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Thread: DHS testing spread of airborne contaminants in Boston subways

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    Default DHS testing spread of airborne contaminants in Boston subways

    Last updated: 12/06/2009 03:41:04

    Subway airflow tests to prepare T for possible terror attacks 05 Dec 2009 A team of researchers convened by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security began a series of tests today at 20 MBTA stations to determine how airborne contaminants would spread in a terrorist attack on Boston's subway system. Boston is the second subway system in the country chosen for the testing by Homeland Security. Testing was already done on the subway in Washington DC.

    [As already documented here at DPF and elsewhere, similar testing was done in the past using light bulbs filled hypodermically with Serrratia marcesens or some other similar harmless* marker dropped into subway ventilaition shafts or sprayed off cost from warships or airborne platforms. (*one death from cardio-infection was noted in San Francisco).]

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    Well documented, is the CIA doing that in the NYC subway system in the, I believe, late sixties. They used, if I remember correctly, lightbulbs filled with bacteria or viruses [which they said were harmless!] and had agents drop them, as if by accident, on the tracks. Then they tested how fast and how far the bacteria spread in the air and in people throughout the area. They are always looking out for us - ready to protect us and our best friends....:laugh: Anthrax anyone?! :burnout:
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