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Thread: Ed Tatro on Lyndon Johnson's Murder of John Kennedy and Tatro's encounter with Vincent Bugliosi

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    Excellent points, Mark. Robert's first venture into JFK assassinationland was the LBJ did it scenerio and he's like a dog with a damn bone. I've defended him as not being a disinfo person but he needs to actually READ all the books he has aquired and move on from his pet thoery. When we first began speaking on the phone- he called me out of the blue several years ago- and I spoke to him of CIA (etc) involvement he was having none of that, but has since come around on that point. However he needs to discover the "invisible government" -and the book of the same name. This is a complex case that is not wandered into lightly and requires digging deeply.
    On 11/22/63 I too thought LBJ killed JFK, then, a few years later, I began to actually study the true power behind this horrendous event.
    LBJ certainly benefited, he achieved his life's dream, but at such a price. He ultimately cracked up and went to his "reward" a broken man. It would be quite interesting to see his psych records.


  2. Default Alas Poor Lyndon

    Ptolemy obsessed with circles, eschewing the ellipse (“ellipse that touch planets never shall touch mine”).

    The blind men each wrote an Outside Contact Report after selectively deposing the same elephant, providing several very different conclusions, all partially correct, none satisfying all the known and to-be-known facts.

    The urge to be the first to climb Everest, reach the Pole, land on the Moon, all are expressions of man's coveting ownership of the truth, but the truth refuses to conform to any clockwork yet presented.

    And yet it is a steady progression from stumbling in the pitch-black cave to emerging into the sunlight.

    It is curious that Johnson first announced Kennedy would be in Dallas at a luncheon, that the date of this announcement is the date from which the Secret Service destroyed its records for the year rather than deliver them to the Assassinations Records Review Board.

    Many indications of the wonderful synchronicity of Johnson's ambition and plight with his facility as a manipulator of obstruction of justice.

    Of course, he didn't create two Oswalds, manipulate Oswald through the labyrinth of intelligence into perfect patsyhood, didn't lead and push Ruby to silence Oswald, didn't set up the shooters for their shots, having stripped the security and insured the slowing of the slowed limousine.

    It was useful that Johnson and Connally and Thomas arranged to put Kennedy in that precise location, but they would not have made the Secret Service procedural changes, the absenting of the military aspect to the standard security protocol.

    The confiscation and destruction or distortion of the cinematic and photographic evidence? The presence of so many "Secret Service agents" where there were none. The threats, intimidation and deaths from David Ferrie to Dorothy Kilgallen to DeMohrenschildt, across the nation and across the years.

    Hoover would be controlling his agents. Someone else would insist upon the Commission. Still others would insure the autopsy was a farce, a dance of seven veils.

    Johnson would leave a position of power January 20, 1969, and leave the earth in 1973, but some of the most spectacular accidents would kill inconvenient witnesses after that.

    One has only to consider poor, clumsy John Rosselli, stumbling and falling into that drum in just such a fashion to sever his legs and attach the lid, rolling into the river to be found in no condition to testify.

    Johnson was a really big shoe but he was not the CBS television network.

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    Default Interview with Phillip F. Nelson on "The Real Deal"

    Just a note to mention that, having read a substantial chunk (but not all) of his book, LBJ: THE MASTERMIND BEHIND JFK'S ASSASSINATION (2010), I find his case extremely persuasive and massively documented. The first 115 pages are extraordinarily interesting in dissecting LBJ's character and attitudes. I am not only inclined to believe that Lyndon was indispensable to the conspiracy--since none of the conspirators would have gone forward without his approval--but given his very "hands on" style, it is virtually inconceivable that he would have allowed this to happen without fine-tuning its details. While many other individuals and groups had an interest in removing JFK and replacing him with LBJ, their motives paled in comparison to his: he had the most to gain; he had the least to lose; he had the means to do it; he had the apparatus in place to cover it up; and he also had the kind of narcissistc/sociopathic personality capable of rationalizing the action as necessary and acceptable together combined with the resolve and determination to see it through, as Nelson explains on pp. 36-37. I interviewed him on "The Real Deal" today for broadcast this Friday over from 5-7 PM/CT. Listen if you can but definitely read the book! Phil has written a marvelous synthesis of the core of the case.

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    Default Does anyone have contact info for Gil Jesus?

    Amen. That is a FINE book by Phillip Nelson. I think the great contribution that Nelson's book makes is it shows in clear detail that fact that BOTH Lyndon Johnson and the CIA were up to their ears in the JFK assassination. More and evidence keeps coming out to support this view. Madeleine Brown was saying from the early 1980's that LBJ told her it was the CIA and Texas oil men who killed JFK (Lyndon, of course, lied and left himself out). Then there is what longtime CIA agent E. Howard Hunt said: that LBJ and the CIA made a pact among thieves deal to kill JFK. Then is also what CIA counter-intelligence agent Trenton Parker told Rodney Stich in 1993: LBJ, Hoover, Dulles, Nelson Rockefeller and GHW Bush were all in on the JFK assassination.

    Hey, I need some help from the JFK researchers.

    Does anyone have the phone number or email address for Gil Jesus, the JFK researcher who posts a lot on You Tube? My contact info is Robert Morrow 512-306-1510 and email I need to get in contact with Gil Jesus, if possible.

    I and a lot of other researchers are trying to track down the source for this BLOCKBUSTER nugget:

    Just before John Kennedy headed to Dallas he had a conversation with his good friend Florida Senator George Smathers; here is how it went:

    JFK: “Gee, I really hate to go to Texas. I gotta go to Texas next week and its just a pain in the rear end and I just don’t want to go, I wish I could get out of it.

    George Smathers: I said “Well, what’s the problem?”

    JFK: “Well, you know how Lyndon is, Johnson wants Jackie to ride with him, and all these fights were going on…. I hate to go into all that mess and I hate to go and I wish I could think of a way to get out of it.”

    Gil Jesus posted a video on this on You Tube; and it was titled "Johnson wants Jackie to ride with him." It has since been removed from You Tube and we need the source/name of the documentary that it came from.

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    Robert: Gil is a member here, just send him a PM. He has a post on his utube thread. I have never seen that particular video.

    James: Great analysis of the new book, gotta get it. I totally agree, but Phil's points are well taken.


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    Mark Stapleton Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by James H. Fetzer View Post
    While many other individuals and groups had an interest in removing JFK and replacing him with LBJ, their motives paled in comparison to his: he had the most to gain; he had the least to lose
    Close but no cigar.

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