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For what it is worth: if you go to http://www.cnn.com/SPECIALS/2001/tra...tims/main.html and then select any of the links at the bottom, you will get this:

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There were suspicions before that some of the victims, especially on Flight 77, did not actually exist, and that there were strange age patterns and some coincidences with recently died elderly persons from care institutions, and it is well known that the death index entries were more incomplete than usual.


I know that there were dead people. John O'Neill, for one. Or the husband of Ellen Mariani. This stuff was not faked.
But then, how do I know? But I am certain, that thousands of people in the towers did not come home that day. But, how do I know?
I cannot prove it.

Are there any, ANY official FBI records FOIAed out of the FBI mentioning just ONE name of a victim? Are there? Please tell me there are. Please!!!

There were people presumed to be killed. The question is WHERE?