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    May 14, 2005

    "The Chameleon"

    Jim Huggins aka ( Hugh Huggins ) aka ( Hugh Howell)

    Marine/undercover CIA Agent, 4/55 to 10/65.

    Information From:
    "JFK: Breaking The Silence" Bill Sloan
    (1993), Chapter 9, pp. 175-189.

    "I know which closets most of the skeletons are in." he says " I know where a lot of the bodies are buried."

    "" At fifty seven.....Except for a handful of close friends and family members, Jim Huggins has never confided his findings to anyone.His story had never before been published in any form, and he says he has agreed to it's publication now ( 93) for only one primary reason. ""......."I'm getting old and my health is failing ,I've had several light heart attacks and strokes since my surgery, and I know I don't have all that much time left, regardless. I'll take my chances with people shooting at me if I have to, but I don't want to go to my grave with everything I know weighing on my conscience."

    The "Chameleon" as he was called while working undercover for the CIA..retired to Waco, Texas .The names he went by were Hugh Howell, and Hugh Huggins...He was short in stature barely five feet tall, carried a .22-derringer strapped to his ankle, and a sixteen shot, 9 millimeter Baretta in his briefcase, and a pump shotgun loaded with special ammunition that was kept in readiness..He is weakened from open heart surgery ..There have been at least 5 attempts on his life since the assassination, and gunmen still stalked him even after he moved to the quiet surroundings, a body guard stood nearby.......He leads or led a semi seclusive lifestyle...under the name Jim Huggins..The last known attempt was in 1988 while his wife and two children were at church, one Sunday morning, someone in and old Ford mustang fired two shots at Huggins outside a drugstore in a Waco suburb..He immediately threw himself to the ground, and one bullet hit the sidewalk inches from his head close that a ricocheting fragment hit his cheek and broke his glasses....The Police were informed, but no arrests were ever made..

    "" This was merely the latest episode in a career studded with high-risk assignments, derring do, and dark, dreadful secrets.The cloak and danger adventures in which Huggins says Hugh Howell participated are more astonishing that all the 007 novels put together .The difference, he maintains, is that they actually happened.""

    "For more than ten years," he says. " from April 1955 until October 1965 ".I worked as an undercover agent for the CIA. I received many of my assignments during this time directly from members of the Kennedy family, and I personally took out ( killed) thirty seven people ,most of them in foreign countries, but some of them in the States."

    He joined the Marines at 18 in 1954.."He was a husky ,muscular youngster who made up for his lack of height with a cocky toughness backed by extraordinary physical strength and exceptional athletic ability .Because of that ability ,he had attracted scolarship offers during high school from several colleges ,despite the fact that he stood only four feet ,eleven inches in his stocking feet .But an early run-in with the law ---specifically federal alchohol ,tobacco ,and firearms agents ---cancelled any hopes he might have had for a collegiate sports career." I'd been driving advance and backup for some whiskey runners back home in South Carolina since I was about fifteen ." he recalled " I got caught enough times that it came down to a choice of being sent to a reformatory or going into the service ,so I joined the marines."

    He finished boot camp at Parris Island, South Carolina ,he excelled both physically and mentally.He was selected to attend several special schools, when one day in April of 1955, stationed at Camp Lejeune, N.C..he was called into the office of his commanding officer and told he was being considered for an important assignment ,introduced to a plainclothesman, and driven to a hotel in Baltimore.."I was taken up to this suite and introduced to Joseph Kennedy".Huggins says," I didn't know much about him at the time ,except that he was very rich and very powerful and had some important job in the government .We talked for a while, and he said he thought I could fill a particular position he had in mind. He said it would involve handling top-secret assignments for him and other members of the Kennedy family, as well as for the U.S. intelligence." It scared the hell out of me, but it sounded exciting too." ...""And this, says Huggins,was how a nineteen year old marine with a reputation for hard fists, quick moves, sound instincts and raw ability began an incredible wide assortment of covert missions for a section within the Central Intelligence Agency informally know as the " Kennedy Group""
    For the next two or three years he took the best training available in languages ,weapons, and martial arts..he earned a fifth-degree black belt in both karate, judo and a certificate in jujitsu --demolitions, fight training, and some other sepecialties.."Altogether I trained in nine
    countries".Huggins stated..most of the time he was detached duty and assigned to the "Kennedy Group"..and all told he was gone, from his assigned duty stations with the Marines for about nine and a half of the next eleven years....The Agency swore him in as an agent at Langley AFB. not far from the CIA in McLean,Virginia..""He has learned since that 97% of the covert CIA operatives during the 50's and 60's were recruited from the military just as he was.""
    He was equipped with a whole new ID..he was a licensed agent, wore civillian clothes,had the driver's license, credit cards, and other official papers, and carried the official Id of Hugh Howell...
    Money, cars, air transportation, anything he required was immediately provided...

    He first met Jack and Bobby Kennedy in Key West in Sept.1955 at a mansion owned by the famous playright Tennessee Williams. It was a get aquainted session ,but he was very impressed. Jack had been in the senate for three years and already had his eyes on bigger things to come, but he was very struck by the strength and vitality of Bobby.". He seemed to me to be the stronger and more determined of the two"...Huggins had been selected by Joseph Kennedy for special assignments while he was still in the USMC. Many of his missions came directly from the Kennedy family after joining the CIA. He said he "took out 37 people..." during that time as a member of a CIA assassination team. Some of his kills were in the U.S. He made about 150 trips to the Kennedy Compound and the White House during this time, and when Jack became President , and Bobby was assigned Attorney General ,his assigments increased dramatically...

    "I was surprised at the depth of Bobby's hatred toward certain people, " he says "He had a special loathing for people like (New Orleans Mafia boss Carlos) Marcello, ( New York underworld kingpin Frank) Costello, and ( Teamster's Union Boss Jimmy ) Hoffa, and a lot of my assignments were directed at this type of individual .I bugged Marcello's headquarters while posing as a real estate speculator in New Orleans. I also infiltrated Hoffa's inner circle in Detroit well enough to get to know him on a personal basis.." He was asked to kill both Hoffa and Marcello but declined both..

    Huggins was asked in 1957 by General Paul Harkins, top aide to President Eisenhower ,to join a CIA "assassination team"...specifically to remove .."certain" persons posing problems for the US Goverment at home or abroad..."I agreed partly because the idea appealed to my patriotism, and partly because I was infected with the excitement of what I was doing. It was dangerous, but I liked it. It was a helluva lot better than most of the stuff I had to do as an ordinary marine. In a way ,it was a pretty glamorous life, at least between missions."
    His CIA missions were under Tracy Barnes..and many were against the Mafia..

    Of the 37 hits he made the majority were outside the country.The very first in Nicaragua in 1958, he joined a guerrilla group and killed a man on the dance floor with a piece of piano wire while many people watched..he was arrested and held for four hours released and rushed out of the country. "Later on, there were other hits in Central and South America, the Caribbean, South East Asia, the Phillipines, Europe. There were a few in this country, but I don't think it would be very wise for me to go into any specifics about those even now ." ....
    ""Roughly 60% of these missions came after John Kennedy became President ,Huggins says, but most were carried out without JFK's blessings and often without his direct knowledge.""
    "Joseph Kennedy nicknamed me "the Chameleon " because of my ability to work both sides of the fence." Huggins recalled " and he ran the show right up until his death. Even after he was unable to speak because of a stroke, Papa Joe relayed his orders to Bobby through his wife
    ---I used to call her the Queen Bee ---and Bobby would handle it. Anytime Bobby had a problem, whether it was personal or political, he called me."

    On November 22nd,1963 he was resting on a beach in Key West,Florida after a mission to Cuba, where he and four other CIA men, shot their way into a Havana Hotel and released an American couple being held by Castro's men...Jack and Libby Livingston who had been working for the Agency in Havana..They had information which could have been extremely damaging to the U.S...Their orders were to get them out safely or to remove them, they managed to free them but 19 people had died in the shoot out.
    At approximately 1.45 pm Florida time (12.45 pm Dallas Time) he received an order from Bobby that was most urgent and about the most terrible problem ever..John F.Kennedy had been shot from ambush in downtown Dallas.
    ""Tell him to get to Dallas, for God's sake," said the unmistakable voice of the Attorney General of the United States as it crackled through the receiver of the "red phone" at Key West's Boca Chica Naval Air Station ."John's been shot, and I need to know exactly what the situation is."
    Colonel James R.Conger, commanding officer of Marine Air Group Fourteen of the Second Marine Aircraft Wing, Huggin's unit, relayed the message moments later when Huggins reached the base after hearing of the shooting on the radio.""
    Shortly,Marine Sergeant Hugh Huggins had vanished and a CIA Agent in his dark business suit, named Hugh Howell was on a supersonic F4H jet fighter streaking across the Gulf of Mexico..pilot Marine Captain Robert Hannah travelled speeds of up to 1400 mph and received emergency clearance, at Love Field within 50 land...after leaving Key West....A Secret Service man was waiting for him in a late Model Mercury..(a military jet landing at Love Field is documented).

    He arrived at Parkland, about 2.15pm, where on AF 1, LBJ was preparing to take the oath of office, and Lee Harvey Oswald was being questioned at DPD...the President's body had just been loaded into an ambulance for the trip to Love Field.."I talked brifely to Dr.Charles Crenshaw ,Dr.Malcolm Perry, and two or three other doctors who had been in the emergency room..then I placed a call to the Attorney General's office in Washington."....."Jack never had a chance, Bobby"..I told him.."He took at least one maybe two bullet's in the head. For all practical purposes ,the doctors say he was dead when he got to the hospital.".."I knew he was dead"..Huggins remembers Kennedy saying "I've already talked to Johnson.What I want to know is exactly what happened and why. Get what you can in Dallas right now, then get to Bethesda..That's where the body's being taken, and I want you present at the autopsy."

    He was in Dallas about two hours, briefly went to the scene at Dealey Plaza, spoke to the Dallas police and Secret Service also..who were investigating..he was then flown by Captain Hannah and landed at Andrews AF Base just after 6 pm..Washington time....and immediately proceeded on a 15 minute drive to the U.S.Naval Hospital at Bathesda...
    "I got there just in time to see two caskets unloaded from two different ambulances ...I definitely saw two caskets, one plain grey and one ornate bronze, and Jack's body was in the plain casket, not the ornate one..The people at Parkland had said the body was in an expensive bronze casket when it left there, but it was in the other casket when it got to Bethesda."..( this is also recalled by Paul K.O'Connor and Jerrol F Custer at Bethesda and supports their statements .)
    Paul O'Connor Medical Corpsman: Bethesda Hospital:
    "After we heard the helicopters come over, I distinctly heard one land at the back of the hospital, which was the Officer's Club parking lot. (snip) I heard another helicopter land at the North side of the hospital where there was a normal helicopter-landing pad. Several minutes later, I can't give you a definite time-- maybe five minutes-- the back of the morgue opened up and a crew of hospital corpsmen and a higher ranking corpsman brought in a plain pinkish-gray, what I call a shiipping casket. They brought it up into the morgue and set it--we had two tables in the morgue--autopsy tables --and they were back to front...(snip)..At that (time) we opened up the coffin. Inside was a body bag."

    Jerrol F.Custer: Radiology Technician :Bethesda Hospital:
    "They brought him in, in the casket (and) put the casket down and opened it .So we proceeded to remove the body from the casket and place it on the autopsy table."..." There were two different caskets there.One was a regular shipping was a ceremonial casket ,and we were told the ceremonial casket was for later on for Kennedy's body to be placed in and taken wherever he was to be taken.".( Custer has also told of making X-Rays of the dead President at the time when the bronze casket (containing JFKs body)was supposedly in an ambulance outside.)

    Don Rebentisch: 9/1/98 letter to Vince Palamara---"…The casket that was sent to "Bethesda" with the President's body in it was a military style shipping casket "metal", I helped move this casket-"closed" to the morgue.This was before the Navy ambulance arrived at Bethesda with Mrs. Kennedy. I did see Mrs. Kennedy in the rotunda at the hospital when she arrived, well "after" we received the President's body. I did not view the President's body, but my room mate was present during the autopsy and he did tell me of the details of that procedure…"
    Huggins upon approaching the autopsy room was not allowed to enter until The Secret Service and military guards were assured and it was confirmed that he was Robert F.Kennedy's personal representative at the proceedings."".."After that I wasn't interferred with ...I was allowed to observe the whole procedure, examine the wounds, and remain present for the entire autopsy. I referred all questions to Bobby, who was in a waiting room not far away."..."I know that despite what they may claim, Drs.(James L.) Humes and (J.Thornton) Boswell were never in charge of the autopsy. There were numerous high-ranking military officers there, but Admiral (George G.) Burkley, the President's personal physician, ran the whole show. He told Humes and Boswell exactly what to do and not to do--and being Navy doctors ,they obeyed his orders to the letter.I had seen Burkley a couple of times before, once when he had come to give Jack a cortisone shot for his back problem while I was meeting with Jack. He was very harsh toward the doctors performing the autopsy.".... Huggins theoriizes because he was not a doctor or medical professional ,those that did perform the autopsy would discount his ability to make his own conclusions about the wounds and or to dispute the official findings later on. But he had been in attendance at other autopsies, and because of his above average training in weaponry, he had the knowledge of ballistics and bullet wounds....He states:
    "I distinctly saw an entry wound in the left temple. To my knowledge, only two other people besides myself have admitted to seeing the wound. It was assumed to be a blood clot by the doctors at Parkland, but it was an entry wound, and it could not have been fired from the rear."...
    "the bullet from this wound exited the right side of the president's head, blowing out a section of the skull and obscuring the entry wound of a second bullet that struck him from the right front almost simultaneously. There were two large separate holes in the upper right side of his head, separated by about three-quarters of an inch of bone matter and skin tissue"..

    "The wound in the throat, although greatly enlarged by a tracheostomy, was also an entry wound. All the wounds had a puffy, torn appearance as though they had been probed prior to the autopsy. There was also an entry wound high in the back, between the neck and the shoulder .It had penetrated approximately the depth of one finger joint..I actually put my small finger into the hole ---then, made a forty-five-degree turn to the left. To my knowledge, this bullet never left the body.." . When the autopsy was ended. Huggins felt that it had never been "completed" in a real sense--and the official word was that JFK had been killed by a lone assassin...Huggins felt that four bullets had hit their from the left, two from the right front and one from the rear and that none of the bullets that hit Gov. John Connally had hit the President..This was multiple assassins...and probably a massive conspiracy , he also felt from what he observed at the autopsy a giant cover up had already begun...

    He stated..""He would have suspected that much, even if he had not been well acquainted with Lee Oswald ,and many of the people he was associated with in that shadowy world of the Cuban mercenaries, CIA henchmen, and Mafia in New Orleans""....."I had encountered Oswald a number of times while I was gathering information on Marcello..I had seen him and David Ferrie and Guy Bannister ,both of whom had done various jobs for the CIA. I had also been in Louisiana frequently. And Clay Shaw ( the business man who would be prosecuted as a conspirator by Jim Garrison )..was at every important meeting of the Mafia/CIA types that I ever attended in New Orleans."......
    He also mentions the fact that he knew George DeMohrenschildt....who was both a friend of LHO and Jackie Kennedy's parents....It is now known and established that he was a veteran contact agent and that his experience dates back to WW11 ,when he also worked for French Intell...the German Intell...and also the OSS.( of Strategic Services ) the CIA's predecessor....Huggins states he also showed up in N.O. from time to time..and that the "Count" was 1978, though his death was ruled a suicide..

    Huggins returned to Dallas on 11/24/63 the day of the President's funeral...he again talked to some of the doctors and nurses at Parkland.." and I talked to Phyllis Bartlett, the chief telephone operator at the hospital, about the call from LBJ to Parkland ( that Dr.Charles Crenshaw had taken )after LHO's arrival.(.and he was in surgery...after being shot by Ruby)....Bobby suspected that both Johnson and (FBI Director J.Edgar) Hoover were involved in the assassination in some way, and he was very interested in the phone call"..
    Not only did Phyllis Bartlett confirm Dr.Crenshaw's statement: She confirms Huggins..appearance..

    ""Bartlett vividly recalls the phone call as described by Dr. Crenshaw. The caller, she says, was a male speaking in a loud voice, and identifying himself as President Johnson. He demanded to speak with someone now present in the operating room with Oswald. Thinking that this was indeed the new President, therefore a call important enough to connect, she immediately rang the operating room and requested one of the surgeons take the call. Until Dr. Crenshaw's story surfaced she had never known which doctor had taken the call. Her reason for never having spoken of the incident was twofold. One, she had not considered the call unusual under the circumstances, and, secondly, because she felt that there was a possibility that the call might be a prank, she had remained on the line for a short period after connecting the call an act which was against hospital policy.
    Ms. Bartlett also explains why the line went dead as Dr. Crenshaw describes. She had disconnected the call in an attempt to transfer the call to a newly set-up public relations [office], feeling upon reflection that, that office might be in a better position to handle such a call.

    "There very definitely was a phone call from a man with a loud voice, who identified himself as Lyndon Johnson, and he was connected to the operating. room phone during Oswald's surgery.""

    ( During a March 1993 interview, Ms. Bartlett, now living in Irving, Texas...recalled a conversation with a man fitting Hugh Huggins description..she stated " My little office was overflowing with as many as fifty people at once back then. but I do remember talking to a short man with a crewcut (CIA), and I do believe he said his name was Howell.") aka Huggins.

    Huggins stayed 28 hours in Dallas...on his second visit..he talked to Captain Will Fritz and Chief Jesse Curry of the DPD..and investigators."Within nine days"..he says "I had the basic facts..established to my satisfaction and I reported everything to Bobby in early December"...
    "At that time, Bobby showed me a .22-caliber magnum slug and three .308-caliber Mauser rounds that he said were the bullets that were removed from Jack."
    ( Deputy Roger Craig, E.L.Boone, and Deputy Constable Seymour Weitzman at first originally Id the rifle on the sixth floor of the TSBD as being a Mauser..Roger Craig, whom was then hounded for many years afterwards, until his death... stated that it was stamped with the word "Mauser"

    ""he was present at when the rifle was found, and along with Deputy Eugene Boone who had first spotted the weapon, was immediately joined by police Lt. Day, Homicide Capt. Fritz, and deputy constable Seymour Weitzman, an expert on weapons who had been in the sporting goods business for many years and was familiar with all domestic and foreign makes. Lt. Day briefly inspected the rifle and handed it to Capt. Fritz who asked if anyone knew what kind of rifle it was. After a close examination, Weitzman declared it to be a 7.65 German Mauser. Capt. Fritz agreed with him.
    At the moment when Capt. Fritz concurred with Weitzman's identification of the rifle, an unknown Dallas police officer came running up the stairs and advised Capt. Fritz that a Dallas policeman had been shot in the Oak Cliff area. Craig instinctively looked at his watch. The time was 1:06 p.m. (The Warren Commission attempted to move this time beyond 1:15 to plausibley claim Oswald had reached the Tippit murder scene in a more humanly possible time-frame than would be the case if Tippit had the encounter with his murderer any earlier.) ""

    Roger Craig's Book:

    And:...In Defense of Roger Craig

    Huggins told Bobby that these bullets could very well have matched the wounds he had seen..RFK kept these bullets and ""other major pieces of evidence in a vault under the tighest possible scutiny."".He has reason to believe today that Ted Kennedy has all in his posseession. He investigated the killing off and on for two more years..aided by his many contacts in the underworld and the intelligence community and travelled many thousands of miles between Dallas, Washington, New Orleans, Miami and other places...
    Among his conclusions are: The planning and organization was done by Ferrie (with ties to the CIA) and who would have been Jim Garrison's chief witness had he not coveniently died....and DeMohrenschildt (with ties to CIA) was in Dallas the day of the assassination not Haiti ( Huggins stated " I had to break two of DeMohrenschildt's fingers to get the information I needed, but he finally talked."

    Assassin Number 1: Charles Harrelson, a hit man who was experienced and is now serving a life sentence for murdering a federal judge..( One of the tramps who was detained briefly and then released by the DPD..he shot from atop the grassy knoll ,then slipped into the railroad yards..Huggins " I knew Harrelson personally and he was capable of killing anybody"...he carried papers that day Id..John Forrester Gedney.

    Assassin Number 2: Frank Sturgis, CIA contact agent. later convicted and sent to prison as one of the burglars in the Watergate break-in...Sturgis fired from a sewer drain in the curb of Elm St..Now living in South Florida.

    (See Gregory Burnham's analysis on trajectory of a bullet..

    Also see: for Trajectories..

    The Sam McClung site

    Also for trajectories information re the through and through windshield shot from the South Overpass area: and also for information on the Secret Service handling of the X-100..Lincoln Limousine..
    See: Doug Weldon's information and

    "Murder In Dealey Plaza" 2000...
    "The Great Zapruder Hoax"..2003...)

    Assassin Number 3: Charles Rogers ( another tramp) papers Iding him as Harold Doyle, who fired at least one shot from the roof of the Dallas County Records Building..Rogers was known as the "Traveler"..lived in Houston, and went by the alias at times of "Carlos Montoya" ..In 65 he disappeared after being charged with the slaughtering of his parents..His whereabouts are unknown today..(He was one mean so-and-so "..says Huggins..
    Book:" Man on the Grassy Knoll": re Charles Rogers.

    Assassin Number 4: Was never been identified.(" It wasn't Dallas police officer Roscoe White, as some have claimed." said Huggins," although White did work for the CIA.....It wasn't the third 'tramp' whose name was Chauncey Holt (and who carried papers identifying him as Gus W.Abrahms) although Holt was hired to be there just to confuse matters..And it wasn't, Oswald either...Oswald was one of the poorest marksmen ever to come out of the Marines.He would never have been hired for a hit like this one.")
    He reported many discoveries to R.F.K. that have not been reported to the public.He stated that during the "ambush" to kill J.F.K. "Between seven and ten shots were fired by four different assassins... but Lee Harvey Oswald never fired a single round .Two of the shooters were CIA contract agents. Two were actually picked up by the cops and released ,and another one flew out of Dallas untouched...Of the four ,I was personally aquainted with three."....

    Late in October 1965, Huggins returned from his last mission, it was a miracle he made it back alive he states..He went into the mountains with eight men and came back with just one , and a slug in his leg from one of his own men...Twenty eight people died and he knew he was suppose to have been one of them he had become expendable..When he recovered he saw Tracy Barnes ,his immediate superior in the CIA..covert operations..and told him "I quit "..He left and returned to his home marine unit at Cherry Point, North Carolina..he was asked to reconsider five times once he says from RFK himself..."Bobby said, you can't quit now the job is not finished"."".but he told him he had made up his mind, he hated to let him down because he knew by that time what his plans were...There was a time after the assassination when RFK seemed to loose his guts but then he had made up his mind that they were not going to get away with it..""...."The only way I can prove who is guilty is with the power of the presidency ." Bobby told him...Huggins thinks that was the reason he wanted to be President, and if he had made it things would have been a lot different..
    Huggins received an honourable discharge in January 66, nearly two years before his enlistment was up..from the Marine Corps because of "family hardships"..he says, "They knew I wouldn't talk.They knew that, as afar as I was concerned ,I was still under oath and that I was no threat to the CIA or to US security..That's why they let me go"..When Bobby was assassinated in Los Angeles in 68 ""his nomination for the Democratic Party's presidential candidate appeared to be a virtual certainty"". Huggins almost had a nervous breakdown..

    In 1970 near Florence, South Carolina, his windshield was blown out of his car..that he had been driving moments before. He escaped, but moved out of the state shortly afterwards...In 72 he fired two shots outside his home, in Dandridge, Tennessee at an armed intruder, blood was found on the ground along with marks that appeared to have been made by someone being dragged was reported to the Sheriffs office ,but no suspects were found..In 1983 Huggins, applied to the Texas Board of Private Investigators and Security Agencies...for a license ...He became a licensed Private Investigator on Feb.1/84..he was issued with number A-03560-0 after a background check lasting three months...He opened his own private investigating firm, Huggins Investigations Unlimited...
    Today because of his ill health he was forced to retire as a PI..he lives quietly with his second wife and five children, he does not leave home often and he avoids all strangers...

    ""The exploits of Hugh Howell-Huggins "The Chameleon" ,are only a fading memory now. But sometimes at night Jim Huggins finds it hard to sleep, so he sits in a chair, the briefcase containing the 9-millimeter Beretta never far from his hand....He watches for hints of movements in the darkness beyond the windows, and he listens for sounds that he hopes will never come.""

    I wonder how many out there .... still sit in the dark...?

    "JFK: Breaking The Silence" Bill Sloan
    (1993), Chapter 9, pp. 175-189.

    ************************************************** *******
    More Information:

    An "unidentified CIA agent" who had credentials ( like the FBI man sent by Hoover, how could the CIA agent get to the Dallas hospital so soon after the murder?)..Huggins: Bill Sloan's "Breaking the Silence"..pages 175 to 189......also "The Man Who Knew Too Much" see pages 570-571.........Huggins: also mentioned in"Who's Who in the JFK Assassination" by Michael Benson (1993)..

    Phyllis Bartlett :

    March 1993 interview of Parkland Hospital Chief telephone operator ("JFK: Breaking The Silence" p. 185)---"…Ms. Bartlett…recalled conversing at the time of the assassination with a man fitting Hugh Howell-Huggins description. "My little office was overflowing with as many as fifty people at once back then," she said, "but I do remember talking to a short man with a crewcut who identified himself in that capacity (CIA) and I do believe he said his name was Howell."..

    1:"JFK: The Medical Evidence Reference: Who's Who In The Medical Evidence:
    The Principal Witnesses From Nov. 22,1963..
    By Vincent Michael Parkland..

    #168) on the list......HUGH HUGGINS..

    2: Dr. Gene Coleman Akin, 6/28/84 FBI Memorandum [RIF# 124-10158-10449]---

    "...he saw a bullet entrance wound on the President's forehead...Akin
    feels that his observation as to the possible entrance wound on the
    President's forehead is significant and that he did not mention this item
    when he was interviewed in 1963-1964 because he did not want to be killed by
    any conspirators."
    (H 65 and 67 testimony)
    ---The back of the right occipital parietal portion of his head was
    shattered, with brain substance extruding. I assume the right occipital
    parietal region was the exit, so to speak, that he had probably been hit on
    the other side of the head, or at least tangentially in the back of the
    head, this (the neck wound) must have been an entrance wound..

    3: Dr. Robert N. McClelland: WR 526-527/ 17 H 11-12/ CE 392

    ---"...The cause of death was due to massive head and brain injury from
    a gunshot wound of the left temple."
    ((Dr.R.N. McClelland later changed this to the right temple.))

    Brad Parker has learned that the article, "Three Patients at Parkland", while based on the original reports made by the Parkland doctors, incorporated subtle changes which he was told were made by none other than Dr. Marion Jenkins! EXAMPLE--- WR 526-527 / 17 H 11-12 / CE 392: Dr. Robert McClelland's report written 11/22/63---"…a massive gunshot wound of the head with a fragment wound of the trachea…The cause of death was due to massive head and brain injury from a gunshot wound of the left temple.") January 1964 Texas State Journal of Medicine article "Three Patients at Parkland", p. 63---repeats the gist of his 11/22/63 report, but with one change"…a massive gunshot wound of the head with a fragment wound of the trachea…The cause of death was due to massive head and brain injury from a gunshot wound of the ***right side of the head.***" ...

    From the ARRB testimony of the Parkland doctors, 8/27/98:

    DR. McCLELLAND: . . . Dr. Jenkins, when I came in the room, told me as I walked by to come up to the head of the table and he said, Bob, there's a wound in the left temple there. And so I went to the table and I thought, you know, knowing nothing else about any of the circumstances, that's like that (indicating).
    MR. GUNN: Just for the record, you're pointing in with your -
    DR. McCLELLAND: Yeah, the left temple -
    MR. GUNN: -- finger at the left temple and now the back of the head.
    DR. McCLELLAND: -- came out the back. And there was a lot of blood on the left temple. There was blood everywhere, but there was a lot of blood on the left temple, so I didn't question that. And in fact, in something else -- Pepper testified somewhere else, he denied that he said that to me in the Warren Commission. And I told him -- I said Pepper, don't you remember ? No, I never said that, Bob, and I never said the cerebellum fell out. Well, yes, you did, too, but I didn't argue with him.
    But the upshot of it is what that led to was Mr. Garrison's case in New Orleans, and he put together a scenario where he thought someone -- because of what I had said about the left temple bullet -- was in the storm sewer on the left side of the car and fired this bullet that killed the President, another gunman. He didn't say that Oswald was not there. He just said there was another gunman. And so he never contact -- Garrison never contacted me until it was essentially time to have the case in court.
    DR. PETERS: Clay Shaw.
    DR. McCLELLAND: Right. And so I got a call one morning and it was from his office -- one of the people in Garrison's office, and he wanted to know if I would come to New Orleans and testify. And I said, Well, you know, it's odd that none of you had talked to me before this. I've been hearing something about it on television and whatnot. And they said, Well, we assumed that you still believed that the course of the bullet was as you said in your written testimony right after, and I said no. And his voice went up about three octaves and he said, What? And I said no, and I explained to him that I had learned other things about the circumstances at the time and that Jenkins had told me I didn't see any wound here. I was just stating what I had been told and that I wrote that down in my written statement right after the assassination. And so that was -- kind of took the wind out of the sails in that particular prosecution.????????

    4:.Dr.Lito Porto: From the same ARRB testimony of the Parkland doctors, 8/27/98:

    DR. JONES: . . . The afternoon of the assassination we were up in the OR and Lito Puerto -- I think it's L-i-t-o, Puerto, P-u-e-r-t-o --( Porto) was in the OR -
    DR. PETERS: Neurosurgeon..
    DR. JONES: -- and he said he was -- that he referred to the President -- because he had been down there and he said, I put my -- he was shot in the leg. I said, he was shot in the left temple. He said, I put my finger in the hole, and I think that was part of --
    DR. McCLELLAND: I never heard that. That's news to me.
    DR. JONES: And so -- in fact, I told Mr. Haron the other day -- I gave him Lito Puerto's name and his telephone number. I said you know if you're going to have the group down here, why don't you get Puerto down here to clarify that comment, if indeed that were the case or it's not the case.

    Dr. Lito Porto:( Puerto) "High Treason”: Livingstone.....“The first doctor to see what he said was a bullet entry wound near the left temple was Dr. Leto (sic) Porto.”(only reference to Dr.Lito Porto) 9/8/98 call from Dr. Boris Porto to Vince Palamara (relaying info. from his father)- His father said that "he needs to keep his mouth quiet" but referred me to Drs. Charlie Baxter and Jim Carrico; Boris: "he was there…he was the neurosurgery chief resident, the first one to come out of that program"---Kemp Clark was "overseeing my father"..

    5: Dr. Marion T Jenkins was Professor and Chairman of Anasethetics..

    He was at the head of the President monitoring and administering oxygen..
    "Dr. JENKINS. I do not know whether this is right or not, but I thought there was a wound on the left temporal area, right in the hairline and right above the zygomatic process.
    Mr. SPECTER. The autopsy report disclose no such development, Dr Jenkins.
    Dr. JENKINS. Well, I was feeling for - I was palpating here for a pulse to see whether the closed chest cardiac massage was effective or not and this probably was some blood that had come from the other point and so I thought there was a wound there also." WC 6H48 .
    Parlay off the record , then continues....
    "Mr. SPECTER: Aside from that opinion [that one bullet must have traversed the President's pleura], have any of your other opinions about the nature of his wounds or the sources of the wounds been changed in any way?
    Dr. JENKINS. No; one other. I asked you a little bit ago if there was a wound in the left temporal area, right above the zygomatic bone in the hairline, because there was blood there and I thought there might have been a wound there (indicating).
    Mr. SPECTER. Indicating the left temporal area?
    Dr. JENKINS. Yes; the left temporal, which could have been a point of entrance and exit here (indicating), but you have answered that for me. This was my only other question about it.
    Testimony ( WC 6H51.).

    6..Dr. J Thornton Boswell: Bethesda Naval Hospital autopsist:

    Describes damage to the left side of JFK's skull and brain ."Best Evidence" David Lifton..Autopsy Fact Sheet (CE 397) discussion chapter 18..
    Describes a 10cm area marked on the left of the skull diagram, Boswell says...

    "This was a piece of 10 centimetre bone that was fractured off the skull and was attached to the under surface of the skull"..HSCA 7 page 253.
    On the front of the autopsy face sheet prepared by Boswell. There is a small dot at left eye labelled "0.4cm" ..CE 397 (WC 17E45)..

    The back of the autopsy fact sheet that was prepared by Boswell shows an arrow at the place of entry that points to the front and left..
    Sylvia Meagher, "Accessories After The Fact".. 1992 page161..

    Boswell's drawing of JFK's skull shows a 3cm rectangle, at the left eye with a ragged edge that is possibley a fracture or missing bone.. CE 397 (WC 17E46).

    7: Father Oscar L. Huber: Pastor of Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Dallas..Texas

    "states that the President had a terrible wound over his left eye".
    Priest Oscar L. Huber (administered the last rites): WR 55, 7 H 489, 21 H 159, 160, 195, 233: WC references for Huber.
    Huber was interviewed 11/24/63 on WFAA and 11/25/63 on WBAP/ Texas News (see “Kennedy In Texas” video 1984).
    The 11/24/63 “Philadelphia Sunday Bulletin” reported that Father Huber said that JFK had a terrible wound over his left eye (see “Best Evidence” p. 46 and “Who’s Who in the JFK Assassination” p. 202).
    8/26/64 and 9/20/64 interviews with William Manchester (“The Death of a President”, numerous, inc. p. 216)---performed the sign of the cross on JFK’s forehead, evidently still intact; interviewed by Jim Bishop (“The Day Kennedy Was Shot”, p. 684)...
    "The (Denver) Register", 12/8/63: article by Huber entitled "President Kennedy's Final Hours".... JFK Library Oral History1964... photo of Huber: p. 23 of "JFK: For a New Generation" by Conover Hunt; and
    "Four Days In November" (1964, David Wolper): inc. part of his WFAA interview..

    The ceremony of the Last Rites included making the sign of the cross with his thumb on the President's forehead using holy oil...Father Huber would have been able to see clearly the facial features..

    8: Malcolm Kilduff: Asst. Press Secretary..

    "High Treason 2"..Livingstone.... p. 443-450: 4/17/91 (the head wound) was clearly in the left side of his
    head..I do not accept the so-called "Magic Bullet Theory"..No, I can’t
    buy that one..I have been swimming with Connally in the pool at the
    White House, and I saw a clean scar in his back…I talked to Connally
    about it several times, and his feeling on that and mine are precisely
    the same (this squares with what Sam Kinney told me and what Connally
    himself insisted on for years)..It was a very short period of time
    between the second and third shot..the left part of his forehead looked
    like...when I got over to the car...looked like two pounds of ground
    beef..the left part of his forehead..They found that piece of skull,over
    by the curb, either later that afternoon or the following morning, with
    hair on it"..

    9: Dr. David Stewart :

    At Parkland Memorial when the President and Governor Connally were brought in for emergency treatment. He attended mainly to Governor Connally. When he was interviewed on KNEW television by John Dolan in 1967.
    "Dolan said he was particularly concerned with the statement about the shot that killed the President coming from the front'. Stewart said, " Yes, sir. This was the finding of all the physicians who were in attendance. There was a small wound in the left front of the President's head and there was a quite massive wound of exit at the right backside of the head and it was felt by all of the physicians at the time to be a wound of entry which went in the front". ........Harold Weisberg, "Post Mortem", self published, 1975.. p.60 -61

    10: Dr. Adolf H.Giesecke, an anaesthetist at JFK's Parkland..

    "Dr. GIESECKE. It seemed to me that from the vertex to the left ear, and from the browline to the occiput on the left-hand side of the head the cranium was entirely missing.
    Mr. SPECTER. Was that the left-hand side of the head, or the right-hand side of the head?
    Dr. GIESECKE. I would say the left, but this is just my memory of it."
    ...Testimony of Dr. Adolf H Giesecke, WC 6H74..

    11: Major General Godfrey "God" T. McHugh JFK's Air Force Aid.

    Rode in the VIP car with Clifton..see "Best Evidence" David Lifton pages
    (399-401, 413-414, 420-421, 430-432)..
    McHugh believed the Warren Report was correct...McHugh volunteered
    that he had assisted in the photographing of Kennedy’s body.
    "I was holding his body several times when they were turning it over and
    photographing it.”; Lifton: “And you saw the wounds in the head then too.?
    "Oh, yes. but they started fixing it up very well..
    You see, again, people keep saying that his face was
    demolished and all; he was in absolute perfect shape, except the back of
    the head, top back of the head, had an explosive bullet in it and was
    badly damaged…and that had blown apart part of his forehead, which was
    recuperated and put intact, back in place…so his face was exactly as if
    he had been alive. There was nothing wrong with his face"...."The back of
    the head was all smashed in…His face was not hurt." Lifton: .."Where did
    they get the bone to put the bone back ?"..."It was brought back. They
    found it in the car".. "Ninety-nine percent the back, the top back of
    the head…that’s the portion that had been badly damaged by the
    bullet…The portion that is in the back of the head, when you’re lying
    down in the bath tub, you hit the back of the head."...

    12: Joseph E.Hagan, Chief Asst. to Joseph H. Gawler, undertaker.

    8/15/91 and 8/28/91 interviews with Livingstone for "High Treason
    2.".(see pages 137, 196, and 581; see also “Killing The Truth”, pages
    653, 680, 681, and 728)---“I couldn’t remember any bone missing in the
    face or from the frontal bone. That was pretty well intact to the best
    of my memory.”; there were a lot of pictures taken from the gallery;
    “There was extensive damage to the President’s head, most of it back up
    in here (indicating with his hand the rearward right side and the
    back)…We had to replace just all of that area with plaster of paris due
    to the extent of the wounds that were there…If it hadn’t of been that
    big, we wouldn’t have had to use plaster of paris, see..Quite a bit of
    bone was lacking…we had no problems in here (indicating the area of the
    coronal suture)…Back up in here (again gestures back of head), his head
    would have been down in the pillow and, if I remember correctly, we had
    taken a little out of the pillow where his head would fit down in the

    13: Norman Mitchel Similas:

    "The New York Times", 11/23/63---"I could see a hole in the President's
    left temple and his head and hair were bathed in blood."..

    The New York Times of November 23, 1963 (page 5, columns 7 and 8) carried a story entitled "10 Feet from President." This story refers to Norman Similas, 34 years of age, from Willowdale, Toronto, Canada, who was 10 feet from the President when a bullet struck his head. He saw the following:
    I could see a hole in the President's left temple and his head and hair were bathed in blood.

    14: James P. Altgens,AP Photoographer:

    Who took the famous picture of President Kennedy registering his first hit or hits, was on the south side of Elm Street, to the left of the President. He said:
    There was flesh particles that flew out of the side of his head in my direction from where I was standing, so much that it indicated to me that the shot came out of the left side of his head. (VII, H- 518)
    A Philadelphia Lawyer Analyzes The President's Back *Neck Wounds..
    Vincent J. Salandria ..

    15: Malcolm Kilduff : JFK's Press Secretary. 1991 interview ..

    "Livingstone: As you know, the face was not damaged at all. No witness saw any damage to the head past the midline of the skull, forward of the right ear.
    Kilduff: Forward of the right ear? No! Forward of the left ear, they did. I did. The bullet came in on the right side and exited the left side." ..

    16: Dr. Robert G. Grossman, Resident Neurosurgeon:

    He saw two separate head wounds: a large defect in the parietal area above the right ear, as well as "a large (albeit smaller than the first wound described) separate wound,located squarely in the occiput".
    Described a large hole squarely in the occiput, far too large for a bullet entry wound...
    Grossman: "It was clear to me…that the right parietal bone had been lifted up by a bulletwhich had exited."..He noticed the skin flap near the right temple. Dr.
    Clark picked up the back of the head to demonstrate the wound..

    “High Treason”, pages 30, 36, 51, 53, 459 (“The Boston Globe”, June
    21, 1981-notes placed in JFK Library.... also "Killing Kennedy", pages
    303-304, and "Between The Signal and the Noise" by Roger Bruce Feinman
    (1993) and Groden's "TKOAP", p. 181..
    See 6 H 81 (Salyer) he confirms Grossman’s presence in Trauma Room One..

    *** Information and references also from several of Vincent Michael Palamara's Articles....

    "Today most Americans believe there was a conspiracy to kill President Kennedy, but they don't Know it. They don't want to Know it---and our government doesn't want to Know it and our elected representatives don't want to Know it, because Knowing it would mean having to do something about it. That is an awesome thought !!......Gaeton Fonzi.
    "The Last Investigation"..

    Below is.. Sergeant Hugh Huggins USMC, 1962..

    Bernice Moore [IMG]file:///C:/Users/Bernice/Desktop/PHOTOS%20&%20files/PHOTOS/Section%202/Huggins/JFKresearch%20Assassination%20Forum%20[Powered%20by%20Invision%20Power%20Board]_files/cool.gif[/IMG]
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    Another utterly absurd mix 'n match version of known events.

    See this, if you can, from the fiction writer's perspective, and this tale will be revealed for what it surely is: an exercise of the imagination.

    This is nothing more or less than a pitch for a novel or film.

    The gunmen who fired at JFK by necessity were the world's most accomplished hunters of human beings. Keep this in mind the next time you are asked to accept in the roles of shooters the likes of Harrelson, Rosselli, Nicoletti, et al.

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    I thought the JOE KENNEDY CONNECTION RATHER clever it would have made for a good scene the time this was followed through as far as possible nohing further was found...the only interesting part imo was that such an agent was reported as being in contact with others involved..whch is the why it was looked into...

    Charles..Quote...The gunmen who fired at JFK by necessity were the world's most accomplished hunters of human beings. Keep this in mind the next time you are asked to accept in the roles of shooters the likes of Harrelson, Rosselli, Nicoletti, et al.

    But Charles that is not what Jimmy Files says...
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    In the immortal words of Itzhak Perlman, I stand corrected.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bernice Moore View Post
    I thought the JOE KENNEDY CONNECTION RATHER clever it would have made for a good scene the time this was followed through as far as possible nohing further was found...the only interesting part imo was that such an agent was reported as being in contact with others involved..whch is the why it was looked into...

    Charles..Quote...The gunmen who fired at JFK by necessity were the world's most accomplished hunters of human beings. Keep this in mind the next time you are asked to accept in the roles of shooters the likes of Harrelson, Rosselli, Nicoletti, et al.

    But Charles that is not what Jimmy Files says...
    I thought the Bobby Kennedy stuff sounded quite plausible until I got to the part about the assassination being organized by Ferrie...Did this guy and James Files compare notes?

    Whoevery fired the shots will never be id'd, or CONFESS! Either dead or long gone to another country.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dawn Meredith View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Bernice Moore View Post
    I thought the JOE KENNEDY CONNECTION RATHER clever it would have made for a good scene the time this was followed through as far as possible nohing further was found...the only interesting part imo was that such an agent was reported as being in contact with others involved..whch is the why it was looked into...

    Charles..Quote...The gunmen who fired at JFK by necessity were the world's most accomplished hunters of human beings. Keep this in mind the next time you are asked to accept in the roles of shooters the likes of Harrelson, Rosselli, Nicoletti, et al.

    But Charles that is not what Jimmy Files says...
    I thought the Bobby Kennedy stuff sounded quite plausible until I got to the part about the assassination being organized by Ferrie...Did this guy and James Files compare notes?

    Whoevery fired the shots will never be id'd, or CONFESS! Either dead or long gone to another country.

    hi dawn there is an old saying they were dead before sundown...i personally cannot see them being allowed to live, even if gov military connections or whatever....they could not afford to let them survive as many witnesses were not allowed to and others threatened who perhaps only saw of the clean up crew in the dallas area, has been said to have been roscoe white but that has never been verified that i know of...but mentioned by many researchers...
    take care b..:dancing2:

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