Malcolm Blunt should have a monument erected to him. I had never seen the following document before, but Blunt found it and Bart Kamp scanned it and sent it to me.

The FBI had info that David Ferrie could be a suspect in the JFK case on 11/22/63. Which is before Jim Garrison did. They then learn that Ferrie probably knew Oswald. The FBI then begins to launch a preliminary investigation, telling the police intel officer that they would be interested in any more info on Oswald and his association with Ferrie. They then get it from other sources. That is the CAP.

But then the agent, Mr. Sylvester, calls Washington for advice, that is Deke DeLoach. Almost instantly, the cover up gets snapped on. And who does the Bureau end up trusting? David Ferrie.

Remarkable document which I had never seen before. The FBI was determined NOT to solve the JFK case. They then let Ferrie go and say it was only Garrison that was interested in him. Meanwhile this document shows they were also. Until the Washington boys said, forget it.