Default Hocus-Pocus

    Yes, there's something up at Sixth Floor land alright....

    Now, How about some reality.... What an informative & interesting read shared by yet another example of exemplary research by Mr. Parker. Thank You! for sharing this gem, Mr. DiEugenio, no great surprise given the strong commitment to truth & excellence at Kennedys & King journalism at its best.

    If & when Ruth Paine is part & parcel of the "chain of custody" relative to anything in this case, one should proceed with extreme caution. Mrs. Paine has a penchant for connecting "evidence" well after the "fact(s)" as they are contrived. If that alone isn't a bright enough red flag, Then there's the odd exchange, where the wife of the wrongly accused, Marina Oswald-Porter, does not even know if his name is inscribed upon his ring (lady if anyone would know it should be you...IF he had a wedding band in the first place).

    Brides and/or future brides reading along, Wouldn't you know whether or not your lifetime partner's wedding ring bears/will bear an inscription of special significance? Of course, you do.

    Be wary of the same patterns, coming out of the same playbook embellishing Myth...

    The great enemy of truth is very often not the lie--deliberate, contrived and dishonest--but the myth--persistent, persuasive and unrealistic -- President John Fitzgerald Kennedy


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    I agree with that telling point about Marina.

    Really odd it took this long to take apart this so called truism that PJM used for decades.

    But further, who does the Sixth Floor think they are kidding? With that phony auction and phony certification by Aynseworth and Perry?

    They should call it Fraud on the Sixth Floor.

  4. Default Hocus-Pocus

    To her credit--far removed from the threat of deportation--Mrs. Oswald-Porter, courtesy of the following exchange with Oprah upon the 33rd Anniversary of the assassination, comes clean about her initial sentiments and how she has since renounced them ---->

    OW-You believe the Warren Commission lied to us?

    MOP-(The) conclusion? Yes, because the answers of Lee’s innocence – guess where I found it?
    MOP-In the Warren Commission Report, in the testimony. So every one of you, it’s all in the documentation A lot of things admitted. So I learned …
    OW-Are you saying that the Warren Commission Report says he’s innocent?
    MOP-No, I said I … the Warren Commission lied about their conclusion.
    MOP-… which is the report. And then comes the 26 volumes of the testimony, of the evidence, which does not support their conclusion – only by omission. Another thing …
    OW-Do you think he was involved in some way?
    MOP-I’ll tell you in a second. I did not know that (the) Warren Commission had, not the Attorney General, but someone under him – Katzenbach – it was his memo, not ordering, but telling (the) Warren Commission that they must find Lee Harvey Oswald guilty. You don’t conduct (an) investigation with presumptions.
    OW-… that you must find him guilty
    MOP-… so, when you read this, you can see how carefully they sifted only to get the thing to prove one thing.
    OW- … to prove the theory that one man did it alone.
    MOP-Yes, and the witnesses or anybody who said differently or discarded and put away – not the photographs, not the testimony – nothing there. So when you dig the other half …
    OW-Your ex-husband said, Oswald said, when he was arrested, “I’m just a patsy."
    MOP-Do you think I believed him?
    OW-You didn’t believe him at the time?
    OW-I believed him.

    Also, within this same revealing interview appearance w/Oprah, Mrs. Oswald-Porter shared this gem as well ---->

    MOP-I said a second time, would you please be so kind and request the documents first? Go to Minsk and see it. There is nothing there. It is a waste of (the) taxpayers’ money. I read yesterday in a book documents from Minsk – my registration of marriage to Lee Harvey Oswald dated April 31 – I went to 5 calendars – April only has 30 days – so this is how accurate they are. So, please don’t waste your time.

    In spite of the hocus-pocus emanating out of manure land, here we have straight from the horse's mouth a disclaimer about her own wedding date to the wrongly accused, let alone any comment about a gold wedding band bearing an inscription that was exchanged in their sunset vows over looking a majestic cliff.

    The chief reason Mrs. Oswald-Porter has gone and still goes with the flow is her lingering fear...---->

    OW-You were saying to me that you’re no longer afraid. Was there a time when you were afraid to speak out?
    MOP-I said I’m afraid right now even though it’s freedom and things . . because I learned that maybe freedom, so far, but that I’m scared of the government right now.
    OW-You are?
    MOP-Oh, yes.
    OW-You still are?
    MOP-Yes, absolutely. I wasn’t then – but I am now because the more you learn, the scarier it is, okay.

    In Ruth Paine's world the month of April has 31 days. Your "facts" are pretty remarkable, Mrs. Paine, whatever you are told to parrot back dear. In Sixth Floor land the month of April also has 31 days. No great surprise considering the promotional fairytale about a phantom gunman firing from that position while holding his satchel of magic bullets. Watch your back Disney World.

    *Italic source: November Days 1963 (Tumblr)


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