April 18, 2019

Rep. Ilhan Omar
404 3rd Avenue North
Suite 203
Minneapolis MN 55401

Dear Congresswoman:

I am enclosing an article I wrote recently for a national political magazine.
I have noticed your comments on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict which have caused much controversy in the media of late. I happen to personally agree with your statements about a two state solution and Palestinian rights. I also think, like you and Bernie Sanders, that American policy there has shifted too far toward the conservative Likud.

This article shows that President Kennedy was probably the last president who was willing to stand up to the conservative strain in Israel on both atomic weapons and Palestinian rights. To the point that he was threatening to hold up funds. This apparently caused the resignation of Ben Gurion.

The reason I am forwarding it to you is that it shows that there is a precedent for your ideas, and it came from the White House. Therefore you can say that what you are saying is pretty much what JFK was saying, and you can prove it.