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I checked into this JV Baker book on Amazon. It looks like it is only available on Kindle. I have never used Kindle and don't plan to. Does anybody know any way to get this book other than getting hooked into some sort of "subscription" deal with Amazon or somebody?

I guess that hooking people into subscription arrangements is the new way for big corporations to "print money" (i.e. increase their profits by providing only the same old stuff.)

If Judyth Vary Baker is involved with this sort of ersatz publisher, this doesn't increase her credibility IMHO.

By the way, the above suggestion that my theories about Nazis and JFK is paying my rent or buying my food through book sales, think again.

Despite selling over 700 books, my financial take would only pay for two weeks of my mortage payment. It might pay for one month grocery bills.

My only solace is that my book is in 21 libraries in 7 different countries. I will be able to go to my grave having contributed to 700 people (plus or minus) finding out who really murdered JFK and why.

But my research is not over. Just yesterday, I came across major new JFK information. This involves the Italian National Oil Company, CEO Enrico Mattei and a proposed oil pipeline from Italy into Bavaria during the period 1958 to 1962. Mattei was apparently murdered in 1962.

Since General Edwin Walker was heavily involved in Bavaria in that period, you have to wonder about big oil, Dallas, Southern Germany, Bavaria and the bizarre politics of Italy in that period. And of course, Permindex which was born in 1958 and died in 1962. Perfect timing!

And no, I'm not motivated by money (except in my day-trading) and no, I don't ever expect to make out financially by blaming Nazis for killing JFK (or blaming anybody else). My theories are honest theories, at least as honest as I can come up with. And they can get better. I'm open minded about that.

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Increasingly some books are now only available as ebooks. Kindle are an exclusive Amazon type of ebook, but there are many simple and free programs available to convert them to a simple pdf [or other] format and then print them out on a printer. You won't have a bound book [unless you take it to your local print/package shop to get an ersatz binding], but you'll have paper that forms a 'book'...sort of. Those same shops can often put an ebook on their computer-printers and print out and bind the book.

I'm surprised that you have only sold ~700 copies. As much as I have been critical of your 'the Nazis did it', you point out a lot of good evidence about Nazis and other fascists who WERE PART OF IT! And you have read far and wide - wider than many; some I don't see the relevance of, others I think add important clues or puzzle pieces - or potential clues or puzzle pieces. One of the problems now is anyone can publish a book and almost everyone [exaggerating greatly] has....in the JFK field and the simple plethora has made it difficult to 1] read even all the better ones 2] find out which are the better ones 3] get reviews from reliable researchers in the field. I also would not put it past amazon to suppress positive reviews on political books someone doesn't like...but have no concrete proof of this...just my suspicions.