Definitely some STRANGE stuff about Mr. Epstein's death! matter how one parces it. There is already a death photo circulating [strange in and of itself]. People are comparing the features of the ear seen on the supposed dead Epstein with his ear in life - and differences do seem apparent; however, we know not if the photo is real, if it was photoshoped, or about the lighting or other factors. Even Trump is claiming Clinton or the Clintons had Epstein murdered - quite a laugh as this prison is under the control of his pal and 'personal lawyer' the Attorney General Bill Barr. Others claim there was a constant camera on him in his cell and want it produced. Most cells do NOT have any attachment points for a 'hanging', nor material for a 'hanging' - one has to be very clever indeed. Then there is the question of why he was apparently just taken off of suicide watch. It is SO easy to pull off a murder of this kind in a high security prison, an no one every being able to prove so few persons are involved with any inmate and fewer can be arranged, if needed. Color me suspicious, even though there aren't many hard facts. I'm sure he was upset at having to spend time in prison and facing a possible life in same, but with billions and the best lawyers and what he could say pointing a finger at others, he would NOT [IMHO] have so easily given up on his rich lifestyle and life itself. His 'girlfriend' and procurer is certainly next most likely to die of some 'accident' or 'suicide' as she knows everything he knew.......stay tuned...this is FAR from over...the body count by the end will be huge! [IMO]