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Thread: JUDYTH VARY BAKER - IN HER OWN WORDS: Edited, With Commentary by Walt Brown, Ph.D

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    Quote Originally Posted by James Lateer View Post
    I checked into this JV Baker book on Amazon. It looks like it is only available on Kindle. I have never used Kindle and don't plan to. Does anybody know any way to get this book other than getting hooked into some sort of "subscription" deal with Amazon or somebody?

    I guess that hooking people into subscription arrangements is the new way for big corporations to "print money" (i.e. increase their profits by providing only the same old stuff.)

    If Judyth Vary Baker is involved with this sort of ersatz publisher, this doesn't increase her credibility IMHO.

    By the way, the above suggestion that my theories about Nazis and JFK is paying my rent or buying my food through book sales, think again.

    Despite selling over 700 books, my financial take would only pay for two weeks of my mortage payment. It might pay for one month grocery bills.

    My only solace is that my book is in 21 libraries in 7 different countries. I will be able to go to my grave having contributed to 700 people (plus or minus) finding out who really murdered JFK and why.

    But my research is not over. Just yesterday, I came across major new JFK information. This involves the Italian National Oil Company, CEO Enrico Mattei and a proposed oil pipeline from Italy into Bavaria during the period 1958 to 1962. Mattei was apparently murdered in 1962.

    Since General Edwin Walker was heavily involved in Bavaria in that period, you have to wonder about big oil, Dallas, Southern Germany, Bavaria and the bizarre politics of Italy in that period. And of course, Permindex which was born in 1958 and died in 1962. Perfect timing!

    And no, I'm not motivated by money (except in my day-trading) and no, I don't ever expect to make out financially by blaming Nazis for killing JFK (or blaming anybody else). My theories are honest theories, at least as honest as I can come up with. And they can get better. I'm open minded about that.

    James Lateer
    Increasingly some books are now only available as ebooks. Kindle are an exclusive Amazon type of ebook, but there are many simple and free programs available to convert them to a simple pdf [or other] format and then print them out on a printer. You won't have a bound book [unless you take it to your local print/package shop to get an ersatz binding], but you'll have paper that forms a 'book'...sort of. Those same shops can often put an ebook on their computer-printers and print out and bind the book.

    I'm surprised that you have only sold ~700 copies. As much as I have been critical of your 'the Nazis did it', you point out a lot of good evidence about Nazis and other fascists who WERE PART OF IT! And you have read far and wide - wider than many; some I don't see the relevance of, others I think add important clues or puzzle pieces - or potential clues or puzzle pieces. One of the problems now is anyone can publish a book and almost everyone [exaggerating greatly] the JFK field and the simple plethora has made it difficult to 1] read even all the better ones 2] find out which are the better ones 3] get reviews from reliable researchers in the field. I also would not put it past amazon to suppress positive reviews on political books someone doesn't like...but have no concrete proof of this...just my suspicions.
    If there is no struggle there is no progress. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.” - Frederick Douglass
    "Let me issue and control a nation's money and I care not who writes the laws. - Mayer Rothschild
    "Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience! People are obedient in the face of poverty, starvation, stupidity, war, and cruelty. Our problem is that grand thieves are running the country. That's our problem!" - Howard Zinn

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    And to make the worst inference of all, Mr. Brown claims to have spent 50 years researching the JFK case, but offers not the slightest suggestion as to the guilty parties.
    Maybe not in the interview. But the interview doesn't really encapsulate the thousands of pages he's written on the case to date. And he does offer suggestions there.

    In place of the claims and theories of JVB, Mr. Brown offers literally nothing. All he can state that he knows and believes for sure is that LHO was set up as a patsy. REALLY? LHO WAS SET UP AS A PATSY!! AND THAT'S ALL YOU HAVE DISCOVERED WORTH REPEATING AFTER 50 YEARS? If true, that's more than sad. It would be pathetic.
    Again, his written work has much more. And frankly - no offence intended - seeing some of the above knee-jerk accusations directed towards the guy who wrote THE WARREN OMISSION is kind of laughable.

    Regardless, his written analysis of Baker's work is very long and detailed, and convincing enough for me not to further pursue her work.

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    Default Walt Brown, Judyth Vary Baker Book, PhD's

    Mr. Walt Brown went to great length to disparage James Fetzer. Brown said he would not appear on the same program as Fetzer.

    In growing up in a University community, and being surrounded by PhD professors, I always had the impression that being a PhD professor would be a tough life, maybe even a wasted life in some cases.

    Since both Mr. Brown and Mr. Fetzer are PhD's and at least Mr. Fetzer is a retired professor, I'm not really sure that either Brown or Fetzer are good advertisements for the PhD degree or for the advantages of being a PhD.

    Mr. Thorne indicates that Mr. Brown has much better stuff, but in the hour-long interview, that Mr. Brown (apparently) was withholding his best stuff.

    That RIGHT THERE is the problem for people who have made JFK research into a business. In fact, PhD's make sharing their knowledge into a business. What a dismal way to spend one's life IMO. Knowledge and information IMO should be as free and accessible as the air that we breathe. "The truth will set you free". (Lies or hiding the truth won't).

    Fortunately, I learned at an early age that (1) sharing information only for money, or (2) withholding information only for money would be a sad way to go through life.

    (Columnist George F. Will grew up in my same community. His takeaway was apparently just the opposite. Will's father was a professor and G F Will is a professional liar. Go figure.)

    For those who are interested, my modest and relatively brief dive into JFK research has not been for profit and I have not made hardly any money at it. I guess that's a plus, not a minus IMHO.

    (My royalities don't come close to the money I spent in buying most of the 200 JFK-related books that I read for my research.)

    (ps. My personal hero Mr. Kris Millegan has had the best of both worlds. Sharing all his information and making plenty of money. Amazing.)

    James Lateer
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    I should add here, I think inadvertently I gave Walt Brown the idea for this book.

    Gary Aguilar and I asked him about the material on his CD concerning Baker.

    He sent it to both of us, or at least to me.

    I asked him why he did not publish it as a book. He declined for whatever reasons.

    Guess he changed his mind.

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    That RIGHT THERE is the problem for people who have made JFK research into a business. In fact, PhD's make sharing their knowledge into a business. What a dismal way to spend one's life IMO. Knowledge and information IMO should be as free and accessible as the air that we breathe. "The truth will set you free". (Lies or hiding the truth won't).
    Walt's ebooks on Amazon are very cheap and he mentioned to me years ago that he made very little on them, if anything. He had a career as a school teacher and later published a history book unrelated to the assassination, so I don't think his PhD has a great deal to do with his JFK writing. He's definitely disparaging towards Jim Fetzer in his writing, but I would suggest much of the cause of that can probably be laid at Fetzer's door rather than Walt Brown. Kennedys and King has an amazing article on Fetzer in its archives, and it's hard not to see some of Fetzer's daft commentary in recent years - Sandy Hook, the moon landing and Holocaust denial - as being intentionally designed to disparage 'conspiracy' research through sheer force of odour. It really stinks.

    It's good that Walt has redrafted some of his writing into smaller books as the chronology format, though a major piece of work, is very unwieldy to make your way through. I'd be happy if he turned some of the ebooks into print copies as well.

    Just as a note for everyone - including James Lateer if he's interested in this, or other ebooks - you don't need an actual Kindle device to read a Kindle book. You can get a free Kindle reader/browser for your PC or Mac computer, and there's also a free Kindle app that will work on people's phones. Amazon has a free one and if you download it and then log in, your purchased or downloaded ebooks will show up onscreen. Kindle for PC is here

    Kindle for Mac is here

    And some decent Kindle books are here. This is Jim D's recent 'The JFK Assassination' volume.

    Donald Gibson's THE KENNEDY ASSASSINATION COVER-UP is here, dirt cheap


    Lisa Pease's recent A LIE TOO BIG TO FAIL, on the RFK assassination

    John Newman's INTO THE STORM, following his ongoing investigation into the event

    And since he's been diligent in sticking around in these threads and participating, here's James Lateer's THREE BARONS book, for folks who want to get to the bottom of what James is arguing.

    When Greg Poulgrain's new book comes out in September, that will also be on Kindle. It's much more cost effective to just read these as ebooks and then grab print copies if you're especially keen.

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    Default JFK, Walt Brown

    I feel badly that I was so hostile about Walt's interview and implicitly his work. It's just that I have never actually seen the list of criticisms so many people have of JV Baker.

    I was just tremendously let down because Walt's criticisms were what I would call "make-weight" arguments. (Those are arguments that would be made by the defense attorney for Charles Manson, for instance).

    Of course the entire Judy Vary Baker story (and her reputation) hinge on the nature of the "weaponized cancer" project. It would have been nice if Walt at least took a position on whether there actually WAS a weaponized cancer project.

    Jim Garrison wrote that David W. Ferrie had cages of mice in his apartment. Walt Brown says that author Ed Haslem wrote his book about the cancer project without mentioning Judyth Vary Baker, but a later book mentions her prominently.

    Well, I can tell you that it took me reading 200 plus books before I discovered the connection of the Berkeley Molecular Biology Lab to the JFK murder. So IMHO you can't fault Haslem for not knowing from the start about Judyth Vary Baker.

    For those interested, it's pretty clear to me that there is a direct pipeline and connection between Operation Paperclip, New Orleans and the JFK assassination. Both of these research topics probably have much of the best information yet to be discovered. Or yet to be published.

    IMHO, JFK research "ain't over 'til it's over" and it's definitely not over IMHO.

    Jamas Lateer

    ps. Mr. Fetzer has been encouraging to me personally in my work. I will say, however, that he marches to a different drummer and I don't happen to march to that drummer myself, if you get my drift.

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