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Thread: Could this man be an Oswald impersonator ?

  1. Default Could this man be an Oswald impersonator ?

    Interesting Photo of Oswald look-alike at Ruby's Carousel club:
    Was Lee Harvey Oswald REALLY Guilty ?
    A look into the evidence in the case against Oswald

    The JFK Conspiracy Channel on Youtube

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    Mmmm... interesting. I can see many similarities. Do you know when it was taken? And who any of the others are?
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    Default From North of the Border

    An even more intriguing possibility.

    Francois Mario Bachand.

    Look here:

    then here:
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    hmm wonder if this is related to Passamaquoddy:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charles Drago View Post
    An even more intriguing possibility.

    Francois Mario Bachand.

    Look here:

    then here:
    There is quite a resemblance, and the 1963 Canadian activity did have a certain 'ring' to it!!!!......was he ever known to hang-out in more Southern climes about that time?!
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    I'm on this story now, Peter. More in a couple of weeks.

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