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    Tomorrow night on Black Op Radio, I will be discussing my watershed article in the first issue of garrison magazine. Entitled "Kennedy Face the Middle East", I guarantee you that you will not find anything like it in the MSM. But further, you will not find anything like it in the so called Alternative Media either. For example, Amy Goodman and Democracy Never or Counterpinch.

    Kennedy's foreign policy as it slowly emerges over time, is much more daring and bold than anyone ever wrote about before. In fact, I think in many ways what we got from even "good sources" prior to this was essentially watered down and diluted pablum.

    Tomorrow night you will hear just how radical JFK really was in a very sensitive area of the world. To use just one example, Kennedy was the first and last president to force the resignation of an Israeli PM, David Ben Gurion. Since then its all been an Israeli suck up. As the Islamic radicalism grows and grows.

    I pose the question, was this by design and a reaction to JFK's far sighted ideas?
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