Progressive Press have published Thierry Meyssan's most recent book on geopolitical events in the Middle East, and like a lot of his stuff it looks of interest. That said, I haven't checked recently but I suspect Meyssan likely isn't as thrilled with Trump - and Trump's recent joining up with idiots like John Bolton - as he was when he wrote this book a year or more ago. It's an early 2018 volume and Progressive Press finished the new translation and published it earlier this year. It's a 285 page paperback and the Kindle version is just a few bucks.

John Leonard, the publisher, recently mentioned on the site something that I've just noticed myself. Google has changed the results that you will get if you type in the phrase 'Progressive Press'. It used to bring up the Progressive Press book site on the first page within the first few entries. Now the phrase gets you five or six pages or more of links to machine presses and metalwork equipment. Type in 'Progressive Press books' though and you'll get the expected links to John's website.

This is a deliberate suppression by Google. You can test this by going to DuckDuckGo and typing in the same phrase. Progressive Press is the first link mentioned at the top of the page, above all the metalwork and machine building nonsense that Google now prioritises over a mention of the Progressive Press website.

Progressive Press are now also preparing an edition of the suppressed Udo Ulfkotte book on the CIA and journalists. A Patreon page asking for folks to chip in to help finance the ongoing translation is here. That said, the book will likely be out later this year.