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Thread: Gordon novel polygraph exam

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    Default Gordon novel polygraph exam

    Is anyone aware of a polygraph examination given to Gordon Novel and relating to the JFK case?

    Have the results been made public?

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    When Novel was in jail, he was contacted by Robert Cutler and Mary Ferrell who offered to help him if he would take a polygraph test. He agreed. He flunked the question about being in Dallas on November 22. Cutler tells about this in one of his books, but right now I don't have time to look for it. I'm watching the Mavericks/Bulls game, and halftime is nearly over.


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    If anyone needs it, I have GN's email address. He is a very interesting 'character'. Lately 'into' and promoting free energy. Before that he was doing security for Kashoggi [sp?]. I don't think he's a good fit for TUM, but his insertion to confuse things related to Garrison's investigations smells bigtime.

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    Mary Ferrell referred to Novel as "the most dangerous man in America."
    She was convinced that he was the Umbrellaman.


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