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Thread: Why Officer Tippit stopped his Killer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim DiEugenio View Post
    This is his reply:

    It is my contention that is was erased.
    Disappointing, I had hoped for something approaching a factual basis. Filling in the radio transcript gaps with arbitrary content & desiderata doesn't cut the mustard.

    Makes no difference if it's considered plausible. Plausibility by itself counts for very little.

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    Letting the tape erasure issue slide, another problem pops up. Assuming Tippit responded to a radio announcement of a fight at 10th & Marsalis, how to guarantee he would proceed to the site via 10th? His location at Top Ten was unknown, and even if known, Jefferson to Marsalis was a sensible alternative. Was this left to chance?

    Here's the Brownlow/Pulte/Steve YouTube discussion of the fight, mostly Brownlow who rambles through two long JFK videos.
    (part 2 -- stabbing at 17:55)

    They do not consider the stabbing incident a staged event, describing blood on the street witnessed by many. Nevertheless, they set the 10th Street pedestrian in motion about the same time and likewise fail to explain how Tippit's route was predetermined. Listen to part 1 and you will hear it was Harry Olsen's job to make sure "that Oswald and Tippit stayed on schedule," but no one explains how he controlled Tippit's movements.
    (part 1 -- Olsen's role starting at 23:28)

    It's a big loose end.

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