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Thread: Familiar Faces in Dealey Plaza

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    very interesting analysis. Talking of Thomas, he took it one step further than the HSCA, he agreed on the knoll shot, not a miss, but the fatal one, to satisfy the common belief that a shot originated from the knoll. Otherwise he agreed that Oswald fied shots, that most originated from the sniper's nest and he championed the single bullet theory. Limited hangout, big time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charles Drago View Post
    Not quite doppelgangers in the traditional sense.

    Which is to say, the WC and HSCA are twins designed not to replicate each other, but rather to contradict each other.

    The goal: preserve doubt forever.
    Would you say that the Zapruder film controversy real vs altered follows the same pattern as you described above?
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    To the degree that the Z-film alteration AND non-alteration hypotheses rely upon science for validation, then yes, the uncertainty continues.

    Also, the blessing of "science" can be used to bestow the illusion of legitimacy upon wholly illegitimate conclusions. Take, as the prime example, NAA as it was used to "prove" the SBT.

    Except NAA itself has been authoritatively debunked.

    Which hasn't stopped the pseudo-scientists from continuing to trot it out.

    It is one thing to discover the truth. It is quite another to spread it.

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    On the other hand, our western civilization is based on science.
    It is difficult to decide if the film is altered or not although Jack White has presented some anomalies that are not easy to disprove or explain.
    If we consider that C.D.Jackson who took possession of the film was a psyops expert then we cannot exclude the possibility that the film was altered.

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    moments ago i posted a reply and photo, nothing is showing.......thanks...

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