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Thread: Oldie, but Goodie Flammonde on JFK Assassination/Investigation & US Fascism

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    Interesting that there are now two separate sources claiming Oswald's mind was tampered with through hypnosis, the priest above and fellow marine at Atsugi Jensen.

    Permindex is another spark-throwing volcanic source showing the direct connection of the CIA European underground and the conspirators behind Kennedy's assassination, including Clay Shaw. So much so that CIA had to violate our form of government by obstructing Jim Garrison (who is an American hero).
    Noone can truly understand the entity we know as LHO without reading John Armstrong's Harvey and Lee. It is a bit hard to find and expensive but well worth it.

    A lot of information re Permindex came out after Garrison's death proving how correct he was.

    I've read Harvey and Lee and it is well worth the time it will take you to read it and the money to buy it, if you can find a copy. The book is has volumes of information detailing the lives of "Harvey" and "Lee" Oswald and makes a compelling case in support of the two Oswald theory. It also has 70 pages devoted to the Manlicher-Carcano rifle Oswald allegedly owned.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Duffy View Post
    I really want these volumes. If anyone knows the best way to order, please let me know. His site doesn't give great info on international ordering ...It seems the 4th volume isn't yet finished. I hope they become available more readily, but if i can get them straight from the source that's fine.
    the fourth book is out and you can order all four from his site for 165.00
    i have the first 3 books and they are wonderful. i have read them many times and always pick up new info. anyway i aM WILLING TO SELL the 3 books. i have looked on amazon and ebay and cannot find one anywhere. i can be reached at if interested.

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    I used Flammonde's first book extensively for Destiny Betrayed.

    I felt it was shamefully ignored.

    I also did a phone interview with him from his home in Pennsylvania.

    First, he said that he paid to have the Italian newspapers translated himself, with all that great stuff about Shaw and Permindex.

    Second, he said that a lot of the info in the book came from Garrison himself. Garrison was calling him every week toward the end. Probably because the MSM had screwed him over so bad.

    Anyway, up until the time I wrote Destiny Betrayed, Flammonde's book was the only positive view of Garrison in book form not authored by the DA himself.

    Today, that has changed of course.

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