Some members here might need to suppress a gag reflex at the subject, but Vince Palamara (over at the Ed Forum) has noticed that Walt Brown has a new series of ebooks coming out. To my eyes they look like a reordering of his Master Chronology on the JFK Assassination, but possibly he's added new material, introductions, updates or whatever.

This first volume, linked below, is a long commentary by Brown on Baker's writing. Walt frankly detests Baker's work and his method is to work through Baker's book (in this case ME AND LEE), reprint a long excerpt, then comment on what Baker has suggested. This leads to much head-scratching commentary as Brown straightforwardly shows that a lot of Baker's assertions are completely off the wall, to put things charitably. Half a page of Baker's book may lead to several pages of Brown pointing out which parts seem nuts, which sections have no evidence to support them, places where Baker states things that are contradicted elsewhere in her own book, and so on. The Kindle price is a bargain three bucks and the ebook is out next month. The price is probably right as the exercise isn't a pleasant one - in his Master Chronology Brown apologises to the reader for spending so long on Baker's work - but readers undecided of the merits of ME AND LEE will find Brown's response an interesting read.