the more they stay the same: LHO came and went a total of 20 times from two of the most surveilled sites in the Western hemisphere - the Cuban and Russian embassies (or consulates, whatever). CIA had them covered with motion-detection cameras. How many photos of LHO emanated from this coverage? None, zero, nada, zip.

Jeffrey Epstein, under suicide watch was covered by cameras if not aimed at his cell, at least at the hallway outside it. How many pictures of that hallway during the relevant period? See above.

LHO was in custody of the police, in a police station when he was killed by Ruby. All films show that Oz was UNPROTECTED. Cops to his left; cops to his right; cops behind him - but NOONE in front, allowing Ruby to lunge at him and off him. JE, in custody of the police, in a police station, was likewise UNPROTECTED when he - uh - committed suicide. Where was his protective detail? Sleeping. Riiiiiight.