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Thread: McAdams gets new life

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    Ahimsa….may you live in a world of non-forcefulness.

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    Payment for his lies?

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    I thought this would happen.

    See, that crazy governor of Wisconsin has had enough time to load up the Supreme Court with rightwing nuts. So this was the strategy from the start.

    But I can see the faculty committee did make one mistake:

    The court’s 4-2 decision came down on ideological lines, with the conservative majority siding with McAdams. Those justices said the faculty panel that recommended his discipline had an “unacceptable bias” because one member had publicly expressed support for the graduate instructor.

    That should not have happened. Because from the beginning this was going to be his strategy to take it to the Supreme Court.

    This is a really bad ruling. In essence, it sanctions what he did.

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    More on how the Federalist Society and, this time the new Supreme Court justice appointee by Trump, Mr. Kavanaugh, have perverted the rule of law and precedent.

    What a disgrace.

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