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Thread: Thomas D. Herman Smooches Halberstam and Sheehan

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    This is really kind of stunning for someone like me. With all the disclosures of the ARRB and how authors have built upon them e.g. Goldstein and Blight, for anyone to say that somehow JFK was trying to enlarge the Vietnam War in 1962 or 1963 is a non starter.

    And then to top that off by saying that Halberstam and Sheehan were somehow journalistic heroes of that conflict? When, in fact, they were both huge fans of Jean Paul Vann who understood the war could not be won by the ARVN, but unlike Kennedy wanted America to directly intervene in that conflict? Well, after Kennedy was killed, Vann, Sheehan and Halberstam got their wish. Sheehan and Halberstam spent their careers trying to disguise what they had done. And somehow blaming Kennedy for the war. Talk about BS.

    And now, Tom Herman comes along and gives them a great big wet kiss as he steps on Kennedy's corpse.

    Read it and weep.

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    Unintended consequences.

    In my discussion of Herman, I mentioned Halberstam's truly awful book on Vietnam, The Best and the Brightest. In order to prove my point that Halberstam, Vann and Sheehan wanted direct American intervention, Kennedy did not and the two reporters spent the rest of their lives in denial that they were wrong and JFK was right.

    Well, to my pleasant surprise, the number one rated article and is now my review of Halberstam's awful book. Fine with me, since more people need to know just how wrong Halberstam Sheehan and Vann were. Join the club:

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