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Thread: H.P. Albarelli has passed away.

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    You’ve lost me, James.

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    Quote Originally Posted by James Lateer View Post
    I notice that Hank's book "Coup in Dallas" has now been listed as coming out in February, 2020.

    Does anybody still think that Skyhorse is legitimate?

    James Lateer
    Gosh, why don't you ask Peter Levenda? Did you read his tribute to Hank? Isn't he on the 'Trine Day' side? As opposed to 'Team Skyhorse'? Beyond the pale, James.

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    Default Hank Albarelli In Memorium

    Based on reading the first chapter of Hank's and Ganis' book "Coup in Dallas", it looked like that book would be the best JFK book which is current and up-to-date about the role of fascist sympathizers and the JFK murder.

    The first chapter had great info on Carleton S. Coon of the OSS and also recounted the role of Robert Murphy and the late WWII and post WWII machinations surrounding, among other things, the Vatican and the post WWII Nazi rat lines.

    There is no other book which can cover this territory that I know of. Hank was getting close to the actual roll-out of the true JFK murder case IMHO.

    But now with Hank's death, all of this is frozen in a time warp, apparently.

    I have never heard of any book being delayed for 3 or 4 years. Especially since there are people in possession of the manuscript who could probably complete the book, based on what we know.

    But is anybody "on the case" with Skyhorse to see what the status is? If Skyhorse isn't going to act on this, would they release the manuscript for somebody else to polish off?

    It's just too fortuitous that the best and most promising JFK book has been "put on ice" so to speak.

    There aren't that many accurate and truthful JFK books. We can't just afford to lose the best one with no others waiting in second place.

    Circumstantially, it looks like Skyhorse is suppressing this book. Am I the only one who is thinking this way on this issue?

    James Lateer

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    James, you must have missed the info, as I thought it had been posted here already. The news was posted on the JFK Education Forum. The book was completed early last month with the aid of Albarelli’s long term writing partner. The manuscript is complete and now being prepared for publication. Despite your ongoing paranoia on this issue, nothing is being suppressed. Busy today but I’ll post longer links and quotes and excerpts from discussion on this area to quell your probable questions. The book is done and it will be coming out.

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    Also mentioned within the Education Forum discussion - Albarelli had potentially uncovered details linking Jack Crichton, an Army intel figure prominent in Dallas in 1963, to Skorzeny, as the former’s career had led him to cross paths with the latter. Albarelli had mentioned this to an Education Forum member who posted it this week.

    Albarelli had apparently finished 99% of the manuscript, and had one final polish and editorial pass to complete the week when he passed away. Albarelli had already discussed the final details and footnotes that were required with his writing partner, Leslie Sharp. After HP left us, Sharp posted on social media that she would finish that final polish to HP’s specifications, and she did this over the last month or two, and then posted a photo of the completed manuscript, with a message to her friend HP that the work was finally done. So the book is now completed and being prepped for publication.

    Skyhorse does take longer to prepare their books than Trine Day. They also have less typographical or layout errors in their works than Trine Day does. This isn’t intended as a slight, just an observation. Trine Day published a long, well-received book on the Oklahoma bombing a couple of years ago. After it came out, the author stated on her website that the Trine Day book was prepped for publication in a hurry and suffered major issues with the indexing and/or footnotes, but these would be fixed in future editions. I don’t believe a rectified second edition ever appeared, though perhaps it did and was never publicised. Regardless, it’s best to get things right the first time.

    A question was asked on the Education Forum as to who Leslie Sharp was. Several posters there familiar with her work vouched for her and said they were confident she was a reliable and helpful writing partner. And social media posts from HP confirmed that he had been working with her.

    So yes, the book is coming out. And no, Skyhorse aren’t working to suppress anything. And no, Leslie Sharp is not an undercover agent sent in by mysterious figures to cripple HP’s book and censor his writing. The book was close to being finished, HP then passed away, Sharp then finished the book in the manner that HP had discussed with her, and Skyhorse will be bringing the book out next year.

    James, if you post further paranoid speculation in this thread asserting a conspiracy to suppress HP’s book, I’m just going to ignore your posts on this subject. You’ve made the same arguments a few times here, and it’s getting tiresome.

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    Default Hank Albarelli In Memorium

    Thanks to Mr. Thorne for the new information on "Coup in Dallas". All's well that ends well.

    After two years' delay, you have restored my hopes to be able to read Hank's book. I, myself, was very bothered when my own book The Three Barons was delayed two months beyond the announced date. That put me into the 7th version of the manuscript back and forth to get the bugs out.

    I have read books published by TrineDay and also books published by Skyhorse. I'm sorry, but I think the editing for TrineDay is just fine. Very few mistakes IMHO.

    Since The Three Barons went through 7 revisions, stretched to 550 pages of text and was only delayed two months, I still don't see how "Coup in Dallas" could wind up taking an extra three or four years, from November 2017 to, now, February 2020.

    Mr. Kris Millegan of TrineDay is a genius at what he does, IMHO. The fact that Mr. Millegan, with only a tiny staff, can out-produce and market far more ground-breaking material than a subsidiary of Simon and Schuster, as is Skyhorse, is a study in contrast.

    As for sounding paranoid, well, as Ronald Reagan said--Trust But Verify. I will be happy to apologize to one and all on this site the day my copy of Coup in Dallas appears in my mailbox.

    Standing out as "paranoid" on a deep politics forum has to signify something---I'm not sure what.

    (p.s. that reminds me, that last weekend there was a panel of three authors on C-Span discussing the topic of "The Deep State". They were professors from Yale, Northwestern and Duke. Readers might want to go on C-Span website and watch it. Despite the fact that they mentioned three books which had spent weeks on the NYT best-seller list, they claimed that there was only one "scholarly" book on the subject.)

    (That was the one relevant book by Peter Dale Scott. The two-hour panel discussion and question-time was overwhelmingly discouraging. These are the top academics on the Deep State and they are ostensibly non-informed, in the dark, out to lunch, etc. on the topic. I guess we, here, will just have to keep doing the job for these professors--a job they should be doing themselves for the good of the USA. They're getting paid, I'm not)

    James Lateer

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    I'd rather be reading Jennifer Lake's blog......... wouldn't you, Mssr. Lateer? And your 'Three Barons' book cover........ what's that? I'd call it post-modern art, up there with Banksy !! Hey, that's a compliment ! Hurts to say that, though. As Pete Seeger sang, 'which side are you on, man"?

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    Default JFK and Deep State

    Easy on the criticism of my book cover--it was designed by my son, for free. TrineDay was very complementary and it was done for free. Actual artists charge maybe $1000 and the publisher won't just accept a JPEG file.

    And, after all, you can't judge a book by its cover.

    By the way, below is a link to the C-Span two-hour feature on "The Deep State".

    James Lateer

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    Regarding Trine Day.

    I know someone who published a book through them. 'Aberration in the Heartland of the Real' by Wending S. Painting, PhD.

    I received a free copy of this book from the author and was thanked in the introductory page.

    Long story short: Wendy found over 100 errors in TrineDay's printing. They even left an entire page out. An entire section of end-notes, gone. A paragraph missing on another page. Just absolutely filled with mistakes that were not in the initial copy she sent them.

    The editing was substandard to say the least.

    As I understand it they were supposed to fix it and produce a second printing but there is some question if they even did that. I know the author is having serious problems with this publisher. Painting wrote the script and did much of the research for the Oklahoma City Bombing documentary 'A Noble Lie.' Her book was about Timothy McVeigh, as was the work she did when she earned her PhD.
    “The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.”
    —Winston Churchil

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    Quote Originally Posted by James Lateer View Post
    Easy on the criticism of my book cover--it was designed by my son, for free. TrineDay was very complementary and it was done for free. Actual artists charge maybe $1000 and the publisher won't just accept a JPEG file.

    And, after all, you can't judge a book by its cover.

    By the way, below is a link to the C-Span two-hour feature on "The Deep State".

    James Lateer
    You can actually get a really excellent print-ready cover made on from a freelancer. This isn't to criticize your book cover, rather, regarding the 'actual artists charge maybe $1000' comment. This due to the fact there are so many graphic designers out there now and many in foreign countries who will produce top notch work for dirt cheap. Just $40-$50 will get you something really excellent if you pick the right artist.
    “The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.”
    —Winston Churchil

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