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Do we need a new thread for John Jr? I just found two interesting tidbits:

From an otherwise boring article about "George" mag:

George earned infamy in the conspiracy cyberculture, when an article slated to run in the October 1998 "Conspiracy Issue" on the top conspiracy writers was killed at the last minute by George Editors. Titled "Princes of Paranoia," it would've highlighted writers and websites that were popular in the field of conspiracy theory and given their work exposure to a wider audience.

and from another source: taken from yet another otherwise boring article on "George" mag:

in the last year, Kennedy was capable of other lapses of judgment, such as his friendship with pornographer Larry Flynt, or his commissioning of an article for his magazine by conspiracy-monger Oliver Stone. In it, Stone referred to King Henry VIII's imprisonment of Thomas a Beckett for opposing his marriage to Anne Boleyn

I had no idea Stone was commissioned to write an article. "(L)apes of judgement" indeed!!

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