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Thread: At last: Shickshinny Knights of Malta linked to the Draper/Vonsiatsky Condon ManCand crowds

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    Btw John, there is much on the internet on the Martinist Order, but if you narrow your search by including "Priory of Sion", "Rennes le Chateau", and/ or "Synarchy" this tends to focus the search into areas that are more responsive to our mutual interest in these matters. The results almost invariably connect to right-wing occult iterests, nazi's, fascism, Templar knights, SMOM etc etc.

    Meanwhile, you might want to browse the website of the Societe Perillos ( You might consider starting HERE simply because it demonstartes connections such as Templar through to the SS Charlemagne Division that was formed of Frenchmen to propagate The Holy Germanic Empire in the post WWII period. It remains a fact that the man who inherited the mantle of leader of the Rhodes-Milner "Group", Lord Selborne (an important member of Churchill's inner Cabinet and the head of the wartime SOE) in the same post war period dedicated the rest of his life (according to his daughter) to the reintroduction of the Germanic royal household of the Holy Roman Empire(so claims my failing memory...) Many of the Rhodes-Milner leading lights donated money to right-wing Nazi leanings groups like the Right Club (sorry for the self serving citation here but if you are interested in this see my old piece HERE.

    Another man who found his way to Harpin at the end of WWII was the man who would later become General John Singlaub who, by a strange quirk of fate ( :hello: ), was deeply involved in recovering gold plundered by the Japanese plunder teams (the Golden Lilly) and secreted in the Philippines
    throughout WWII.

    Coincidences are amazing things eh....
    The shadow is a moral problem that challenges the whole ego-personality, for no one can become conscious of the shadow without considerable moral effort. To become conscious of it involves recognizing the dark aspects of the personality as present and real. This act is the essential condition for any kind of self-knowledge.
    Carl Jung - Aion (1951). CW 9, Part II: P.14

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    I have a list of the 25 members of the SKOM MAC from the mid-1960's if anyone wants me to publish it.
    Yes please John. Feel free to post anything relevant here.
    Here is yet another sinister view of SMOM and SKOM from the Covert Action Quarterly... I think that any serious and dedicated JFK researcher can readily recognize at least a dozen names on their suspects list within this document.

    I also forgot to mention that John J. Raskob, OSJ of the Rockefeller Chase Manhattan Bank yet another Knight of the OSJ was the primary organizer of the coup d'etat attempt against FDR in the 1930's which was denounced and exposed by Gen. Smedley Butler otherwise a hero of the never ending United Fruit "Banana Wars." See "War is a Racket" by Gen. Smedley Butler on the web.

    So not only was the JFK hit an OSJ Armed Services Committee black bag job but the previous attempt against FDR was in the exact same category.

    How is that for cross correlation and a self-confirming theory?

    There are over a dozen common names in both this article and the one from the Order of St. John history site published previously. I would think that this Dirty Dozen combined with the Richard Condon ManCand Dirty Dozen would provide a flushed out Gang of Five for anyone to peruse. Just from memory this Gang of Five would probably be created from a short list including James J. (Jesus) Angleton, Charles Willoughby, Allen W. Dulles, Philip J. Corso, William F. Buckley, Jr., Roger Pearson and Gen. Pedro A. del Valle.

    "The Catholic Right and the Knights of Malta, in particular Baron Franz von Papen (see sidebar), played a critical role in Hitler's assumption of power and the launching of the Third Reich's Twentieth Century Crusade."



    WINTER 1986 Number 25

    Pages 27-38

    [1 of 4 ....... 27-29]




    The Sovereign Military and Hospitaler Order of St. John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta, known also as the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, or SMOM, is juridically, politically, and historically unique in the world today.

    Representing initially the most powerful and reactionary segments of the European aristocracy, for nearly a thousand years beginning with the early crusades of the Twelfth Century, it has organized, funded, and led military operations against states and ideas deemed threatening to its power. It is probably safe to say that the several thousand Knights of SMOM, principally in Europe, North, Central, and South America, comprise the largest most consistently powerful and reactionary membership of any organization in the world today.

    Although an exclusively [Roman] Catholic organization, in this century it has collaborated with, and given high awards to non-Catholic extremists in its current crusade against progressive forces in the West, the national liberation movements, and the socialist countries.

    To be a Knight, one must not only be from wealthy, aristocratic lineage, one must also have a psychological worldview which is attracted to the "crusader mentality'' of these "warrior monks." Participating in SMOM including its initiation ceremonies and feudal ritual dress members embrace a certain caste/class mentality; they are sociologically and psychologically predisposed to function as the ''shock troops" of Catholic reaction. And this is precisely the historical role the Knights have played in the wars against Islam, against the Protestant "heresy,'' and against the Soviet ''Evil Empire."

    The Catholic Right and the Knights of Malta, in particular Baron Franz von Papen (see sidebar), played a critical role in Hitler's assumption of power and the launching of the Third Reich's Twentieth Century Crusade.

    SMOM's influence in Germany survived World War II intact. On November 17, 1948 SMOM awarded one of its highest honors, the Grand Cross of Merit, to Reinhard Gehlen, the Nazi chief of intelligence on the Soviet front. He was subsequently installed by the Americans as the first chief of West Germany's equivalent of the CIA, the Bundesnachtrichtdienst (BND: federal secret service), under West German Chancellor Adenauer, a devout Catholic who had received the Magistral Grand Cross personally from SMOM Grand Master Prince Chigi.

    After the appointment of Knight of Malta William Casey as head of the Central Intelligence Agency, and another Knight, James Buckley, as head ot U.S. propaganda against Eastern Europe at Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, several historians noted with interest President Reagan's call during the summer of 1982 for a "crusade" against the "Evil Empire" in Eastern Europe.

    [ including Balkans ...... JP ]

    In addition to Casey, and James Buckley, its current members, or Knights, after the feudal fashion, include Lee Iacocca, John McCone, William Buckley, Alexander Haig, Alexandre de Marenches (the chief of French Intelligence under Giscard d'Estaing, himself a Knight of SMOM), Otto von Hapsburg, and various leaders of the fascist P-2 Masonic lodge in Italy. While its organizational funding is relatively modest, its leverage is maximized by the presence of its Knights in key positions in other private and governmental structures throughout the world.


    A leading figure in Hitler's coming to power was SMOM Franz von Papen, known as "the devil in a top hat." A devout Catholic aristocrat from an old family of Westphalian nobility, a former military attache and spy against the United States in 1915, von Papen became Chancellor in May 1932, with the support of the Nazis. In June he ordered the dissolution of the Reichstag, calling for new elections in July, in which the Nazis emerged as the largest party in the new Reichstag. After a meeting with Hitler, von Papen persuaded President von Hindenberg to offer Hitler the Chancellorship, which he assumed on January 30, 1933. Von Papen became his Vice-Chancellor.

    In April 1933 von Papen was elevated to Knight Magistral Grand Cross of SMOM. After the murder of Austrian Chancellor Dollfuss in Vienna in July 1934, von Papen became Hitler's Ambassador to Austria, and, in March 1938 stood by the Fuhrer's side at his triumphal entry into Vienna. From 1939 until August 1944 he was the Nazi Ambassador to Turkey, and at the Nuremberg trials he was charged with conspiracy to wage aggressive war. He was one of several Nazi leaders acquitted, and subsequently received a generous pension from the first postwar Chancellor, Konrad Adenauer.

    Page 28

    The President of the American Eastern Association of SMOM is J. Peter Grace, President of W.R. Grace Company, who was a key figure in Operation Paperclip, which brought Nazi scientists to the U.S. 1

    SMOM's Sovereign Diplomacy

    As its name suggests, SMOM is both a ''sovereign'' and, historically, a "military" organization. Its headquarters, occupying a square block in Rome at 68 Via Condotti, enjoys the extra-territorial legal status granted to an embassy of a sovereign state. The Italian police are not welcome on its territory, it issues its own stamps, and has formal diplomatic relations and exchanges ambassadors with a number of countries.

    On November 13, 1951 Italian President Alcide de Gasperi recognized the diplomatic sovereignty of SMOM, although he held off formal exchange of diplomatic envoys.2 On January 11, 1983 the New York Daily News announced that,

    "The Vatican and the order of the Knights of Malta, believed to be the smallest sovereign state in the world, have agreed to establish full diplomatic relations, a joint statement said today. "

    President Reagan's Ambassador to the Vatican, William Wilson, is, coincidentally, a Knight of Malta.3

    On September 5, 1984 French Foreign Minister Claude Cheysson signed a formal protocol with SMOM for various cooperative projects includlng "aid to victims of conflicts."4 (See below on Americares.)

    Historical Antecedents

    Already in existence at the time of the first Crusade in 1099, in 1113 the Order of St. John was given its independence by Pope Pascal II, permitted to elect its own Grand Master, and soon the Order began military participation in the Crusades along with with the Knights Templar and Teutonic Knights. The Order of St. John recruited successfully among the Eurupean aristocracy and soon controlled extensive estates throughout the continent, assimilating those previously belonging to the Knights Templar which it had helped crush during the first two decades of the 14th Century, with the Templar leadership burned alive as heretics.

    J. Peter Grace and Project Paperclip

    On January 16, 1980 ABC-TV broadcast a special "News Closeup," "Escape from Justice: Nazi War Criminals in America" which discussed Grace's Role in Project Paperclip.

    The transcript of the program, available from ABC on request, states,

    "Project Paperclip ....... from the end of WW II to the mid-1950's brought more than 900 German scientists to the United States. ..... Otto Ambros ..... was a chemist and a Director of the notorious I.G. Farben Company which supplied gasoline and rubber for Hitler's war effort. Ambros ...... played a supervisory role in the construction of Farben's plant in the Polish village of Auschwitz. For I.G. Farben, Auschwitz concentration inmates provided a plentiful source of cheap labor. ..... The Nuremberg prosecution charged that each day at Farhen's plant one hundred people died from sheer exhaustion. ...... Otto Ambros was convicted of slavery and mass murder and sentenced to eight years in prison. But even while on trial at Nuremberg, Ambros was a target for U.S. recruiters from 'Project Paperclip.' His prison sentence was commuted after only three years by American officials and he was helped in a bid to enter the United States by ...... J. Peter Grace, President of W. R. Grace, a major American chemical company. .....

    An internal State Department document describes how J. Peter Grace helped Otto Ambros in his efforts to enter the U.S. In a memorandum to the U.S. Ambassador to Germany, Grace acknowledges that Ambros was a war criminal. But he adds that in the years he's known Ambros, ...... 'we have developed a very deep admiration, not only for his ability, but more important, for his character in terms of truthfulness and integrity.'

    Today Otto Ambros does consulting work tor W. R. Grace and Company and lives here in Mannheim, Germany. In a recent telephone interview Ambros [said] 'I'm happy to still be working as a chemist ...... but it's funny. Now I'm helping the Americans.' "

    In June 1981, largely in response to the efforts of well known war crimes researcher Charles Allen, Yeshiva University cancelled a $150-a-plate dinner it had organized to honor Grace. (See also, Joe Conason and Martin A. Rosenblatt, "The Corporate State of Grace," 'Village Voice', April 12, 1983.)

    When the scandal broke in West Germany over the Flick company paying huge sums of money to various politicians and parties, it was learned that additionally Flick had taken improper tax waivers and used the money to pump millions of dollars into W. R. Grace Co., becoming a major shareholder. Friedrich Karl Flick himself sits on the Grace Board. As the Moscow New Times reminded its readers (No. 8, 1983, citing Der Spiegel), Friedrich Karl's father, Flick Sr., had poured money into the coffers of the Nazi party in January 1933, and, ''after Goering had promised the Ruhr magnates that "the March 5 elections will be the last elections in this decade and perhaps in this century,'' he contributed another 200,000 marks; this sum was handed to SS Reichfuhrer Himmler. Flick Sr. was subsequently sentenced at Nuremberg to seven years for using slave labor, spoliation and being an accessory to the crimes of the SS. To ensure a good beginning for his son, the war criminal sent him after the war for early training with W. R. Grace.

    Page 29

    In 1187 the Order was driven militarily from Jerusalem by Saladin. The Knights were forced to flee successively to Acre, Cyprus (1291), and finally Rhodes (1310) where they subdued the local population and establishcd a military dictatorship enjoying territorial sovereignty for the first time. In 1522 they were defeated by Sultan Suleiman's forces of 200,000 troops and 250 ships after a six-month siege. By 1530 under Grand Master Villiers de l'lsle-Adam, the Knights established their headquarters on the island of Malta which had been given to them by Charles V.

    Martin Luther was born in 1483, the same year that Torquemada unleashed the fury of the Inquisition, and while the Knights waged war against foreign heresies, they were soon confronted by the liberalizing Reformation challenge to Catholic Orthodoxy.

    In England Henry Vlll's assertion of an independent national policy was complicated by his marriage to Katherine who was the aunt of Emperor Charles V, patron of the Knights of Malta who in England were a militant bastion of Papal loyalty. By 1534 Pope Clement VII had excommunicated the King and two years later Pope Paul III published a Bull deposing the King and charging the Emperor with its execution. According to King and Luke's authoritative history 5 of the Order in England

    The staunchest supporters of Papal supremacy were naturally to be found among the religious Orders, and ....... the Knights were the loyal servants of the Pope, whose claims to universal dominion [the King] had repudiated, ....... it was thus a sheer impossibility for the King to permit the existence in England of an Order so powerful and so highly organized unless it was prepared to renounce its loyalty to his most determined enemy. Inevitably the Knights would become a center of disaffection and a rallying point for all the forces of reaction. ......

    In July 1539, after two of the Knights had already chosen the martyr's crown, the King wrote letters to the Grand Master which practically constituted an ultimatum, demanding that the Papal supremacy should cease to be recognized by the Order in England. ..... But it was impossible to accept the King's conditions. In April 1540 ..... Parliament passed an Act dissolving the Order in England and conferring its estates upon the Crown. ...... 6

    Meanwhile on the continent and in the Mediterranean the wars against the infidels of the East continued. Since the military defense of Christendom required naval support, the Order created a powerful fleet and patrolled the seas of the Eastern Mediterranean fighting many naval actions.

    Military operations ranged as far as Egypt and Syria, and by 1565 under Grand Master Valette, they resisted the Turkish siege of Malta. In 1571 SMOM's fleet participated in the defeat of the Turks at the naval battle of Lepanto, and remained a major military presence in the Mediterranean until 1789 when Napoleon defeated the Knights and occupied the island. The Order finally sought temporary protection under the Russian Emperor Paul I in 1797; in 1834 Pope Leo XIII established its headquarters in Rome.

    - END QUOTE -

    [ continue to 2 of 4 ]


    P.O.BOX 50272 WASHINGTON, DC 20004

    "All studies [of the post-WWII Nazi networks] have shown the determining role played by the [Roman] Catholic Church in the flight of war criminals."



    WINTER 1986 Number 25

    Pages 27-38

    [2 of 4 ....... 30-33 ]



    Page 30

    The American Association of SMOM

    In Europe SMOM's membership had been traditionally limited to those who could prove a requisite purity of noble blood for several generations. Nevertheless, as a concession to the rising political, economic, and military power of the United States, in 1927 SMOM agreed to incorporate an American National Association whose members were not obliged to prove their genealogical pedigree.

    When the American Association of SMOM was created in 1927 the founding members included Patrick Cardinal Hayes, Edward L. Hearn, Nicholas F. Brady, Howard F. Carry, Patrick E. Crowley, James A. Farrell, James A. Fayne, Edward N. Hurley, James J. Phelan, Morgan J. O'Brien, John J. Raskob, and John D. Ryan.

    By 1941 Francis Cardinal Spellman was listed as the "Grand Protector" and "Spiritual Advisor" of the Order, with John J. Raskob as Treasurer. Members included John Farrell, then President of U.S.Steel, Joseph P. Grace, and John D. Ryan. In 1934 Raskob, inspired by the French fascist Croix de Feu, and working closely with Morgan Bank's John Davis, had been a principal financier in the plot to organize a fascist coup in the U.S. The plan failed when General Smedley Butler, who had been set up to lead the project, denounced it.

    The 1941 list also included Joseph J. Larkin. According to Charles Higham's Trading With the Enemy (see review in this issue),

    Joseph J. Larkin . . . [vice-president of Chase Manhattan Bank in charge of European affairs] kept the Chase Bank open ....... in Nazi-occupied Paris throughout World War II. .... [He] had received the Order of the Grand Cross of the Knights of Malta from Pope Pius XI in 1928. He was an ardent supporter of General Franco and, by extension, Hitler. Morgenthau first suspected him as a fascist sympathizer in Octoher 1936. ..... With the encouragement of Schacht, Larkin took on the Franco account and the Reichsbank account, though the Reichsbank was under the personal control of Hitler. ..... 7

    The Role of Felix A. Morlion

    In the latter part of April 1948 the Romanian Timpul published an article, "The Vatican Espionage Service," cited in the Soviet journal New Times, No.31, 1948, at pp. 5, 6. As reported, the article indicated that,

    "In 1946 the Pope entrusted the Dominican friar [Felix A.] Morlion, a Belgian, with the reorganization of the Vatican intelligence service and its merger with the jesuit espionage network. The central intelligence department of the Vatican is headed by Janssens, a general of the Jesuit Order. His deputy is Montini, the acting Vatican Secretary of State, and his assistants are Schmider, the administrative director of the central jesuit espionage bureau, and Morlion, director of Centro d'informazione pro Deo. The central intelligence department is subdivided into branches and sections dealing with the various countries. One of the main branches is the so-called 'special division' which operates under the signboard of the Centro d'informazione pro Deo press agency. Similar divisions have been set up in the Centro d'informazione pro Deo units in all parts of the world. In New York the 'special division' is directed by Cardinal Spellman, in Innsbruck (Austria) by Regent, the rector of a jesuit college, in Coblenz (Germany) by the Catholic priest Poelaert who is also director of the Catholic press agency. The branch in charge of espionage in Eastern and Southeastern Europe is supervised by Schmider and Preseren, the jesuits' chief expert on the Slav countries and adviser to the Vatican Secretary of State."

    In August 1966, Morlion approached H. L. Hunt for funding Vatican anti-Communist operations in Latin America. Hunt gave an interview to the British Guardian Weekly, February 27, 1969:

    " 'I was approached by Paolo Cardinal Marella, who said he spoke for the Pope and asked if I would supply members of my [20,000 member] Youth Freedom Speakers' movement who spoke Spanish to be sent south [to Latin America] to engage in speechmaking and activities. I was told the Pope was thinking in terms of 11 million dollars a year support for the entire movement against communism in Spanish-speaking countries.' ......... The project was now centered in New York, at the Asian Speakers Bureau, with the Free Pacific Association, Inc., on Riverside Drive [another front for the Rev. Moon's Unification Church]. A key figure in this papal concern over Leftist threats to the Vatican's greatest stronghold was thc Rev. Felix A. Morlion, who was present at the original discussions. "

    Subsequently, Morlion emerged as a key figure in the "Bulgarian Connection" hoax when the fascist Grey Wolf Agca attempted to assassinate the Pope: It appears that Morlion lived in Rome directly below the apartment of the Bulgarian Antonov, and was a possible source of Agca's description of Antonov's apartment. (See, Il Mondo, April 8, 1985; L'Espresso, May 19, 1985.)

    The American-Italian Conneclion

    From 1932 until 1938 Myron Charles Taylor was the Chairman of U. S. Steel. In 1939 he became the U.S. envoy to Pope Pius XII, a post he would maintain until 1950. Meanwhile, according to Anthony Cave Brown, OSS chief William Donovan secretly had established an intelligence connection with the Vatican as early as 1941, when he evacuated from Lisbon to New York the Dominican Father Felix A. Morlion, who had founded "a European Catholic anti-Comintern'' called Pro Deo. (See sidebar.) Throughout the war Donovan financcd Morlion's Pro Deo service and in June 1944 he "went to considerable expense, time, and trouble to transport Morlion from New York and establish him at the Holy See.''8

    Subsequently Morlion became a key figure in Vatican intelligence, working closely with Giovanni Battista Montini, the future Paul VI.

    According to Frederic Laurent,

    "All studies [of the post-WWII Nazi networks] have shown the determining role played by the Catholic Church in the flight of war criminals. Since April 1943, following negotiations between Pius XII and the ultra-reactionary American archbishop Francis Spellman, the Holy See became the clandestine center of Anglo-American espionage in Italy. This collaboration in fact had begun the previous year ...... between Earl Brennan, a veteran of the American State Department and Gian Battista Montini, at the time a bishop and Under-Secretary of State at the Vatican. This close collaboration between the future Paul VI and the Ameriean secret services continued after the war through the intermediary James Angleton. ..... 9"

    With the American Grand Protector of SMOM already in contact with the Vatican, and Allen Dulles busy negotiating with Nazis in Switzerland, the Amerieans entered Rome June 4, 1944. On July 7 General Mark Clark was made a Knight Grand Cross of SMOM.

    According to British journalist Stuart Christie,

    25 April 1945 [three days before the German forces capitulate in Italy] Admiral Ellery Stone, U.S. Proconsul in occupied Italy, instructs James Angleton to rescue Prince Valerio Borghese from the possibility of arrest by the Resistance Committees which had sentenced him to death for war crimes .......... Stone is a close friend of the Borghese family.10

    Borghese was to be heard from again on the twenty-ninth anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. (See below.)

    - Truman's Vatiean envoy Myron C. Taylor received SMOM's Gran Croci Al Merito Con Placca May 23, 1945.

    - On June 12, 1945 Admiral Ellery W. Stone was awarded the Croci Al Merito Di Prima Classe Con Corona from the SMOM.

    - On December 27, 1946 James Angleton received the Croci Al Merito Seconda Classe from the Order, the same day as George Raymond Rocca. Rocca went on to become Angleton's deputy chief of Counterintelligenee Division of the CIA and was the liaison between the Warren Commission and the CIA following the Kennedy Assassination. (See sidebar.)

    [Also, about this same time, head of OSS "Wild Bill" Donovan was decorated by the papacy ....... JP ]

    According to declassified documents from the American Department of State, in February 1948, in anticipation of the upcoming elections scheduled for April 18, the Vatican created organizations called 'Civic Committees' under the leadership of Luigi Gedda, a 45-year-old doctor from Turin who was also the leader of the rightist 'Catholic Action'. By March 17, 1948 Gedda became a Knight of the Grand Priory of Lombardy and Venice. The liaison to Gedda was through an Ecclesiastical Assistant, Mgr. Fiorenzo Angelini, a member of the National Executive of the Civic Committees, who had become a ranking member of the Rome Priory of SMOM also on March 17, 1948.11 At that time the Grand Priory was headed by Ferdinando Thun Hohenstein, Director of Ceremonies of SMOM, a member of the all powerful five-member Sovereign Council of the Order, and nephew of a former SMOM Grand Master.

    Page 32

    On March 22, 1948 the New York Times reported that Gedda had appealed to American Catholics to provide financial assistance to Italian Catholics in their fight against communism. On April 5, it was reported that

    "Myron C. Taylor arrived from Madrid for what Catholic circles described as an 'important mission' closely related to the Italian general elections."

    By April 13 the paper reported that Taylor would meet with Pius once a week, and that based on the information recently received, the Pope was "considerably more optimistic'' about the outcome of the elections.

    Page 33

    Two days later with the Italian military staging massive parades and as fascist gangs attacked leftists in the streets, C. L. Sulzberger reported from Rome that Catholic Action "is armed, active, and tough."

    The State Department documents cite Angleton as "feel[ing] quite strongly that Gedda can be effectively used to further our interests in Italy in the political, labor and social fields," and that the Civic Committees were to receive CIA funds. The Pope had allegedly met with Gedda three times during the month after the elections.

    One of those reported to have loeen involved in interference in the April 18 election was Baron Luigi Parrilli. Parrilli, son of an Italian admiral, and who had reportedly worked for the American firm Kelvinator before the war, was a fascist and had extensive industrial interests in Italy. He was made a Knight of Malta on December 7, 1942 and by early 1945 had excellent contacts with the top Schutzstaffel (SS: elite guard) and Sicherheitsdienst (SD: secret service) German officers in Northem Italy. By April 1945 he became a representative of SS General Karl Wolff to Allen Dulles and U.S. Gen. Lemnitzer during the period that the latter two were involved in private negotiations to recruit top Nazis before the end of the war. It has been rumored that Parrilli also had "concocted a plan to transport ex-Nazis from Germany to Paraguay."12 (See article by Peter Dale Scott in this issue.)

    In 1949 SMOM published an Official General Roll of the Grand Magistery with a preface by Pius XII which referred to "The ancient laurels collected on the battle-fronts" of earlier wars. As noted above, among only four recipients of the Order's Gran Croci al Merito con Placca at the time was Reinhard Gehlen, Hitler's Chief of Intelligence on the Eastern Front, who received the award November 17, 1948.

    By this time Reinhard Gehlen's brother had already been in Rome serving as the Secretary to Thun Hohenstein. Conveniently for Reinhard, who was negotiating with the U.S. for the preservation of his Nazi colleagues, Thun Hohenstein was Chairman of one of SMOM's grand magistral charities, the Institute for Associated Emigrations, and had arranged for two thousand SMOM passports to be printed for political refugees.

    Thun Hohenstein was also related to the leading German Knights of SMOM, and at a crucial time in an internal SMOM controversy after the war had received the active support of Prince Frederic von Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen, Honorary Chairman of the Silesian Association of the Order, the head of the Catholic Hohenzollerns, of which several members were Knights of SMOM. The Silesian Knights, led by their Chairman Prince von Hartzfeld and Graf Henckel von Donnersmark, maintained a refugee camp at Ulm which in 1951 alone had received 134,000 refugees from the East.13 Meanwhile, both the Polish and Hungarian Associations of SMOM had also relocated safely to the West.

    In 1950, the American Committee for Liberation from Bolshevism was created. The trustees included J. Peter Grace, Charles Edison, William Henry Chamberlain, H. J. Heinz II, Isaac Don Levine, and Eugene Lyons. The Committee (now known as Radio Liberty), under the guiding hand of the CIA's Frank Wisner, funded numerous emigre "research institutes'' which, according to John Loftus [see UNHOLY TRINITY ], were "little more than front groups for ex-Nazi intelligence officers.''14




    10 4 1948 S.E. Gen. PAUL DARIUS DASSAULT


    23 5 1945 S. E. HAROLD ALEXANDER, visconte di Tunis

    23 5 1945 S. E. MYRON C TAYLOR

    11 11 1948 Brig. Gen. Barone DEAN de MARGUERITTES

    17 11 1948 REINHARD GEHLEN

    Document shows SMOM's honor bestowed on Hitler's intelligence chief Reinhard Gehlen and on U.S. Admiral Ellery W. Stone.


    1. See generally, Clarence G. Lasby, Project Paperclip (New York: Atheneum, 1975). Grace had also served as the Chairman of the Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty Fund, a CIA front infested with Nazi collaborators, and of the American Institute for Free Labor Development (AIFLD), another CIA-funded organization. The Chairman of the W. R. Grace Executive Committee Felix Larkin, is also a SMOM. The Chancellor of the Order, John D. J. Moore, was a Director of the Grace company until at least 1982 having been with the company since 1946 managing its Peruvian operations from 1947-1950. From 1969-1975 Moore was the U.S. Ambassador to Ireland. See sidebar on J. Peter Grace.

    2. Roger Peyrefitte, Knights of Malta (New York: Criterion Books, 1959), at p. 137.

    3. See the illustrated feature story on SMOM in Town and Country, April 1984, pp. 194, ff. 4. Point de Vue, September 23, 1983.

    5. Sir Edwin King and Sir Harry Luke, The Knights of St. John in the British Realm, 2d ed. (London: St. John's Gate, 1967).

    6. Ibid., pp. 103-105. Subsequently in England in the 19th Century, since each monarch has the authority to create any Order it wishes, Queen Victoria chartered, alongside the Rome-based British Association of SMOM, a predominantly Anglican Order called "The Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem" under the aegis of the British crown.

    On November 26, 1963 the Venerable Order and the Bntish Association of SMOM signed a treaty of mutual recognition and respect which can be seen in the Library of the Venerable Order in London. SMOM continues to regard the Venerable Order with somewhat amused score; while SMOMs are members of the highest levels of the Venerable Order, there do not appear to be any Anglican members of the Venerable Order in the British Association of SMOM.

    7. Charles Higham, Trading With the Enemy: An Exploration of the Nazi-American Money Plot, 1933 -1949 (New York: Delacorte, 1983), pp. 20-31.

    8. Anthony Cave Brown, Wild Bill Donovan, The Last Hero (New York: Times Books, 1982), pp. 683, 684.

    9. Frederic Laurent, L'Orchestre Noir (Paris: Editions Stock, 1978), at p.29; see also Charles Allen, The Vatican and the Nazis, in Reform Judaism, Spring/Summer and Fall 1983; and Saul Friedlander, Pius XII and the Third Reich (New York: Knopf, 1966).

    10. Stuart Christie, Stefano delle Chiaie, Portrait of a Black Terrorist (London: Anarchy Magazine, 1984), at p.6. One member of the family, S.E. Don Giangiacomo, Principe Borghese, had been a Bailiff Grand Cross Of Honor and Devotion of SMOM since June 4,1932. Christie's book includes a photo of Borghese driven by an unidentified SS officer in 1944, with the caption, ``Borghese was then [1944] head of 'XMAS' (Decima MAS), a special forces corps of 4,000 men founded in 1941. Borghese assumed command after the Italian armistice and XMAS was officially recognized by the Nazi High Command on September 14, 1943. Under his direction, XMAS was responsible for the torture and mass murder of Italian partisans. Ibid., p. 7; see also Laurent, op. cit., n.9.

    11. Declassified documents of May 17, 1948 and October 11, 1948. Gedda was listed as a member of the "Comite de Patronage" of the French neo-Nazi 'Nouvelle Ecole' in April 1982 along with Robert Gayre. Gedda also served on the Advisory board of Gayre and Pearson's Mankind Quarterly from at least the mid 1960s until 1979.

    12. R. Harris Smith, OSS, The Secret History of America's First Central Intelligence Agency (Berkeley: University Of California Press, 1972), at p.114; and Bradley F. Smith & Elena Agarossi, Operation Sunrise (New York: Basic Books, 1979). And see Peter Dale Scott's article in this issue.

    13. See, Peyrefitte, op. cit., n. 2, pp. 172, 173, 214.

    14 John Loftus, The Belarus Secret, ed. by Nathan Miller (New York Knopf, 1982), pp. 106-107, 178. [and see UNHOLY TRINITY by Loftus]

    - END QUOTE -

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    P.O.BOX 50272 WASHINGTON, DC 20004



    WINTER 1986 Number 25

    pages 27-38

    Pages picture captions, from page 32 and 34-35

    [3 of 4 ]



    [Picture caption] - Plaque on SMOM headquarters' door proclaims sovereign status of the building; SMOM has been called "the smallest country in the world," but it has diplomatic relations with more than 40 countries.

    [Picture caption] - State room of the Grand Magistry; Grand Master Fra Prince Angelo de Mojana di Cologna, seated, flanked by Grand Chancellor, left, and Hospitaller, right.

    [Picture caption] - James Jesus Angleton.

    [Picture caption] - Prince Valerio Borghese with SS officer, Italy, 1944.

    [Picture caption] - Roger Pearson.

    [Picture caption] - Document shows SMOM's honor bestowed on Hitler's intelligence chief Reinhard Gehlen and on U.S. Admiral Ellery W. Stone.

    [Picture caption] - A view through the well-fortified courtyard of the Knights of Malta building on Rome's Via Condotti.

    [Picture caption] - The February 11, 1985 issue of 'Spotlight', the weekly of Willis Carto's Liberty Lobby, featured this photograph of J. Peter Grace in the Washington, D.C. offices of Liberty Lobby giving a cordial interview to 'Spotlight' Managing Editor Vincent J. Ryan.

    [Picture caption] - Bishop Paul Marcinkus, still runs IOR.

    From page 32


    Both James Jesus Angleton and George Raymond Rocca were forced into retirement in December 1974 following Seymour Hersh's revelations that Angleton's Division had been involved in illegal domestic operations, known as "the family jewels."1

    By the Winter of 1977-78 Angleton became one of two Associate Editors of the Journal of International Relations under General Editor Roger Pearson. The other Associate Editor was Gen. Robert C. Richardson III; the Publisher was John Fisher, President of the American Security Council.

    Pearson is perhaps the most important neo-Nazi contact and racist propagandist in the U.S. today and had been a former Editor of Willis Carto's Western Destiny.

    According to Replica of January 1978, when the Executive Committee of the World Anti-Communist League (WACL) met December 10 and 11, 1977 to plan for their upcoming conference in Washington D. C., ''The main speaker was ..... General Robert C. Richardson III who delivered a brilliant speech on the theme of USA-USSR nuclear balance ...... [and] ......... Dr. Roger Pearson [President of North American Regional WACL and later President and host of WACL in 1978] also made a brilliant exposition."

    Replica is the journal of the Latin American Anti-Communist Confederation (CAL) which Jack Anderson revealed to be a CIA created anti-Semitic controller of neo-Nazi death squads.2

    Pearson was removed as head of the U.S. branch of the World Anti-Communist League after its 1978 conference in Washington, D.C. because his ties to the neo-Nazi international were too extreme even for WACL which then included death squads, former Nazis, and Nazi collaborators.3

    In the July 1978 issue of the racist Mankind Quarterly, the Editor-in-Chief, and Pearson's mentor, Robert Gayre, announced that Pearson would take over publication of the magazine. Robert Gayre had received the Grand Cross of Merit from SMOM in 1963, having already been editor of the Mankind Quarterly for three years. In June 1979 Pearson was listed as a member of the 'Comite de Patronage' (the Advisory Board) of the French neo-Nazi journal Nouvelle Ecole.

    Today Pearson continues to publish in Washington, D.C. several journals including Mankind Quarterly; The Journal of Social, Political and Economic Studies; and The Journal of Indo-European Studies; he remains on the Board of Trustees of the American Foreign Policy Institute.4

    According to Joseph C. Goulden,

    "Brigadier General Robert C. Richardson ........ had served as deputy chief of staff for science and technology for the U.S. Air Force Systems command; he later was a field commander of the Defense Atomic Support Agency at the supersecret Sandia Base, New Mexico. When Richardson retired in 1967 he became a consultant in defense affairs; one of his positions, which he was to take in 1973, was a vice-president of Ed Wilson's Consultant's International.''5

    Gen. Richardson is today one of the key members of the American Security Council (ASC) and the Coalition for Peace Through Strength (CPTS) and is Executive Director of the American Foreign Policy Institute of which Pearson, John Fisher, Gen. Lyman Lemnitzer, and Gen. Daniel O. Graham are members of the seven member Board of Trustees.

    Angleton today is the Chairman of the Security and Intelligence Fund whose President is former Ambassador Elbridge Durbrow (the Chairman of the American Foreign Policy Institute) and whose Secretary-Treasurer is Robert C. Richardson III. Until its move in late 1984 to 1010 Vermont Avenue, N.W. in Washington, D.C., it shared offices with the ASC and the CPTS. The letter heads of the three organizations show extensive membership overlaps.

    1. See, Seymour Hersh's stories in the New York Times, December 22 and 30, 1974; and Fensterwald and Ewing, Coincidence or Conspiracy? (New York: Zebra Books, 1977), at pp .182, 183, 186.

    2. See, Jack Anderson stories of January 12, 13, 23, 26, 30 and February 9. See also, Henrik Kruger, The Great Heroin Coup (Boston: South End Press, 1980), and the series in the New York 'Village Voice' by Joe Conason, May 1 and 14, 1985.

    3. See, Paul Valentine Fascist Specter behind the World Anti-Red League in the Washington Post, May 28, 1978.

    4. See generally, Michael Billig, Psychology, Racism & Fascism, London: 1979; and Searchlight magazine, September 1984, no. 111; both available from Searchlight publications, 37B New Cavendish Street, London W1M 8JR. 'See also', Robert Gayre's entry in the British Who's Who.

    5. Joseph C. Goulden, The Death Merchant: The Rise and Fall of Edwin P. Wilson (New York: Simon & Schuster, 1984), p. 47.

    Page 34

    In 1953 Catholic fanatic Clare Boothe Luce [ wife of Henry Luce ..... JP ] became U.S. Ambassador to Rome, and was made a Dame of Malta in 1956. In 1954, with the backing of Cardinal Spellman and the machinations of General Edward G. Lansdale, the Catholic Ngo Dinh Diem became Prime Minister of South Vietnam.

    [ Henry Luce, publisher of Time and Life magazines, was closely associated with Cardinal Spellman. See picture of Cardinal Spellman, Henry Luce and Ngo Diem in Luce and His Empire by Swanberg, published by Scribner ..... JP ]

    Commenting on the events in Hungary in 1956, two Soviet journalists wrote,

    ...... we spoke with Count Karoly Khuen Hedervary [who] bears a great responsibility for the crimes the fascists had committed in Europe [but he] was not tried as a war criminal after 1945. ..... After Mindzenty's return to Budapest during the counter-revolutionary events, Karoly Khuen Hedervary took advantage of his being an old friend of the cardinal to meet Mindzenty several times, during which he received instructions for the organization [set up by the former fascist minister of industry Geza Bornemisza]. Hedervary served also as the liaison man of the organization and the Duke of Lichtenstein, who came officially to Budapest during the October events in the capacity of the representative of the International Red Cross, but actually as the representative of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta which had helped actively in promoting the counter-revolution in Hungary.15

    By November 1961, President Kennedy 16 appointed John McCone as Director of the CIA. In 1963, when it became clear Diem could no longer stay in power in South Vietnam, McCone oversaw his regrettably necessary assassination. McCone is listed as a member of SMOM in the 1980 list.17

    With McCone heading the CIA and Angleton as his Chief of Counterintelligence, another Knight of Malta of fascist fame, Italian General Giovani De Lorenzo, who had been the chief of the secret service (then known as Sifar) and in 1962 head of the carabinieri, organized an attempted fascist coup on July 14, 1964 (the Plan Solo) and later became a deputy from the fascist MSI party.18

    Six and a half years later, on the night of December 7, 1970 Angleton's Prince Borghese gave the order for Stefano delle Chiaie to proceed with seizure of the Interior Ministry in Rome along with 50 fellow neo-Nazis. (See A Killer's Career, in this issue; and see The Fascist Network, in CAIB, Number 22.) This plot to trigger a fascist coup was called off at the last minute, and Borghese and his neo-Nazi protege delle Chiaie fled to Spain where former SS Commando Skorzeny among others was waiting. 19

    SMOM and P-2

    Freemasonry generally purports to be hostile to Catholicism, and conversely, the Vatican has at various times forbidden Catholics to join Masonic organizations. Nevertheless, in December of 1969 an exclusive meeting was held in the Rome office of Count Umberto Ortolani, the Ambassador of the Order of Malta to Uruguay, who has been called "the brains" behind the fascist P-2 Masonic Lodge, which had been established in the mid-1960s.20 In addition to Ortolani, the meeting included only Licio Gelli, Roberto Calvi, and Michele Sindona.21

    Gelli had fought for Franco (who was himself a Bailiff Grand Cross of SMOM) with Mussolini's troops during the Spanish Civil War. He was a committed fascist during WW II and at the end of the war was wanted by the partisans for collaborating with the Nazis. After the war he developed extensive interests in Latin America where he became close friends with the Argentinean dictator Juan Peron; he was also the Grand Master of P-2.22

    Calvi had fought on the Eastern front during the war and was decorated by the Nazis. At the time of the 1969 meeting he was a senior officer at Banco Ambrosiano.

    Sindona had set up business in 1943 with the help of Vito Genovese, whose Mafia contacts facilitated the American landing on Sicily. By 1948 Sindona had received a letter of introduction to Vatican intelligence operative Montini [later pope .... JP].

    Page 35

    According to Larry Gurwin's The Calvi Affair,

    One of Sindona's first steps in cultivating the Vatican's money men occurred in the late 1950s when through a priest, he met Prince Massimo Spada, a Vatican nobleman and the senior layman at IOR. [Massimo Spada had become a Knight of Malta on September 21, 1944. IOR, the Istituto per le Opere di Religione (Institute for Religious Works), known generally as the Vatican Bank, was created in 1942 by Pius XII.] At the same time he nurtured his friendship with Giovanni Montini, who had become cardinal-archbishop of Milan in 1954.

    In 1959 Montini needed to raise a large sum of money for an old people's home, and he turned to Sindona for help. Sindona reportedly raised $2 million in a single day. In 1960 Sindona purchased a small Milanese bank called Banca Privata and, thanks to his Vatican friendships, it soon began receiving deposits from IOR. Three years later Montini was elected Pope Paul VI and Sindona's Vatican connections were unbeatable."23

    The Italian journal L'Espresso of June 28, 1981 indicates that numbers of high ranking members of the Italian military intelligence organizations were both SMOMs and members of P-2. The list of dual members included General Santovito, the former head of SISMI; Admiral Giovanni Torrisi, the head of the general staff of the Army, and General Giovanni Allavena, head of the intelligence service (then Sifar, which was later split into SISDE and SISMI).

    The conclusion of the affair is generally known. When, in 1983, the Vatican was finally forced to establish an "independent'' commission to study the relationship between its IOR (since 1970 Ń and still Ń headed by Chicago-born Bishop Paul Marcinkus) and the P-2/Banco Ambrosiano criminal fascists, two of the three members selected were Hermann Abs and Joseph Brennan.

    Abs, who features in nearly every book on the Third Reich and the Nuremberg trials, was Hitler's paymaster, as chairman of the Deutsche Bank from 1940 to 1945, and was a member of the board of I.G. Farben. He regained the board chairmanships of both firms after the war, even though in Yugoslavia he had been convicted of war crimes in absentia. In 1953 he received the Great Federal Service Cross for his services in restoring West Germany's financial power; and in 1960 he was decorated by Franco for his "services" to fascist Spain.24

    The choice of Abs for the Vatican commission of inquiry was so outrageous that at the urging of Charles Higham, the Wiesenthal Center issued a special packet of documents clearly showing Abs's involvement in war crimes and publicly protested to the Vatican, all to no avail.

    Joseph Brennan is the Chairman of the executive committee of the Emigrant Savings Bank of New York and a Knight of Malta.

    SMOM, Americares, and Central America

    Just as World Medical Relief and Refugee Relief International are fronts for Waffen-SS worshipping editors of Soldier of Fortune magazine, so too the SMOM advertises itself Ń to those who believe in the Tooth Fairy Ń as a "charitable'' organization greatly concerned for the suffering of the poor and sick around the world.

    The New York Times of August 13, 1985 reported that the Nicaraguan Freedom Fund (NFF), one of many front groups for the Rev. Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church, channelled $350,000 to the Americares Foundation in Connecticut.25 Clare Boothe Luce, a Dame of SMOM, is on the Board of Moon's Washington Times, and is a director of the NFF with fellow SMOM, William Simon [former U.S. Treasurer]. J. Peter Grace is the Chairman of the six member Advisory Board of Americares, which includes fellow Knight William Simon along with former CIA Director George Bush's brother, Prescott Bush, Jr.

    Americares' published "Fact Sheet'' recites as specific projects:

    Medical Shipments to El Salvador: Since November 1983 AMERICARES has shipped almost 700,000 pounds of medicines and supplies valued at over $8,000,000 in 15 sea shipments with local distribution being handled through the Sovereign Military Order of the Knights of Malta (SMOM).

    Guatemala: In response to a request for aid from the Order of the Knights of Malta, 10 sea shipments of medical supplies worth over $4,000,000 have been sent to the people of Guatemala since January 1984.

    Honduras: Since August 1984, three sea shipments of high priority medical supplies worth over $ 1,000,000 were sent to the people of Honduras in response to a request for aid from the Order of the Knights of Malta. .....

    Brazil, October 1984: A shipment of vitamins worth $156,075 were sent to Brazil, again in response to a request from the Order of the Knights of Malta (SMOM) who serve as our consignees in Central and South America.

    The "Fact Sheet" also discusses an ''offshoot" of Americares called "Doctors To All Peoples" said to be "dedicated to the eradication of leprosy in the Americas.'' Leprosy is the mos publicized international "charity project" of SMOM.


    15. A. Belokon and V. Tolstikov, The Truth About Hungary (Moscow: Foreign Languages Publishing House, 1957), pp. 58-61; Mary Bancroft in Autobiography of a Spy (New York: Wm. Morrow, 1983), p.260, reports that towards the end of WWII, "A contingent of White Russians, who had been fighting in the German Army, had recently crossed the Liechtenstein frontier and had been given asylum."

    16. The President's father, Joseph Kennedy, who became a Knight of SMOM March 13, 1945, had been withdrawn as U.S. Ambassador to London when his sympathies for the Third Reich became known. See, e.g., Higham, op. cit., n. 7., at p. 181.

    17. McCone, from a senior post at ITT, was later to play a key role in the overthrow of the Allende government in 1973. At the time of the coup J. Peter Grace was Chairman of the AIFLD, and a director of First National City Bank and Kennecott Copper Co., all of which played a role in the fascist coup. ('See', Fred Hirsch and Richard Fletcher, CIA and the Labor Movement (London: Spokesman Books, 1977), pp. 16, ff.; and NACLA Report Amazing Grace: The W. R. Grace Corporation vol.X, no.3, March 1976.) W. R. Grace Company senior vice-president Anthony Navarro, who had earlier been involved in armed fighting against the Castro govemment in Cuba, was recently nominated to the Advisory Committee of Radio Marti; the Chairman of the Presidential Advisory Board on Radio Broadcasting to Cuba, Jorge Mas Canosa, according to the New York Times of Aug.5, 1984, is a Cuban businessman in Miami, who took part in the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba in 1961 and was a commentator on Radio Swan, an anti-Castro station that was operated by the CIA.

    18. See, Laurent, op. cit., n. 9; and Christie, op. cit., n. 10.

    19. See, Christie, op. cit., n. 10; and Laurent, op. cit., n. 9.

    20. Journal de Geneve, November 11, 1981.

    21. Larry Gurwin, The Calvi Affair (London: Pan Books, 1984), p.15.

    22. Gelli had chartered the plane which brought Peron back to Argentina in 1972 and was an honored guest at his inauguration; shortly thereafter Lopez Rega, Peron's Minister of Social Welfare who ran the Argentine death squads and who was an astrologer and mystic, joined P-2.

    23. Gurwin, op. cit., n. 21, pp. 11, 12. See also, David A. Yallop, In God's Name: An Investigation Into the Murder of Pope John Paul I (New York: Bantam, 1984).

    24. Yallop, op. cit., n. 23, p. 323; National Council of the National Front of Democratic Germany, Brown Book: War and Nazi Criminals in West Germany (Berlin: Documentation Center of the State Archives Administration of the German Democratic Republic, n.d. [c. 1966]), p. 39.

    25. See also, Washington Post, May 9, 1985, p. 34.

    - END QUOTE -

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    P.O.BOX 50272 WASHINGTON, DC 20004



    WINTER 1986 Number 25

    Pages 27-38

    [4 of 4 ....... 36-38 ]



    Page 36

    The Washington Post of December 27, 1984 reported as follows:

    A private humanitarian organization called the Americares Foundation, working with the Order of the Knights of Malta, has channeled more than $14 million in donated medical aid to El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala over the last two years. ......

    Part of $680,000 in aid to Honduras went to Miskito Indians linked to U.S. backed rebels fighting the leftist government in Nicaragua, according to a Knights of Malta official in Honduras.

    Much of the $3.4 million in Americares' medical aid to Guatemala has been distributed through the armed forces as part of its resettlement program of "model villages" aimed at defeating leftist insurgents, said the official, Guatemalan businessman Roberto Alejos.

    Alejos, co-chairman of the Knights of Malta in Honduras [said], ...... the Guatemalan army delivers Americares medicine to people in model villages, which are along the Mexican border.

    Alejos, a major sugar and coffee grower, lent his Guatemalan estates to the Central Intelligence Agency in 1960 to train Cubans for the Bay of Pigs invasion.

    Asked why the Knights of Malta turned to Americares rather than to established aid groups, such as the Red Cross, Grace said,

    "The Knights have been doing this for 900 years. They have their own cross [the Maltese cross]. ... They'd consider themselves way beyond the Red Cross." ....

    At least one pro-government group, the Air Commando Association of Fort Walton Beach, Fla., claims to have used Knights of Malta warehouses in El Salvador. Retired general H. C. Aderholt, head of the 1,500-member group, said that the commandos delivered food and medicine to the Knights' facilities and that together they ''get good support from the Salvadoran air force commander."

    Aderholt said the association has distributed to El Salvador $4.5 million in food and medicine provided by the Christian Broadcasting Network and World Medical Relief. He said liberals in Congress have tried to "tie to some sinister plan with the CIA" [sic], which he said is incorrect.

    While the Post story does mention that CIA Director William Casey is a SMOM, it fails to point out that Aderholt is the "Unconventional Operations'' Contributing Editor of Soldier of Fortune and was a member of the ''Singlaub panel'' of the Pentagon, set up to devise new counterinsurgency strategies in the developing countries.

    Russ Bellant, in the Detroit Metro Times of October 9, 1985, says Aderholt claimed that Pat Robertson's Christian Broadcasting Network had given the Knights of Malta $2 million for operations in Central America.


    For many years progressive groups in the U.S. and else where have been engaged in extensive research into so-called "secular" state and private organizations such as the CIA, NSC, the military, private corporations, and foundations.

    This article highlights the operative importance of members of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, which unlike traditional corporate, governmental, and foundation entities, has not yet adequately come under the scrutiny of progressive researchers. Curiously, European researchers have all but ignored the Orders of Chivalry in analyzing The structural role of their own aristocracy in organizing support for international reaction and fascist terror.

    Research into the current role of SMOM and its individual members is just beginning. The most serious problem is the dearth of documents available, due to the extreme secrecy of the organization. Except for a few scattered references in various books, magazines, and newspapers, and a few romanticized stories about ancient glories of the Order, the necessary amount of materials has not yet surfaced. and this account represents only a starting point for further research.26

    In the U.S., for example, although the 1980 membership list was published (National Catholic Reporter, October 14, 1983), since then the Order in the U.S. has grown and been divided into an Eastern, Southern (based in D.C.), and Western Association. The published 1980 list comprises primarily members in the Northeast. Although some others are known, complete and current lists of members in other regions is obviously crucial. Lists for other countries would also be helpful.

    CAIB in its Winter 1983 issue, The CIA and Religion, and Spring 1985 issue, Disconnecting the Bulgarian Connection, began to explore the operational role of specific religious, or non-secular, organizations such as Opus Dei 27 and the fascist Masonic lodge P-2 in western intelligence operations and in furthering imperialism's plans.

    Page 38

    The recent P-2 scandal in Italy and new evidence on the importance of various ancient Orders of Chivalry (in particular SMOM) indicate that further research into these additional non-secular "parapolitical'' structures is necessary both to understand their role as independent organizations and to gain a better understanding of factional alignments within organizations which have already come under scrutiny.

    As with "secular" organizations, rivalries among these "non-secular" organizations takes place within an environment of selective interlinking memberships which include secular structures as well. The way competing policies and loyalties of these non-secular structures influence members in their secular roles needs considerable further research.


    On August 1, 1985 the New York Times reported that during a visit to New York in May, Archbishop Miguel Obando y Bravo of Nicaragua said that he is actively directing efforts by his diocese to prevent the government from imposing a communist system in Nicaragua. The Archbishop said efforts included ''dividing his diocese into old and new units, including parishes, districts and smaller groups, for leadership and religious training.'' He claimed the training he established in Managua was for ''pastoral cadres, not military cadres. .... '' Following a meeting with Archbishop Obando, executives at W. R. Grace arranged for the Sarita Kenedy East Foundation to contribute copies of the Bible, rosary beads and other supplies to aid the church effort, a company executive said. The foundation is headed by J. Peter Grace.

    Whatever the real purpose of the "leadership training" and "pastoral cadres," it apparently seemed like such a splendid idea to the Knights that a June 21, 1985 press release from the Erlich-Manes & Associates News Service of Bethesda, Maryland stated that the Southern Association of SMOM had sent a $5.5 million shipment of "40 massive containers'' to be loaded on the ship "Freedom'' to be sent to Maputo, Mozambique. "Roughly half of the shipment will go to aid agricultural development in northern Mozambique; and half will be distributed directly to the poor through the Archbishop of Maputo's Catholic Charities.'' Eugene I. Kane, a Knight and head of the trucking company Intermodal, Inc. organized the project. Official documents of SMOM list such "charitable" projects in many countries throughout the world.


    In addition to those listed in the article, the following are some other Knights of SMOM of interest:

    - Francis Vincent Ortiz, Jr.: according to the 1982-83 'Who's Who in America', had been, among other posts, "dep. chief of mission Am. Embassy, Montevideo Uruguay, 1970-73,charg'e d'affairs,1973; country director for Argentina, Uruguay, and . Paraguay, Dept. of State 1973-75, dep. exec. sec., 1975-77; Amb. to Barbados and Grenada, spl. rep. to Antigua, Dominica, St. Christopher-Nevis-Anguilla, St. Lucia and St. Vincent, from 1977; U.S Amb. Guatemala 1979-81, to Peru 1981-; spl. asst. for international affairs U.S. So. Command, Panama 1980-" since November 18, 1983 he has been the U.S. Ambassador to Argentina.

    - Patrick J. Frawley, Jr.: also a Knight of the Order of St. Sylvester of which William [ head of WWII OSS .... JP ] Donovan was a member. He is a longstanding funder of right-wing causes including Fred Schwarz's Christian Anti-Communism Crusade. His wife is a Dame of SMOM and is Publisher of the National Catholic Register of California, whose editor, Francis X. Maier was formerly with National Review. Maier was the first Chairman of the Catholic Center for Renewal, whose President, Philip F. Lawler, is the Director of Studies of the Heritage Foundation (which was chaired by Knight of SMOM Frank Shakespeare, newly appointed Ambassador to Portugal).

    - Paul-Louis Weiller: Grand Cross of Merit SMOM, a close friend of Richard Nixon, member of the Board of Directors of Renault and several other French industrial corporations, former Administrateur of Air France, whose son married the cousin of Spanish King Juan-Carlos. (See also, Jim Hougan, Spooks (New York: William Morrow, 1978), pp. 209-225, which suggests that Weiller was "the French Connection. ")

    - Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn: Munich correspondent of William Buckley's National Review.

    - Admiral James D. Watkins, Reagan's recently named Chief of Naval Operations.

    - Thomas Bolan: law partner of Roy Cohn. Bolan is also Counsel to the Human Life Foundation of which former CIA officer and Managing Editor of National Review, Priscilla Buckley (William's sister) is a Director.

    - Jeremiah Denton: U. S. Senator from Alabama, 1980-present; former rear admiral, captured by the Vietnamese while murdering people and held as a POW 1965-1973, consultant to Pat Robertson of Christian Broadcasting Network, 1978-80.

    - Pete Domenici: U.S. Senator from New Mexico 1972 - present.

    - Spiros S. Skouras: President Prudential Lines 1960-present, bought Grace Lines 1969.

    - William A. Schreyer: President Merrill Lynch 1978-present; Chairman since 1981.

    - Walter J. Hickel: former governor of Alaska 1966-69, Secretary of the Interior 1969-1970. [ Governor of Alaska again in early 90s .... JP ]

    - Antoine Pinay: Grand Cross of Merit, head of Government in France in 1952. He led the right-wing party CNIP and was linked to the ''Sniffing-plane" scandal, as well as a project with Brian Crozier and American agents to make Franz Joseph Strauss head of the German government.

    - Mme. Raymond Barre: Grand Cross of Merit, wife of the rightist French politician.

    - Bernard Dorin: French attache to Ottawa 1957-1959, Ambassador to Haiti 1972-1974, and Ambassador to South Africa from 1978 until at least 1981.


    Not only are there many existing orders of chivalry today, generally under the aegis of a reigning monarch or ruling house, but there are also rival organizations each claiming to be the rightful heirs to the same order. Nowhere is this more true than with the Knights of Malta.

    According to the Catholic Herald of August 23, 1985, there are more than twenty organizations claiming to be the "real" Knights of Malta. On September 9, 1985, evidently in response to growing interest in the question, the 'Wall Street Journal' ran a cover story, "Looking for a Title or Hot Controversy? See Knights of Malta. The Problem Is Which Ones; Catholic Order Maintains Rival Groups are Bogus." (The New York Sunday News had described the rivalry as early as June 15, 1975.)

    The legitimacy battle is often intense and steeped in the presentation of increasingly obscure documentation. Arnaud Chaffanjon and Bertrand Galimard Flavigny's Ordres et Contre-Ordres de Chevalerie (Paris: Mercure de France, 1982), is one of the more useful references.

    Some of the rival "Orders of Malta,'' all with slightly different names, in fact claim important and extremely rightwing members. We believe that the Catholic, Rome-based Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM) remains the most important, with the endorsement of the Vatican and most of the Catholic ruling houses of Europe, and members like those discussed in the text of this article. The British (and generally, though not exclusively Protestant) Venerable Order, discussed in the text, is affiliated with a number of European, Protestant Orders, such as the Johanniterorden, sometimes known as the Bailiwick of Brandenberg.

    Two of the "Orders of Malta'' which have received particular attention recently are what may be called the "Shickshinny" Order and the "von Brancovan" Order.

    The Shickshinny Order, officially called "The Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem," has been headed by Col. Thourot Pichel in Shickshinny, Pennsylvania, although a few years ago the Order was torn by serious internal rifts between Pichel and the late Frank Capell, Contributing Editor of the John Birch Society's Review of the News. (See, Rev. Anthony Cekada, Light on the OSJ, from the Oyster Bay, New York The Roman Catholic, December 1981, for an article critical of the Order and discussing some of its recent history.) It traces its legitimacy from a dispute during the time the Order spent in Russia under Czar Paul after it fled Malta. This Order achieved some notoriety a few years ago when it officially recognized the claims of controversial defector Michael Goleniewski to be Aleksei Romanoff, heir to the Russian Imperial House of Romanoff.

    The case would be less interesting if James Angleton were not one of the principal supporters of Goleneiwski and some extremely rightwing members of the military intelligence community were not listed as members in a document issued by the Order in 1970. The Order listed as members of its Military Affairs Committee, under the Chairmanship of Gen. Lemuel C. Shepherd, Maj. Gen. Charles A. Willoughby, Brig. Gen. Bonner Fellers, and Gen. Pedro A. del Valle (who according to Stuart Christie's Stefano delle Chiaie, Portrait of a Black Terrorist (London: Anarchy Magazine, 1984), p. 6, invited Italian neo-Nazi Guido Giannettini to the U.S. to conduct a seminar at the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, where del Valle was Commander. Foster & Epstein's Danger on the Right (New York: Random House, 1964), p.79; and Janson & Eismann's The Far Right (New York: McGraw Hill, 1963), p. 154, both call del Valle an anti-Semite.)

    The Honorary Grand Admiral of the Order is listed as Admiral Sir Barry Domvile who had been jailed by the British during WW II as a Nazi agent, and was listed as a Contributing Editor of Willis Carto's Western Destiny, November 1965, when Roger Pearson was the Editor. The Associate Chief of International Intelligence listed was Herman E. Kimsey, a high-ranking CIA operative, now deceased, who had worked with the Army CIC during the war.

    The von Brancovan Order, led by someone who calls himself Prince Robert Bassaraba von Brancovan and several other names as well, including Prince Khimchiachvili, is officially titled "The Sovereign Military and Hospitaler Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Knights of Malta Ecumenical.'' It is the order which apparently claims Frank Sinatra as a member. It also claims to include Princes Arnaldo and Basilio Petrucci. It appears to have a connection to Umberto Stafanizzi who, with Francesco Pazienza, signed the incorporation papers for something else called the "Sovereign Order of Saint John, Knights of Malta, Inc.," which was incorporated in New York State, June 22, 1983.

    footnotes -

    26. Interested readers should also refer to the articles by Martin Lee on the SMOM which appeared in the National Catholic Reporter of October 14, 1983 (the issue which included the complete 1980 U.S. membership list), and Mother Jones of July 1983. (These two articles formed the basis for the references to SMOM in Gordon Thomas and Max Morgan-Witts The Year of Armageddon (London: Granada Publishing Ltd, 1984).)

    An interesting discussion of some post-WW II SMOM history based around an account of the 1949-53 attempts by Vatican-centered Rightists to restrict the sovereignty of the Order is Knights of Malta by the conservative French author Roger Peyrefitte originally published by Flammarion in 1957, and translated into English and published in New York by Criterion Books m 1959.

    King and Luke's The Knights of St. John in the British Realm, op. cit., n. 6, is useful although it does try to elevate Queen Victoria's creation of the Venerable Order to a status equal to that of SMOM.

    The Italian journal L'Espresso of June 28, 1981 carried an article by Alessandre de Feo on the SMOM-P-2 connection. The rightist French magazine Historia had a special issue in 1980 on various Orders of Chivalry including SMOM. Also in French is the remarkable Souvenirs et Reflections by Yves Marsaudon, former Minister of SMOM in France who was also one of the highest ranking members of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry in the country, (Paris: Editions Vitiano, 20 Rue Chauchat, 75009 Paris, 1976).

    27. Francis X. Stankard, Knight of SMOM and Chief Executive Officer of the International Division of Chase Manhattan Bank has led "Evenings of Conversation'' at the Opus Dei Headquarters at the Riverside Study Center, 330 Riverside Drive, New York City. Other SMOMs at these sessions included William Simon and Frank Shakespeare (now Ambassador to Portugal), both of whom are Trustees of the Heritage Foundation, of which Shakespeare was Chairman of the Board. Evenings of Conversation, a pamphlet distributed in 1984 by Riverside Study Center.

    Recognition of the importance of Opus Dei at the highest levels of SMOM had already been established in the summer of 1976 when King Juan-Carlos, himself a Knight of Malta, chose Adolfo Suarez, a member of Opus Dei, as new chief of government following the death of Franco. (Point de Vue, January 14, 1983; Paris.) On Opus Dei see also, New Statesman, 1 March 1985, pp.20,21; London Times, January 12, 1981; Le Morule, August 25, and September 28, 29 1982; National Catholic Reporter, September 10, and November 12, 1982; Financial Times, November 11, 1983; New York Times Magazine, January 8, 1984; Time magazine, June 11, 1984, p.74; New Times (Moscow), No.13, 1982, p.27; Wall Street Journal, December 30, 1982.

    [Picture caption] - Paul-Louis Weiller, the French Connection?

    - END QUOTE - [ 4 of 4 ]


    P.O.BOX 50272 WASHINGTON, DC 20004
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    Quote Originally Posted by David Guyatt View Post
    Btw John, there is much on the internet on the Martinist Order, but if you narrow your search by including "Priory of Sion", "Rennes le Chateau", and/ or "Synarchy" this tends to focus the search into areas that are more responsive to our mutual interest in these matters. The results almost invariably connect to right-wing occult iterests, nazi's, fascism, Templar knights, SMOM etc etc.

    Meanwhile, you might want to browse the website of the Societe Perillos ( You might consider starting HERE simply because it demonstartes connections such as Templar through to the SS Charlemagne Division that was formed of Frenchmen to propagate The Holy Germanic Empire in the post WWII period. It remains a fact that the man who inherited the mantle of leader of the Rhodes-Milner "Group", Lord Selborne (an important member of Churchill's inner Cabinet and the head of the wartime SOE) in the same post war period dedicated the rest of his life (according to his daughter) to the reintroduction of the Germanic royal household of the Holy Roman Empire(so claims my failing memory...) Many of the Rhodes-Milner leading lights donated money to right-wing Nazi leanings groups like the Right Club (sorry for the self serving citation here but if you are interested in this see my old piece HERE.

    Another man who found his way to Harpin at the end of WWII was the man who would later become General John Singlaub who, by a strange quirk of fate ( :hello: ), was deeply involved in recovering gold plundered by the Japanese plunder teams (the Golden Lilly) and secreted in the Philippines
    throughout WWII.

    Coincidences are amazing things eh....
    Hmmm... you are right here. Co-inky-dink... NOT! I think that both Ray S. Cline and John Singlaub were in the Mukden, China O.S.S. office together during W.W. II a few hundred kilometers from Harbin, just from memory now. I think it was a miracle that we even won the war considering that people like Angleton, Cline, Singlaub, Willoughby, Fellers, Stratemeyer, Wedemeyer, Gale, Walker and a few others were actually working for the other side. How could we have been so stupid and so short-sighted? Man
    oh man alive. Then they all come back to try to start World War III during Korea, during the Cuban Missile Crisis, during the Bay of Pigs and later during Viet Nam.

    Remember the old kids trick of walking up to someone with a friend and asking them in jest: "Hey do you want to see a fight between us?" If he says yes, then you stand on opposite sides of him and pretend you are fighting each other, while whacking the monkey in the middle unmercifully.

    That is just what these Nazi boys wanted. Only it was going to be Russia vs. the USA in an all out nuclear confrontation with the Nazis on the sidelines cheering for neither side. They preferred mutual annihilation and self-destruction of both sides with the Fourth Reich rising from the ashes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Helen Reyes View Post
    I can't get through that initial wall of text all in one sitting, but my initial thought is that this goes a long way toward explaining george de mohrenschildt's origins and alliances. it might also help to explain how bell helicopter received designs from the third reich scientists, which i understand is the case. is there a pseudo-royal house of abkhazia? I remember coming across an old lady in canada who was a princess of abkhazia and had come by way of the far east, china, maybe harbin. anyway, i assumed she was tied into the white russian community there.
    More walls coming Helen. Get Reddy. I mean get Ready. Watch for the presence of the OSJ crowd in both the failed FDR coup AND the successful JFK coup. It was truly an issue of Regime Change and Regicide. One group of rabidly vehement Irish and British Catholics killing one of their own who was just not Catholic enough for them.

    Like L. Fletcher Prouty once said at a C.O.P.A. conference presentation: "I guess we taught the Kennedys a thing or two."

    The crowd was stunned and silent with only mild tittering.

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    John - one central purpose of DPF is to enable researchers to share information and hypotheses, in the cause of furthering our knowledge of deep political actions. Thank you for your genorosity in posting some of your own work here, and I hope you will find the odd nugget lurking in the many threads of DPF.

    Elsewhere on DPF, Magda and I have been following the case of the international mercenary assassination squad who were killed or arrested by Bolivian President Evo Morales' secret service (showing far more gumption than the secret service bunch tasked with protecting JFK).

    I posted the Covert Action SMOM documents in that thread. Like you, I consider them important research material:

    The leader of those dogs of war, Eduardo Rózsa-Flores, was a false flag dirty tricks operative for Croatian butcher Franjo Tudjman during the 1990s war in the Balkans. Rózsa-Flores has SMOM and Opus Dei patronage and, in my judgement, returned to the land of his birth, Bolivia, to create carnage and chaos in a classic Gladio strategy of tension.

    The elite structures involved in Gladio, and their entirely ruthless false flag methodology, are, I believe, key to understanding deep political events from the early C20th onwards.
    Last edited by Jan Klimkowski; 12-12-2009 at 01:13 PM.
    "It means this War was never political at all, the politics was all theatre, all just to keep the people distracted...."
    "Proverbs for Paranoids 4: You hide, They seek."
    "They are in Love. Fuck the War."

    Gravity's Rainbow, Thomas Pynchon

    "Ccollanan Pachacamac ricuy auccacunac yahuarniy hichascancuta."
    The last words of the last Inka, Tupac Amaru, led to the gallows by men of god & dogs of war

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jan Klimkowski View Post
    John - one central purpose of DPF is to enable researchers to share information and hypotheses, in the cause of furthering our knowledge of deep political actions. Thank you for your genorosity in posting some of your own work here, and I hope you will find the odd nugget lurking in the many threads of DPF.

    Elsewhere on DPF, Magda and I have been following the case of the international mercenary assassination squad who were killed or arrested by Bolivian President Evo Morales' secret service (showing far more gumption than the secret service bunch tasked with protecting JFK).

    I posted the Covert Action SMOM documents in that thread. Like you, I consider them important research material:

    The leader of those dogs of war, Eduardo Rózsa-Flores, was a false flag dirty tricks operative for Croatian butcher Franjo Tudjman during the 1990s war in the Balkans. Rózsa-Flores has SMOM and Opus Dei patronage and, in my judgement, returned to the land of his birth, Bolivia, to create carnage and chaos in a classic Gladio strategy of tension.

    The elite structures involved in Gladio, and their entirely ruthless false flag methodology, are, I believe, key to understanding deep political events from the early C20th onwards.
    Jan, always glad to share ideas in the hopes of advancing my thesis and my theories. These very same postings at Spartacus fell on deaf ears however due to the fact that many of those posters will only accept postings from like minded borderline anarchists who only want to hear about the CIA related links to the JFK hit. I have long felt that Army Intel and the ONI types in SKOM and The Birch Society did about 75% of the work in the JFK hit and most of them were retired at the time. While those of the ilk of Angleton, Cline, Chait, Rocca and Dulles (no longer CIA at the time) were also active in the JFK conundrum, they fit the mold of right wing, OSJ, pro-Fascists or Nazi sympathizers first and CIA operatives second. This so called Rogue CIA agent theme is not accepted at Spartacus either. Thank you for welcoming me here despite my history of posting controversial and acerbic material at other sites. I think my opponents from the far right and from The Reich just try to splotch my postings with irrelevant graffiti tagging despite moderation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Bevilaqua View Post

    Here is another really strange irony which first attracted me to the OSJ about 10-15 years ago:

    The official extended title of the organization is:

    The Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, of (The Island of) Rhodes and of (The Island of) Malta,

    My name is John and I am now from Rhode Island and I was raised by a father who taught at several military academies. He was the personal Spanish tutor to "Wild Bill" Donovan of the "Georgetown Set" and he had to receive a "Secret" or maybe even "Top Secret" clearance in order to do this. My mother was involved in law enforcement and police intelligence work and she is a devout Roman Catholic and I once worked on a project for the Sovereign Bank of New England. Strange huh?

    Thank you for your comments.
    John - thank you for revealing those details of your childhood. Did you ever come across any wandering bishops? Peter Levenda has done excellent investigative work on them, also - in part - from personal contact with some of their, ahem, holy men.
    "It means this War was never political at all, the politics was all theatre, all just to keep the people distracted...."
    "Proverbs for Paranoids 4: You hide, They seek."
    "They are in Love. Fuck the War."

    Gravity's Rainbow, Thomas Pynchon

    "Ccollanan Pachacamac ricuy auccacunac yahuarniy hichascancuta."
    The last words of the last Inka, Tupac Amaru, led to the gallows by men of god & dogs of war

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Bevilaqua View Post
    Helen, do you know what the Latin phrase behind INRI actually is? Where did INRI appear in Biblical History? No fair doing a Bing or a Google on it either.
    oh yeah, ONI, too many three-letter agencies on the brain. Chances are OSI exists in multiple instances, Office of Special Investigations etc.

    INRI: isn't it Iesos Nazoraean Rex Iudii?

    Well, back to the Wailing Wall (post 1) for me, I've got to catch up.

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    I originally posted the material below in the Morales thread. With thanks again to Peter Levenda for his original research:

    Peter Levenda's Sinister Forces trilogy is a tour de force which deserves to be read and reread.

    Here is a short version of Peter Levenda on the wandering bishops of the American Orthodox Catholic Church:

    Tuesday, July 19. 2005

    The Bishop and the Boys - Part One

    The number of American clergy or misionaries [sic] used by the CIA
    has been small. The CIA has informed the Committee of a total of 14
    covert arrangements which involved direct operational use of 21
    individuals. In six or seven cases, the CIA paid salaries, bonuses,
    or expenses to the religious personnel, or helped to fund projects
    run by them.
    -- The Domestic Impact of Foreign Clandestine Operations: The CIA and
    Academic Institutions, the Media, and Religious Institutions,
    (Section X of the Church Report), p. 202

    In 2001, investigative journalist Daniel Hopsicker published Barry
    and the Boys: The CIA, The Mob and America's Secret History. One of
    the first authors to concentrate on the life and times of Barry Seal
    ( a dope smuggler and CIA operative who began his career as a cadet
    in the Civil Air Patrol with such dubious luminaries as Lee Harvey
    Oswald and David Ferrie) he also explored the gun-running career of
    David Ferrie himself in the same volume. It is a book full of new
    information on Seal, Ferrie, and the anti-Castro Cubans of Miami, as
    well as on the mysterious goings-on at Mena, Arkansas. He followed
    this up with the publication, in 2004, of Welcome to Terrorland:
    Mohamed Atta and the 9/11 Cover-Up in Florida, a book about the
    terror attacks that should be on everyone?s bookshelf.

    But there is another aspect to Ferrie that has so far escaped most
    modern investigators and researchers, probably because it is just too
    weird ... even for conspiracy theorists and Congressional
    subcommittees. This is the area of his life we might term the

    Since it is our intention to investigate the spirituality of our most
    notorious political figures and the religio-mystical ambiance in
    which both covert and overt policy is planned and executed, we can
    have no better starting point than the life and times of David
    Ferrie. Ferrie will lead us to Jack Martin, to Thomas Edward Beckham,
    to Fred Lee Crisman, to Thomas Jude Baumler, to Carl Stanley (now
    "Saint Christopher Maria"), to Walter Propheta and, eventually, right
    back to J. Edgar Hoover himself. It will also lead us to William
    Bryan, the hypnotist suspected of complicity in the assassination of
    Senator Robert F Kennedy. It will also lead us to the Iran-Contra
    affair. It will also lead us to the civil war in the former
    Yugoslavia and "ethnic cleansing".

    This is the world of the wandering bishops and, gentle reader, you
    will only hear about this from me. No one else has covered this
    story. No one else has delved very far into the shadowy world where
    intelligence agents and archbishops meet. Although I was there, and
    saw some of this first hand, I will base most of what is told in
    these pages on the documents themselves: Warren Commission records,
    FBI interviews, HSCA documentation, etc. It's all there, if you know
    where to look.

    Because of the separation of church and state guaranteed by our
    Constitution, it is easy for anyone in America to set up their own
    church. In countries where there is a state religion this is
    virtually impossible. In other countries, such as Mexico, we find
    laws enacted that curtail the practice of religion in certain ways.
    And in communist countries, the free expression of any form of
    religion is frowned upon or outlawed altogether.

    But in America...

    Some of the world?s newest faiths were created out of whole cloth in
    the United States. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints --
    better known as the Mormons -- was an invention of Joseph Smith, Jr.,
    a ceremonial magician who combined myths about the Indian burial
    mounds, the lost tribes of Israel, and Masonic ritual into a unique
    amalgam of Christianity, Judaism, and occultism. The Spiritualist
    church was created out of the experiences of the Fox sisters in
    upstate New York. The Theosophical Society was created in New York
    City in 1875, and out of that was formed the Liberal Catholic Church.
    And so on.

    As popular as many of these religions have become, however, there is
    another world of created church about which most people are unaware,
    and properly so: the leaders of these churches often do not
    evangelize. They are not interested in congregations or parishes,
    theology or liturgics. They have other agendas, and the clerical
    collar and pectoral cross of the clergyman serve to disguise and
    obscure actions and projects that have far-ranging historical and
    political repercussions.

    These men (and some women) have been found involved in everything
    from the assassination of a president to the assassination of his
    brother, to Iran-Contra. And they are with us today, changing
    denominations, titles, and even names like sacerdotal chameleons as
    they shape-shift through the political landscape. Their story is told
    in some detail in Sinister Forces, Book One: The Nine (and nowhere
    else). We will build and expand on that detail to tell the following

    The American Orthodox Catholic Church (AOCC) had several
    incarnations. The version created in June of 1964 (by Bishops
    Guthrie, Roebke, Zeiger and Stanley) in the American midwest was one;
    the version created about the same time in New York City by Bishop
    Walter Propheta was another.

    Propheta was a Ukrainian Orthodox priest and noted anti-Communist in
    the 1950s who appeared on the Dave Garroway television program
    speaking about the Katyn Forest Massacre (the murder of Ukrainian
    soldiers by the Soviets). He was so well-known at the time that, had
    Dewey actually won the 1948 presidential election away from Truman,
    Propheta would have been the White House chaplain. When I knew
    Propheta, he showed me both the Dave Garroway footage and the letter
    he received from Dewey promising him the post. It seems that Propheta
    helped Dewey politically in New Jersey, working for the Republican
    Party there and garnering support for Dewey's presidential bid.

    No matter. Eisenhower became President in 1952 and was re-elected for
    a second term in 1956. During his Republican administration, Propheta
    faired well although not as well as he would have under Dewey. Then,
    the disastrous events of 1960 when Vice President Richard Nixon lost
    the election to the youthful, Catholic and Democratic, Jack Kennedy.
    Propheta and his anti-Communists had the wind knocked out of their
    sails, and with the unfolding of the Bay of Pigs and the Cuban
    Missile Crisis, it appeared that the Captive Nations (of which
    Ukraine was one, along with Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Armenia,
    Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland and other Soviet satellites) would
    stay captive.

    Kennedy was assassinated in November, 1963. Within months, Propheta
    had formed his own church in New York City and, at the same time,
    another was being formed in Denver, Colorado. Both were called the
    American Orthodox Catholic Church, the idea being the creation of an
    Orthodox Church for Americans. Previously, most Orthodox churches in
    the United States were ethnic churches in which the services were
    celebrated in the language of the immigrants who formed the
    congregations, whether Greek, Syrian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, etc. An
    American Orthodox Catholic Church would focus on Americans of
    whatever ancestry, joined by a common belief in the Eastern Orthodox
    faith and furthermore joined by a common liturgical language,
    English. It was a noble concept, and for awhile it seemed as if the
    Colorado contingent were actually carrying out this ambitious
    project. In New York, however, these sentiments were honored more in
    the breach than the observance.

    While the assassination of President Kennedy served to advance the
    agenda of the hawks and anti-Communists in Washington and the
    Pentagon, there was still a Democratic President -- Johnson -- and a
    strong Democratic presence in the government. Kennedy was considered
    "soft on Communism", but Johnson escalated the war in Vietnam to show
    his determination to take the fight to the enemy. The mounting
    opposition to the war at home, however, gave rise to the growth of
    anti-war movements and a variety of revolutionary organizations. The
    FBI and CIA saw these groups as puppets of the Soviets -- and, in
    some cases, they were probably right (as revealed by the Mitrokhin
    Archive, among other sources) -- and measures were taken to
    infiltrate and destroy everything from the Black Panthers and the SDS
    to the Ku Klux Klan.

    At the same time, anti-Castro operations were running at an all-time
    high. With the failure of the Bay of Pigs operation in 1961, Cubans
    in the United States had vowed to carry on the struggle with or
    without US government approval or support.

    Out of this miasma of politics, paramilitary groups and rage emerged
    a man called by New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison "one of
    history?s most important individuals": David Ferrie. One of the least
    understood and most underreported aspects of Ferrie's career is the
    inescapable fact that he was a member of the American Orthodox
    Catholic Church and, indeed, for awhile one of its clergy.

    In fact, New Orleans had more than its fair share of AOCC bishops and
    And they all seemed to work for Guy Banister.

    Posted by Peter Levenda at 13:02

    "It means this War was never political at all, the politics was all theatre, all just to keep the people distracted...."
    "Proverbs for Paranoids 4: You hide, They seek."
    "They are in Love. Fuck the War."

    Gravity's Rainbow, Thomas Pynchon

    "Ccollanan Pachacamac ricuy auccacunac yahuarniy hichascancuta."
    The last words of the last Inka, Tupac Amaru, led to the gallows by men of god & dogs of war

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jan Klimkowski View Post
    Part Two:

    The Bishop and the Boys - Part Two
    One of the many separate tragedies accompanying the disastrous hurricane strike on New Orleans is the possible loss of some of the more important landmarks and archival material concerning the life and times of Lee Harvey Oswald in that city, including those of Guy Banister, Jack Martin, David Ferrie, Clay Shaw, Thomas Beckham, Jim Garrison, and others.? The New Orleans episode is rife with conspiracy and coincidence, and provides an important ? if somewhat neglected ? clue to the secret history of our country.? The clue is to be found in the New Orleans office of private detective Guy Banister, for seventeen years an FBI SAC (Special Agent in Charge),? who ran what seemed to be a clearing house for anti-Castro Cubans and a cover address for Lee Harvey Oswald.

    As mentioned in the first part of this series ? ?The Bishop and the Boys, Part One? ? there is a strange underworld milieu surrounding the activity of Oswald in that New Orleans period.? This is the mysterious world of the wandering bishops.? At one time, there were as many as four ?bishops? functioning from Guy Banister?s Camp Street office, and these included virtually all of his investigators, from David Ferrie and Jack Martin to Thomas Beckham and the lawyer Thomas Jude Baumler.?? Beckham was a bishop with the Universal Life Church, along with his friend Fred Lee Crisman (the man who was involved with the seminal UFO event of the 20th century, the Maury Island affair) and with Raymond Broshears, yet another minister of the Universal Life Church and later with one of the Orthodox sects with lines to Stanley, and who became a well-known gay activist in San Francisco later on.? (Broshears would claim, probably falsely, to have lived with David Ferrie in New Orleans;? however, it seems certain that he was at least an acquaintance of Ferrie.) ?In addition, ?Ferrie, Martin, Beckham, Broshears ?and Baumler all shared the same apostolic succession: that of Bishop Earl Anglin James in Canada (about whom more later) and of Bishop Carl Stanley of the American Orthodox Catholic Church.?

    (In the interest of full disclosure, let the reader know that the author was also a minister of the Universal Life Church as a high school student in the Bronx in 1966, as were maybe thousands of other people at the time, attracted by the ads in the back of magazines promising ordination and membership in the Church for a five dollar donation.? Oddly enough, his minister?s card was stolen from the wallet in his gym locker one day by perpetrators unknown!)

    Carl Stanley had an arrest record, a ?rap sheet?, as long as your proverbial arm.?? ?Born in Revere, Massachusetts on May 13, 1902, he was first arrested in in Los Angeles on November 22, 1927 for Grand Theft Auto.? (Another coinidence.? Stanley was first arrested precisely 36 years to the day before the Kennedy assassination.)?? Following that there were a number of other arrests for violating postal laws by sending obscene material through the mails, and then on May 22, 1939 for assault and battery.? He spent a total of 14 months in prison for various offences, as far as I can determine.

    On January 11, 1941, however, and for reasons known only to him, Stanley enlisted in the Canadian Army for the duration of World War Two, being discharged on June 20, 1945 and becoming a Canadian citizen on August 5, 1946.? He could not stay out of trouble in Canada, however, finding himself arrested once again this time in Ontario in 1947, receiving a six months? suspended sentence for theft.

    Then, in April of 1950, Stanley attempted to enter the United States via Miami, Florida and deportation proceedings began against him.? He did not have a US passport or an immigrant?s visa.? Since he was a naturalized Canadian citizen ? even though he was born in the United States ? and lied about his citizenship, the US government decided to deport him.? Deportation procedures took a lot of time, but he was eventually deported on February 28, 1954, only to re-enter (illegally) in April of that year.? However, he was married ? to an American citizen ? and consideration was given to allowing him to remain in the United States as the spouse of an American.? His criminal record, however, was a problem.? According to an INS letter dated October 29, 1965, he had convictions for ?larceny, robbery, adultery, assault and battery, receiving stolen property, burglary, sending obscene letters through the mail, nonsupport of family and drunk and disorderly conduct?.?? The INS, however, took pity on Stanley because of his age (he was 63 in 1965) and they did not contemplate deporting him at that time.

    He would be dead in less than two years.

    From 1964 to his death, he was a bishop of the newly-formed American Orthodox Catholic Church, having been consecrated by Bishop Earl Anglin James of Canada among others.? He, along with Bishops Robert Zeigler, Colin Guthrie, and Homer Roebke, formed the AOCC in the Denver, Colorado area.? A photograph in the author?s possession shows the four men dressed in Roman Catholic-style bishop?s regalia.? According to my informant, that was all they could afford at the time.?

    In the same year, Walter Propheta was in New York City forming the East Coast version of the AOCC.? In 1967, Propheta was involved with J. Edgar Hoover who evidently installed him as the ?primate? of the American Orthodox Catholic Church at a dinner in Manhattan.? (This tie between Propheta and the FBI was known to the author from Propheta?s own admission to him in 1968.)? Once installed, he advised the other bishops that they had to present their credentials to him to be approved as part of the new AOCC.? While the other bishops refused, Stanley eagerly raced to New York City.? One wonders what ?credentials? this convicted felon offered to Propheta and the FBI, for a month later he was dead ... a few weeks after the controversial death of his bishop, David Ferrie.

    Ferrie had been introduced to Stanley by Jack Martin, an investigator with Guy Banister?s detective agency in New Orleans.? Martin has been portrayed as a hopeless drunk in Oliver Stone?s film of the assassination, and has been given short-shrift in other studies of the New Orleans connection.? Martin himself ratted out Banister, Stanley and Ferrie to the FBI after the assassination when it became clear that District Attorney Jim Garrison was investigating the case.? We should not take this all at face value, however, for Martin ? even though he pretended to be investigating Carl Stanley ? remained a bishop of the American Orthodox Catholic Church for many years after the assassination and until the day he died, even participating?in the consecration of Thomas Jude Baumler ? a self-admitted fascist and attorney who also worked briefly as an investigator for Guy Banister and as a New Orleans politician in his own right ? as late as 1974.?

    Martin first attempted to have David Ferrie consecrated by another bishop on the East Coast,? but the bishop?felt that there was something ?unholy? about Ferrie, and he declined.? Ferrie then went on to Stanley where he was more successful.? This occurs in the three?year?period?before the Kennedy assassination.

    Then something strange happened.?

    Immediately after the assassination of President Kennedy in November of 1963, Stanley himself alerted authorities that he thought David Ferrie and Jack Martin were involved.? This was what prompted the entire investigation into both Ferrie and the wandering bishops that became the crux (no Latin puns intended) of the Garrison investigation.? Why would Stanley have done this?? Spite is one possibility, for if Martin?s statements to the authorities are true ? and that?s a big ?if? ? then Stanley had reason to go after Martin since Martin was ?investigating? him.?

    The timeline is suggestive for several reasons.? In the first place, the American Orthodox Catholic Church (at least, the version we are discussing) had not yet been created.? That would happen less than a year later.? Stanley at the time was bishop of something called the Holy Catholic Apostolic Church, as well as of the Byzantine Primitive Catholic Church, Old Catholic Church in North America.? (He was joined in both of these operations by one Cyril T. Omarra, about whom the author can discover nothing so far.)? Martin claimed to have been investigating Stanley ?for several private clients? during the period 1959-1966, and had ordination and consecration certificates from Stanley?s various churches dating from as early as 1960.? Yet, Martin was an eager and active participant in the American Orthodox Catholic Church until his death, hardly the position of someone who held a dim view of the organization. ?Was his politicking against Stanley (and Ferrie) of a piece with what Propheta was doing in New York?? Or was there a deeper motive involved, an attempt to divert attention away from someone or something??

    That Martin and Stanley had a falling out in 1963 is certain;? Stanley?s report to the FBI that year that Martin and Ferrie were involved in a conspiracy to assassinate the President is proof positive of bad blood between them.? What doesn?t make much sense is the fact that Martin was a close associate of the other bishops who, together with Stanley, formed the AOCC in 1964, after Stanley dropped the dime on Martin and Ferrie.? The whole affair would begin to look like an inspired disinformation operation if it weren?t for the fact that the central characters are so ? odd.

    Carl Stanley met with Propheta in New York City in early February, 1967 according to information provided to the author by another bishop.? David Ferrie died in his New Orleans apartment on February 22, 1967.? Ferrie?s associate, Eladio del Valle (an anti-Castro Cuban) was murdered in a parking lot in Miami on the same day.? The following day ? ?Feb 23, 1967 ? Carl Stanley met with the FBI according to an FBI teletype dated March 9, 1967.? (Was this on orders or advice by Bishop Propheta, the FBI-installed "Primate"?)? According to the available documentation, he used that opportunity to further slander David Ferrie and Jack Martin.? Ferrie, of course, had died just the day before.? Clay Shaw was arrested on March 1, 1967.?? Carl Stanley then died of an apparent heart attack on March 8, 1967 in Louisville, Kentucky.?

    Ferrie himself was a key witness in the Garrison case against Shaw, and his death was a blow to the investigation and to the trial itself.? But Garrison would never have known of Ferrie and his possible involvement in an assassination conspiracy had it not been for Carl Stanley who alerted the FBI concerning Ferrie and Jack Martin?s alleged conspiracy in November of 1963.? Thus, the other potential witness and whistle-blower ? Carl Stanley ? was also dead, fourteen days after Ferrie?s own demise.? That left Jack Martin ? Bishop John Chrysostom Martin ? as the only other living witness to the Stanley/Ferrie nexus.?

    Jack Martin was in the hospital the night of the assassination, having been pistol-whipped by his boss, Guy Banister, a man who had so many bishops working for him he might as well have been the Pope.? (One wonders if Martin?s hospital admission and the police report of his beating by Banister was a last-minute attempt to establish an alibi, since we have Ferrie racing to an ice-skating rink in Texas from New Orleans that same night in what may have been an? attempt to establish his.)? Banister was an ex-FBI agent of many years? experience, and one of the first SACs to investigate the West Coast UFOs of 1947.? The bishops still living who knew Martin and who have been contacted by the author all agree on one point:? that Martin was an excellent source for FBI files on potential candidates for the priesthood for years after the assassination.? Leaving aside for the moment why wandering bishops need FBI files on potential priests, and why they would suspect the existence of those files in the first place, let us examine the Jack Martin story in a little more detail since it seems we never really knew him at all.

    To Be Continued

    "It means this War was never political at all, the politics was all theatre, all just to keep the people distracted...."
    "Proverbs for Paranoids 4: You hide, They seek."
    "They are in Love. Fuck the War."

    Gravity's Rainbow, Thomas Pynchon

    "Ccollanan Pachacamac ricuy auccacunac yahuarniy hichascancuta."
    The last words of the last Inka, Tupac Amaru, led to the gallows by men of god & dogs of war

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