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Thread: Kamala Harris: A Study in Showboating

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    Here is part 2 of my work on Harris.

    In my view, this shows even more what a clear opportunist she is. She was the AG of California, but she does not even acknowledge the Belk and Seattle School District decisions in the field. Those two cases pretty much eviscerated the whole idea of busing for racial balance.

    It is also incredible to me how the MSM and the liberal blogosphere has done no homework on the disaster that court ordered busing was. If its true that schools are more segregated now than before, part of that is due to court ordered busing. As I show in my second installment, this caused many middle class whites to move out or go to private schools thus 1.) Reducing the overall population in public schools like Boston and Pasadena, and 2.) Made the ethnic ratio even worse.

    This is what I mean about Harris. She is little more than an opportunist. This is not the kind of leadership we need today. We do not need more of Obama/Clintonism.

    It is really shocking to me that no one points this out. I think it is due to two factors: 1.) Political correctness, and 2.) Horrendous history by the Liberal blogosphere.

    In the above essay I suggest a real solution to the problem, as I have a lot of experience with it. I will be talking about this at length on BOR my next time up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim DiEugenio View Post

    This is what I mean about Harris. She is little more than an opportunist. This is not the kind of leadership we need today. We do not need more of Obama/Clintonism.
    There is no such thing.

    Obama negotiated the Iran nuke deal; Hillary wouldn't have. Obama negotiated the removal of 93% of Syria's chemical weapons; Hillary wouldn't have. Obama put 30,000 troops into the Afghanistan "surge"; Hillary would have put in 60,000. Obama was reluctant to arm Syrian Sunni "moderates"; Hillary as President would have given ISIS Damascus.

    I get a $1200 a month subsidy from ObamaCare.

    The opening to Cuba, signing the Paris Climate Accords, the DACA program, cutting the budget deficit more than 50% while pulling the economy out of the Great Recession, gay marriage, net neutrality, some bank regulation.

    Yeah a lot of his policies sucked -- I voted for Julie Stein in 2012 because I was pissed at Obama. But after the Dems lost the Senate in 2014 Obama did pretty good.

    I went over to Kennedys & King to find any article with a full-throated, detailed denunciation of Trump and his policies.

    Couldn't find anything of significance.

    Whose purpose does it serve to pitch propaganda all against Democrats?
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    The Cult of Bobby : Hero or opportunist? Almost 25 years after his death, Robert Kennedy is seen as both.

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    Why are all the things I pointed out important to this site and the forum members?

    Because they are key to understanding what Harris did with the RFK case.

    She had the best opportunity of any person in any position of power in the last 22 years to do something about the assassinations of the sixties.

    Why? Because she was AG in California when Bill Pepper and Laurie Dusek put forth their excellent writ to get a reopening of the Bobby Kennedy case for Sirhan.

    No one can read that brief without being impressed by it. What did Harris do?

    Not only did she oppose the motion. She consulted with Mel Ayton since she did not know anything about the RFK case! Sort of like calling Jerry Posner on the JFK case. In her reply she actually said the evidence against Sirhan was overwhelming.

    I mean, what a damned l-i--a-r. But that is who she is. That is the kind of politician and person she is. She does what is politically expedient not what she thinks--or knows-- is right.

    This country is in such bad shape right now, that is not what we need. We don't need a grandstander who has no vision of what has to be done and should be done. And we don't need someone who uses PC tactics to further her own ersatz agenda. If its Biden or Harris on the Dem side, count me out. I will vote Green since California is a safe state, just like I would not vote for HRC. I will be damned if I will vote for someone who worked with Ayton covering up the murder of Bobby Kennedy. And everyone who frequents this site, and means it, should do the same.

    Or else, what on earth are you doing here?

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    The higher Harris rises the more her record is examined and the higher the profile of the decision not to re-open the RFK case.

    That's how modern politics works.

    A President Harris would have a lot more to answer to on the RFK case than a Senator Harris.

    If Harris wins the Dem nomination Fox News might pick up the RFK angle. Just say'n...

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    Len Osanic let me talk about this on his show for about a half hour and I was able to go into more depth about the issue of education and Harris.

    This will be on this Thursday. I know these issues fairly well from both experience and reading about Harris. And you can hear why I find her so objectionable.

    (BTW, if the innocent bystanders wondering, I do not respond to trolls. Whether its here or EF or Consortium News under disguised names. Especially ones who follow me around.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim DiEugenio View Post

    (BTW, if the innocent bystanders wondering, I do not respond to trolls. Whether its here or EF or Consortium News under disguised names. Especially ones who follow me around.)
    I've made polite counter-arguments on this thread. Jim can't respond with polite rebuttal so he gets personal. I'll leave it to the gentle reader to weigh the value of what I've posted. It's a pity that people can't engage in reasonable discussion without getting ugly. Disguised names...?

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    I am normally a ghost on this site. However, I do read most threads without comment. After being involved with the Conspiracy Museum for all those years, I was privy to most disagreement between researchers. In fact, some would not come into the museum because they disagreed with R B Cutler. However, lots of those that disagreed took his money and did not acknowledge their receipt of it. R B and I believe that even the worst book might have a nugget of truth. Even the worst researcher might stumble on a fact. We never refused to listen. Yes, there were some anonymous visitors and we listened. There were also bullshit artists as in every field of endeavor. I see some of each on this site. I use my real name and am proud of it.

    May the truth come forth in my life time.
    Ahimsa….may you live in a world of non-forcefulness.

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    Default Kamala

    Per Kamala's own autobiography, she was the only one in her law prosecutor's office to fail the California Bar exam.

    Combine that with the unknown level of academic competition offered at her alma mater Howard U, and the "second string" aura of the Hastings Law School which she attended---I still am getting the picture of a Joseph McCarthy type of personality.

    McCarthy was kept out of any school system until he was 19 or 20, but then whizzed through high school in one year and then made his way through Marquette U in Milwaukee. There is not a lot of evidence as to his major, the timing of his coursework, grades, choice of courses, etc.

    Like McCarthy, Harris seemed to learn quickly (after she managed to punch her ticket into the law and courts). But the only talent McCarthy perfected was the "attack" element of legal arguments and cases. That's why McCarthy rose quickly, but without any "in depth" or sincere legal specialty or interest.

    Incredibly, when McCarthy arrived in the Senate, he had to approach consultants to be given his political issues because he didn't have any issues. Again, because he had a grossly underdeveloped intellect due to his spotty academic background.

    McCarthy's specialty was always (1) how to quickly game the system and (2) how to substitute aggression in the place of the necessary intellect which he never developed through his education.

    My picture of Kamala is that she would be a President who was something like Truman (a high school grad) or GW Bush who was a "D" student in some courses at Yale. GW Bush was only in the White House as a kind of ventriloquist dummy for Cheney, Rumsfeldt and the neo-cons.

    In the case of Kamala, the silicon valley people will be doing all the thinking and Kamala would be JUST PHYSICALLY PRESENT AND LAUNCHING ATTACKS AS NEEDED.

    This is the "regency" theory which kicked in when you had an heir to the throne who was a pre-teen.

    With Kamala, somebody else, or some people would have to be giving her a heavy level of coaching for her to be able to function as President.

    James Lateer

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    I got to go into this a little more on Len's show this week.

    He had a really good one.

    BTW, she is already walking this back, which proves my original point. I will have more to say on this plus her on the RFK case.

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