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Thread: Kerry Thornley talks about JFK asassination

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  1. Default Kerry Thornley talks about JFK asassination

    This is a video from 1992. In this video Kerry Thornley talks about the JFK assassination:

    What I find interesting in relation to this video are two things:

    (1) When he was working for Jim Garrison, Harold Weisberg interviewed the man at the print shop where Oswald's Fair Play for Cuba flyers were printed and this man identified at least two photographs of Kerry Thornley, saying that he was the man who picked up the flyers

    (2) Jim Garrison believed that Kerry Thorney might have been one of the people impersonating Oswald

    Note that in this video, Kerry Thornley talks about Oswald impersonations (near the end). It would be interesting to see what a body language expert thinks about this. Thornley sitting with his hands above his head in the first ten minutes or so is unusual body language... Look at how he appears when he discusses Oswald having been impersonated at the end. Maybe my subjective bias plays into this but I think he looks like he's being dishonest. Saying "well this might have happened" when he knows damn well it did happen.

    There has been a lot of controversy over this guy in the JFK debate, which in recent times has been further confounded (or added to) by the works of Adam Gorightly.

    Gorightly writes about Thornley as a prankster (wrote a book or two about that) who in some way was involved with Oswald, David Ferrie, Guy Banister, Clay Shaw.

    I haven't read Gorightly's books so I'm not in a good position to further comment on that. I had read elsewhere he took a 'coincidence theory' approach--if so, I would disagree. This could be wrong, as based on an interview I am listening to now it seems Gorightly advocates the Oswald impersonation/Harvey and Lee theory. I suppose I need to read Gorightly's books to make a determination. If anyone has read his books I'm curious what your thoughts are.
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