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    I hate to be the killjoy here but I'm not convinced the strap seen in the backyard photo isn't different from the obvious leather strap seen on the rifle being taken out of the Depository.

    If you look at the backyard photo strap it looks like it could be an entirely different cloth strap. I'm not sure that the cloth strap doesn't have a ring connector that is hooked into the side-mount and hanging down appearing like a bottom-mount. Of course, I'm not entirely sure but the ring-attachment strap could explain the appearance of what looks like a bottom-mount on the side-mount rifle.

    Edit: I came back to amend this because on further review there's something not right about that mount. Even if my theory were correct, and even with a different strap and ring, the side-mount doesn't appear to go low enough to look like a bottom-mount. So my message to Gil would be stick with your premise. I could be right but I would put the possibility in the lower percentages.

    The mount in the backyard photo looks different from that of the Klein's catalogue bottom-mount rifle. There's definitely a connector ring on the strap shown in the backyard photo.

    We need to see the Carcano in evidence and look at its strap where it connects to the mount.
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