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Thread: NATO's Secret Armies, Gladio and JFK

  1. Default NATO's Secret Armies, Gladio and JFK

    Fine new article by Rob Couteau addressing the big picture in an international way.

    Examines the latest and best work on NATO, Gladio and Permindex; murders of Moro, JFK and attempts on DeGaulle. Nice pics also.

    The community has a habit of getting too lost in the weeds sometimes. Rob reminds us of just how big the Big Picture really is.

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    Very good article. I've just told Phillip Willan about it. Hopefully other researchers will take another look at the topic.

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    Thanks for that Anthony.

    Rob put me in touch with Genser. Genser was really interested in the JFK case. So I suggested three books for him to read.

    I think Genser is going to allow Rob to interview him in a few months.

    This is such a huge and fascinating topic.

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    Yes, a good article.....and takes in the wider context we need to have. It is fine to be a specialist in some aspect of DP or some other event/person/entity - but if you don't see the full picture, you will NEVER figure out who was involved or why it was done and covered-up..... Not only did it involve persons from many groups, countries and other groupings, it was but one in a fabric of events WWII to the present - perhaps [IMO] the most pivotal - but only one of many [most not known to the public] - and STILL ongoing today! Only by solving and convincing the public of any one major action in this fabric can we have any hope of preventing new ones and taking back our stolen democracies..... I got involved in the JFK Assassination both because I felt it was a horrible false-flag covert operation and the murder of our best President, but also because I felt it could be used as the fulcrum to pry open the closed minds of my fellow citizens to the hijacking of our country, polity and democracy through that action and several others related to it. I still believe that, but have added 911 to that list along with the murders of RFK, MLK and a few other pivotal events - all in some ways connected through a fabric of secret right-wing neo-fascist structures. Gladio is a primary one, but not the only one.
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