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    I just saw the last half of 'The Kennedy Detail' on Discovery Channel. What a disgusting effort at non-truth disguised as solemn review. Those Secret Service men are all cowards and liars. What comes off the most is that those men are under pressure from government higher-ups and intimidated by an oppressive security status quo official position that is the real government of this country.

    The show attempts to place the involuntary Secret Service conspirators in the position of grieved victims in order to induce sympathy. The whole thing is a disgusting psy-op once again aimed at the American people by the establishment perpetrators using the cowardly means of a corrupted media corporate cable company.

    They try to blame Jackie Kennedy as not wanting to leave her husband's body as the reason the Secret Service men hijacked JFK from Texas. They're not giving the full explanation as to why that isn't exactly true. Once again hiding behind women.

    The whole program leads up to the end where all the credible bona fide government agents say the conspiracy theories are all "silly" and "out there in left field". Those agents know they are lying. And therein is the dark force that rules America counter to its democracy.

    The ultimate irony is "Discovery" is usually something referred to as a legal term where the true facts behind something are discovered. Discovery Channel practices a rather Orwellian interpretation of that. Nowhere on "Discovery" will there be a program that allows the people who can prove those "conspiracy theories".

    This is not a free nation.

    Oh yeah, I can tell you right away LBJ's body posture and tone is telegraphing his awareness of how the presidency was handed to him.

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    I saw this as I was flipping through the channel guide and thought that it might be interesting. Then I saw that it was on the "Discovery" channel and decided to watch a cartoon instead....ooops, I meant a different cartoon. Mike

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