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Thread: Man who 'comforted dying Diana' exposed as thief

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    Myra Bronstein Guest

    Default Man who 'comforted dying Diana' exposed as thief

    I wonder what else this unscrupulous "career criminal" was willing to do for money. [Emphasis mine.]

    1 November 2010
    Man who 'comforted dying Diana' exposed as thief
    By Christian Fraser
    BBC News, Paris

    A French man who claimed to have comforted Princess Diana in her final moments has been exposed as a career criminal.

    Abdelatif Redjil was given a five-year sentence in September, with two years suspended, for stealing two Picassos from the home of the painter's granddaughter.

    But after sentencing he escaped and has been on the run ever since.

    He has now been re-arrested, suspected of a series of cash machine robberies.

    Redjil was a key witness throughout the long investigation into the car crash that killed Princess Diana.

    The self-styled businessman told the inquest he had held her hand as she lay dying and that she had repeated the words "my God, my God".

    But those final moments might well be questioned - because the witness has now been revealed as a career criminal.

    Redjil is known to underworld figures as Goldfingers or The Locksmith for his expertise in picking locks.

    He escaped from prison guards in September and, while on the run, is said to have stolen thousands of pounds from the safes of cash machines across Paris before being re-arrested last week.

    He is also suspected, say police, of playing a leading role in the robbery of an Axa bank in February, in which robbers escaped with 33,000 euros (£28,500) in cash.

    The Diana inquest heard that Redjil and his friend were near the tunnel at the time of Diana's accident and had run into it when they heard the crash.

    In his statement, Redjil said they had arrived before emergency services to find smoke pouring from the front of the car.

    His claims about Diana were always largely accepted as true, though of course there was never tangible evidence to back them up.

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    Myra Bronstein Guest

    Default Man 'who held hand of dying diana' is a master criminal

    The cover up may be starting to unravel. [Emphasis mine.]

    Tuesday November 2,2010
    By Richard Palmer

    A FRENCHMAN who claimed to have held Princess Diana’s hand as she uttered her last words was exposed as a criminal yesterday, throwing his account into doubt.

    Abdelatif Redjil was one of the first witnesses in the Alma tunnel in Paris after the 1997 crash that led to the death of the Princess and her lover Dodi Fayed.

    The self-styled businessman gave a graphic account of how he held Diana’s hand and comforted her as she opened her eyes after her chauffeur-driven Mercedes had hit a concrete pillar.

    He told investigators: “She repeated words like ‘My God, my God’. I tried to reassure her, telling her in English not to worry.

    “She opened her eyes but she did not answer me, she simply continued moving her hand. I think she was unconscious. You could say that she was in a sort of comatose state.”

    His entire story was thrown into doubt yesterday after his long criminal career was exposed.

    Redjil, 54, a burglar whose skills have earned him the nicknames The Locksmith and Goldfingers, was jailed for five years with two years suspended in September for stealing two Picasso paintings worth £45million from the home of Diana Widmaier-Picasso, the artist’s granddaughter.

    He escaped from the Paris courthouse moments after his conviction and stole thousands of pounds from cash machines while he was on the run.

    Redjil, who is also thought to have masterminded a £30,000 bank robbery in February, was finally re-arrested trying to break open a cash machine in a Paris suburb.

    His part in the Diana investigation came to light during questioning. A police source is quoted as saying: “He gave evidence which has been reported as fact for years, but nobody knew anything about his life as a criminal.”

    That raised questions about the competence of detectives in Paris, because in his statement to the French judicial inquiry into Diana’s death Redjil admitted he hesitated about coming forward as a witness because he was wanted by police.
    “I elected to hang back,” he said in a statement also used at Diana’s inquest in London in 2007.

    “I was wanted by the police and I was a little afraid that I might be arrested by coming forward.”

    The Parisien newspaper reported: “He was very proud of having been called as a witness at the inquiries into Princess Diana’s death and boasted about it at his trial.”

    The inquest pinned the blame for the crash on Diana’s driver, Henri Paul, who it said was drunk. But many people dispute the findings, claiming there has been a cover-up.

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    Myra Bronstein Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by Myra Bronstein View Post
    The Diana inquest heard that Redjil and his friend were near the tunnel at the time of Diana's accident and had run into it when they heard the crash.
    Anyone know who his "friend" was? I'm guessing a career assassin. Did the "friend" testify in the faux inquests too?

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    Myra Bronstein Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by Myra Bronstein View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Myra Bronstein View Post
    The Diana inquest heard that Redjil and his friend were near the tunnel at the time of Diana's accident and had run into it when they heard the crash.
    Anyone know who his "friend" was? I'm guessing a career assassin. Did the "friend" testify in the faux inquests too?
    Here are names of supposed witnesses from a December, 2006 article:

    "The Standard today names some of the witnesses who gave statements to the French authorities.

    They include Abdellatif Redjil, who claimed to be the first on the scene of the crash and Jean-Pascal Peyret, a motorist who left the tunnel moments after the accident.

    Others are Benoit Boura, Olivier Partouche, Jean-Claude and Annick Catheline, Georges and Sabine Dauzonne, Clifford Gooroovadoo, James Huth, Christophe Lascaux, Gaelle Lhotsis, Mohammed Medjahdi, Souad Moufakkir, Severine Banjout, Grigori Rassinier and Lionel Ronssin."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Myra Bronstein View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Myra Bronstein View Post
    The Diana inquest heard that Redjil and his friend were near the tunnel at the time of Diana's accident and had run into it when they heard the crash.
    Anyone know who his "friend" was? I'm guessing a career assassin. Did the "friend" testify in the faux inquests too?
    Here we go:

    "Abdelatif Redjil told the London court that he and his friend Belkacem Bouzid were crossing the Pont de l'Alma tunnel in Paris on the night of Aug. 31, 1997, when they heard the sounds of a crash and rushed inside to help."

    Sure would like to know more about this Belkacem Bouzid character.

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    Myra Bronstein Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by Myra Bronstein View Post

    "Abdelatif Redjil told the London court that he and his friend Belkacem Bouzid were crossing the Pont de l'Alma tunnel in Paris on the night of Aug. 31, 1997, when they heard the sounds of a crash and rushed inside to help."
    According to this account Bouzid kept people out of the tunnel by warning them that the car could explode:

    "She retreated when she heard what she took to be fuel gushing from the Mercedes. "I stopped in my tracks and when I heard the liquid sound, this gentleman (Mr Bouzid) stood up," she said. "He was aiding the passenger that survived.

    "He ran out of the tunnel and started throwing his hands above his head, yelling something in French.

    "I ran out. We all thought the car was going to explode."

    Mr Bouzid, who has yet to give evidence, returned to the tunnel to help Mr Rees- Jones and to warn other bystanders of the risk of an explosion.

    Mrs da Costa added: "I could see his (Mr Rees-Jones's) feet outside of the passenger door and I could see that gentleman in the tweed suit was assisting him and he was holding his head. "This gentleman was trying to keep people away for obvious reasons, trying to stop the paparazzi trying to get to the Mercedes to take pictures.

    "A lot of people were trying to get to the car and this gentleman would not let people mess with the car. He was waiting for either help or somebody to arrive in an official capacity."

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    Here's the transcript of Abdelatif Redjil and Belkacem Bouzid's testimony to the English Warren Commission:


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    Quote Originally Posted by Myra Bronstein View Post
    Here's the transcript of Abdelatif Redjil and Belkacem Bouzid's testimony to the English Warren Commission:


    12 LORD JUSTICE SCOTT BAKER: Could you outline who
    13 the witnesses are?
    14 MR BURNETT: The first two are Abdelatif Redjil and
    15 Belkacem Bouzid. Sir, those are names that will be
    16 familiar to everybody and who appear in the photographs
    17 that we have seen. Each of them came on the scene of
    18 the crash very shortly thereafter and give evidence of
    19 what they saw.
    20 The third and fourth will be Lino Gagliardone and
    21 Bruno Bouaziz, again names that I suspect are now
    22 familiar to the jury. Both are police officers who came
    23 to the scene fairly shortly after the crash.
    24 The last is a statement of Police Lieutenant
    25 Eric Gigou, who provides a report on the question of
    1 CCTV cameras and speed cameras.
    2 In accordance with the relevant rules,
    3 the interested persons were notified of these in advance
    4 and all are content that they should be read.
    5 LORD JUSTICE SCOTT BAKER: Very well. Now, you had better
    6 tell me which bundle I find each one in.
    7 MR BURNETT: Yes, sir. If I identify each as we go along.
    8 For your purposes, Mr Redjil's statement is at page 246
    9 of legal bundle 1.
    10 LORD JUSTICE SCOTT BAKER: Thank you. Yes.
    11 Statement of ABDELATIF REDJIL (read)
    12 MR BURNETT: Now, sir, this was a statement taken by Police
    13 Lieutenant Gigou at 1700 hours on 16th June 1998.
    14 Mr Abdelatif Redjil confirmed his name and gave his
    15 date of birth as 10th December 1955 and explained that
    16 he was a French national.
    17 Then, sir, perhaps I could say that it is in exactly
    18 the same form as many others that we have heard:
    19 "As to the facts, I note that I am being interviewed
    20 as a witness under the provisions of Letter Rogatory ...
    21 issued on 2nd September 1997 by M Herve Stephan,
    22 examining magistrate at Paris Regional Court in the case
    23 of Arnal, Arsov, Langevin, Martinez, Rat and Veres on
    24 charges of non-assistance to persons in danger,
    25 involuntary manslaughter and injury leading to a total
    1 incapacity for work in excess of three months.
    2 "I am indeed a witness of the accident that took
    3 place in the Alma Tunnel on the night of 30th to
    4 31st August 1997, which claimed the life most notably of
    5 the Princess of Wales.
    6 "That evening, I was at the Place de l'Alma with my
    7 friend Belkacem Bouzid, who has already been interviewed
    8 by your department.
    9 "We were on foot.
    10 "I was wearing a green jacket and faded blue jeans.
    11 My friend Belkacem may have been dressed in black, I do
    12 not remember too clearly. In any event, he would have
    13 been wearing a jacket and tie and I think his jacket was
    14 dark.
    15 "You inform me that Belkacem in his statement says
    16 that he was wearing a 'mustard jacket' and a 'red and
    17 yellow' tie. I remember that now.
    18 "At what I think was approximately 2345 hours or
    19 midnight, we heard two 'booms', one after the other.
    20 It was two muffled sounds of a car crashing. We could
    21 not tell where it was coming from at first. We knew
    22 that it had happened in the Alma Tunnel, but we did not
    23 know in which direction.
    24 "Belkacem and I immediately went into the tunnel.
    25 We were the only ones there at that stage.
    1 "As far as I was concerned, I did not see or hear
    2 any vehicle prior to this crash, that is why we did not
    3 know in what direction the accident had taken place.
    4 "We jumped over a sort of low wall to go down into
    5 the tunnel. That would be impossible now as barriers
    6 have been erected at that spot since. We went down into
    7 the right-hand carriageway, in the direction of Concorde
    8 and Trocadero.
    9 "On arriving in the tunnel, I immediately saw
    10 the Mercedes. It was facing the wrong way, with its
    11 bonnet towards the right-hand wall. Smoke was coming
    12 from the bonnet and the horn was stuck on.
    13 "The airbags were out.
    14 "I remember seeing a dark-coloured car with two
    15 people in it coming out of the tunnel in the right-hand
    16 carriageway, it was travelling slowly, in the direction
    17 of Trocadero.
    18 "In front of the Mercedes, parked on the left, was
    19 a motorbike.
    20 "As I got down into the tunnel, I started to signal
    21 to the cars that were approaching at speed to slow down.
    22 "When I got to the Mercedes, I saw the driver, who
    23 appeared to be dead, one of his hands was protruding
    24 through the windscreen."
    25 He then describes Trevor Rees.
    1 "He was alive.
    2 "In the back, I saw a man ... stretched out with his
    3 back against the rear left-hand window."
    4 He then describes Dodi Al Fayed.
    5 "He was obviously dead."
    6 "I tried to open the front right-hand door, but was
    7 unable to do so.
    8 "I managed to force open the rear right-hand door.
    9 "There I saw the head of a woman, curled up between
    10 the back of the front right-hand seat and the rear seat.
    11 She was moving her left hand slightly. You could just
    12 see her hair and clothing, which was black I think. She
    13 was also wearing white trousers...
    14 "She repeated words like 'My God, my God'. I tried
    15 to reassure her, telling her in English not to worry,
    16 'Don't worry'. She opened her eyes but she did not
    17 answer me, she simply continued moving her hand.
    18 I think she was unconscious. You could say that she was
    19 in a sort of comatose state.
    20 "As for Belkacem, he was talking to the injured man
    21 in the front right-hand seat.
    22 "While I was reassuring this young woman,
    23 a photographer arrived. He came from the motorbike
    24 parked in the tunnel. He seemed to be in a trance, and
    25 did not stop taking photos using a flash as he went
    1 forwards. He had a zoom lens and was going very quickly
    2 in order to take lots of photos.
    3 "He started insulting us, telling us not to touch
    4 anything and that it was 'Princess Diana', he kept
    5 repeating 'It's Lady Di, it's Lady Di!'.
    6 "He jostled me and continued taking photos closer
    7 and closer to the car.
    8 "The chap who had been driving the motorbike that
    9 the photographer had come from waited on the bike. He
    10 did not take any pictures. I would be able to recognise
    11 him if I saw him again.
    12 "Shortly after we arrived, I saw a kind of
    13 'SOS Medecins' car arriving from the opposite direction.
    14 I went to see the driver and explained to him what was
    15 going on and told him that one of the casualties was
    16 the Princess of Wales. He replied that she was
    17 a casualty like any other and quickly parked and came to
    18 give assistance. He was accompanied by a slim young man
    19 who waited near their vehicle, smoking a cigarette.
    20 "Belkacem must have called the emergency services on
    21 his mobile.
    22 "Everything happened very quickly.
    23 "Then people started arriving. I should add that
    24 lots of cars were going past in the tunnel.
    25 "I am positive however, that Belkacem and I were
    1 the first two people to arrive in the tunnel, on foot,
    2 just after the accident.
    3 "As far as the emergency services are concerned,
    4 the police arrived first, then the fire brigade and
    5 lastly the SAMU.
    6 "I did also briefly tell the SAMU crew what I knew
    7 in order to be of assistance to them.
    8 "I saw the firemen remove the dead and injured from
    9 the car.
    10 "In reply to your question, I did not touch anyone
    11 else and I only held the Princess's hand.
    12 "Reply to question: I did not see anybody touch
    13 the occupants of the Mercedes.
    14 "Reply to a question ... I should point out that
    15 I have a first aid certificate, and that in view of the
    16 condition that the two casualties were in, I chose to
    17 leave it to the 'SOS' doctor who was passing, rather
    18 than do something that might have made their condition
    19 worse.
    20 "On the carriageway opposite the accident, a traffic
    21 jam started to form. There were increasing numbers of
    22 people.
    23 "Some other photographers arrived. I could see
    24 their flashes through the pillars. I must even appear
    25 in their photos.
    1 "When the police arrived there were some scuffles.
    2 As for Belkacem and myself, we were not troubled.
    3 "The police officers started to take an interest in
    4 what had taken place. Belkacem made himself known to
    5 them. I elected to hang back.
    6 "In fact, at the time, I was wanted by the police
    7 and I was a little afraid that I might be arrested by
    8 coming forward to make a statement. Moreover, my friend
    9 Belkacem came forward as a witness and he had seen
    10 the same things as me.
    11 "The subsequent media coverage of events did little
    12 to encourage me to come forward. In fact, Belkacem and
    13 I were the first two eye witnesses on the scene and we
    14 were afraid that we might be blamed for something in
    15 view of what was being said in the press.
    16 "I would reiterate that Belkacem and I went down
    17 to the tunnel to assist the people involved in the
    18 accident. We had no idea how important the casualties
    19 would turn out to be.
    20 "I later recognised the photographer I have
    21 mentioned to you who is called 'Romuald' on television.
    22 He is the one who insulted us.
    23 "I recognised the doctor I stopped.
    24 "You have shown me an album with 34 pictures. After
    25 carefully examining it, I can tell you that ..."
    1 Sir, before I read this, what propose to do is
    2 simply identify the photographers concerned, to save
    3 everyone turning up the photographs. The photographs
    4 that the witness was shown are the police photographs of
    5 the paparazzi which are in the jury's bundle at tab 6.
    6 They are familiar now to everybody:
    7 "The individual in photos 1 and 2 is vaguely
    8 familiar."
    9 Sir, that is Arnal.
    10 "I recognised the one in photos 3 and 4, he was in
    11 the tunnel."
    12 Sir, that is Arsov.
    13 "I do not recognise the one in photos 5 and 6... "
    14 Sir, that is Benhamou.
    15 "... or the one in photos 7 and 8."
    16 Sir, that is Chassery:
    17 "I think I recognise the one in photos 9 and 10. He
    18 must have been in the tunnel."
    19 That is Darmon.
    20 "I do not recognise the one in photos 11 and 12."
    21 That is Guizard.
    22 "I am not sure that I recognise the one in photos
    23 13/14."
    24 Sir, that is Langevin:
    25 "I do not recognise the one in photos 15 and 16 ..."
    1 Sir, that is Martinez.
    2 "... or those in photos 17 and 18 or 19 and 20."
    3 Those, sir, are Odekerken and Suu.
    4 "I do however, definitely recognise the individual
    5 in photos 21 and 22... "
    6 Sir, that is Rat.
    7 "... he was a hothead, he was the one who insulted
    8 us and took lots of photos; he even very nearly ended up
    9 getting lynched by some of the people.
    10 "I do not know the individuals in 23/24, 25/26 and
    11 27/28 ..."
    12 Sir, those are Selle, Sola and Tomic.
    13 "... however I do definitely recognise the one in
    14 photos 29 and 30... "
    15 That, sir, is Veres.
    16 "... he had a camera slung across his shoulder and
    17 he was in the tunnel. He was taking photos calmly.
    18 "I do not recognise the individuals in photos 31/32
    19 and 33/34."
    20 Sir, those two are Cardinale and Hounsfield.
    21 "You have shown me a photo album containing pictures
    22 of two-wheeled vehicles. After careful examination,
    23 I can tell you that I do not recognise the motorbike
    24 that I saw, or any other. I have to admit that I did
    25 not pay any real attention to that kind of thing.
    1 "I have not seen much of Belkacem since these
    2 events.
    3 "I have nothing to add. I remain at your disposal."
    4 It then says:
    5 "Having read the statement himself,
    6 M Abdelatif Redjil agreed its contents and signed it
    7 with me at 1900 hours."
    8 Sir, that is that statement.
    9 Statement of BELKACEM BOUZID (read)
    10 The second statement is that of Belkacem Bouzid,
    11 which was taken by Police Lieutenant Vincent Delbreilh
    12 at 1555 hours on 29th September 1997.
    13 He gave his name as Belkacem Bouzid. He gave his
    14 date of birth as 24th January 1953 and he is a French
    15 national.
    16 "As to the facts: I note that I am being interviewed
    17 as a witness under the terms of Letter Rogatory ...
    18 issued on 2nd September 1997 by M Herve Stephan."
    19 Then the form is the same that I read for the last
    20 witness, sir.
    21 "I do not know the names of the persons under
    22 investigation, with the exception of Romuald Rat, who
    23 I saw on television a few days after the event.
    24 "On the night of Saturday 30th to Sunday
    25 31st August 1997, I was at the Place de la Reine Astrid
    1 in Paris 8 together with a friend, Mustapha, whose
    2 surname I do not know.
    3 "We were chatting, when all of a sudden I heard
    4 a loud screeching of brakes followed by two very loud
    5 bangs, the second even louder than the first, coming
    6 from the direction of the Alma Tunnel, some 20 metres
    7 away. I immediately realised that it was a serious
    8 accident.
    9 "The hooter was stuck on and was sounding
    10 continuously.
    11 "I ran with Mustapha in the direction of the tunnel.
    12 I jumped over the low wall and then got a general view
    13 of the scene in the tunnel: there was a large Mercedes
    14 motor car with massive frontal damage and with smoke
    15 coming out of the radiator. It had come to a stop
    16 facing against the direction of the traffic, with its
    17 front on the Place de la Concorde side.
    18 "I rushed over to the crashed vehicle and, when
    19 I got there I immediately saw that the driver was
    20 crushed inside...
    21 "I saw the front seat passenger ..."
    22 He then goes on to describe him, being:
    23 "... held in place by the safety belt, slumped over
    24 the airbag. I saw that he was trapped inside
    25 the vehicle and that it was impossible to get his door
    1 open, and that therefore, it was best not to touch him.
    2 "In the rear I saw a man aged around 40 ... and
    3 I could see straightaway that he was dead.
    4 "Alongside him, between the front right-hand side
    5 seat and the rear seat, I could see the curled-up figure
    6 of a blonde lady. She had a wound to her forehead and
    7 the bracelet of her watch was undone. She was moaning
    8 and said a few words in English, 'my God, my God',
    9 I think ... Her shoes were still on her feet.
    10 "I tried to open the lady's door with my friend
    11 Mustapha, but we could not get it open.
    12 "We were the first ones to try to open one of the
    13 car's doors, that one being the one that looked to me
    14 the easiest to open, but which nevertheless turned out
    15 to be stubborn.
    16 "I should add that when I went into the tunnel, at
    17 the same time as I saw the crashed car, I also saw
    18 flashes from cameras coming from the back of the car.
    19 I was surprised, but nevertheless not unduly concerned
    20 because I thought that the emergency services were
    21 already there.
    22 "However, on approaching the car I saw that there
    23 were just photographers, four in number.
    24 "As I tried to get the car door open, I asked one of
    25 the photographers, specifically the fattest one among
    1 them, who was near the car, what I should do.
    2 "This fat photographer, who was taking focused shots
    3 of the car, replied: 'Don't touch anything,
    4 it's Princess Diana, she's with Dodi'.
    5 "I then asked him again, 'What shall I do, what
    6 shall I do?'.
    7 "The fat photographer told me to get all the cars
    8 back, which is what I did with Mustapha.
    9 "In fact, whilst we were by the car, vehicles
    10 arrived from the direction of Place de la Concorde and
    11 a traffic jam started forming in the underpass.
    12 "... When I went into the underpass, there were no
    13 vehicles other than the crashed Mercedes either before
    14 you got to the vehicle coming from Concorde, or after
    15 it. I neither saw any cars nor motorbikes. I did not
    16 see any vehicles leave.
    17 "However, there were vehicles passing slowly on
    18 the opposite carriageway to the one where the accident
    19 had taken place.
    20 "After having got the vehicles back, I returned to
    21 the Mercedes and saw that some people had managed to
    22 open the rear door and that Mustapha was holding
    23 the Princess's hand. Someone who said he was a doctor
    24 started to administer aid to the Princess.
    25 "It was then that I heard one photographer say to
    1 the others: 'No photos of the inside'.
    2 "The photographers, whose numbers were increasing,
    3 were all around the car, taking photos of it.
    4 "Then, a police car arrived with two officers in
    5 uniform, one of whom was powerfully built. I went over
    6 to them and told them it was Lady Di and her fiance.
    7 "They got out of their car and started getting the
    8 people pushed back.
    9 "Then the fire brigade arrived, followed by
    10 the SAMU. I saw the firemen getting Dodi's body out and
    11 attempt to get him breathing again. I said to the SAMU
    12 that they had to be quick, that it was Princess Diana.
    13 "Some plain clothes police arrived and I gave my
    14 details to one of them and left with Mustapha.
    15 "As far as the photographers I saw when I arrived in
    16 the tunnel are concerned, the one I saw most clearly and
    17 to whom I spoke was a male, of European appearance, aged
    18 about 30 to 35, of medium height, healthy looking, with
    19 long black hair and no distinguishing features. He was
    20 carrying a camera with a large zoom lens. I do not
    21 remember how he was dressed.
    22 "I would be able to recognise him, and did actually
    23 do so when he appeared on television on France 3, it was
    24 Romuald Rat. I am positive of this.
    25 "He took several photographs, some of them close up
    1 to the crashed vehicle.
    2 "Another one of them was of European appearance,
    3 short, of medium build and carrying a camera with
    4 a large zoom lens. That is all I can say about him.
    5 I may be able to recognise him.
    6 "He took several photographs of the vehicle.
    7 "I do not remember the other two. They also took
    8 several pictures of the crashed vehicle.
    9 "I have been shown a photo album comprising 34
    10 pictures of the photographers.
    11 "I recognise among them the person in pictures 21
    12 and 22, it is Romuald Rat.
    13 "I do not however recognise the other three
    14 photographers who were at the scene when I reached
    15 the tunnel.
    16 "I do though recognise the bearded man in dungarees
    17 in pictures 29 and 30 as a photographer who arrived
    18 there a good while after the accident."
    19 Sir, I propose just to remind you that that is
    20 M Veres.
    21 "I have also been shown a photo album containing
    22 the pictures taken outside the Ritz Hotel.
    23 "In these photos, I also recognise Mr Rat, and in
    24 picture number 10, the bearded photographer wearing
    25 dungarees.
    1 "I do not recognise anyone else in them.
    2 "In reply to your question, that evening I was
    3 wearing a mustard-coloured smart jacket and a red and
    4 yellow patterned tie."
    5 He then gives a description of his friend, Mustapha,
    6 and explains where he lives.
    7 "I have nothing further to add other than that I did
    8 what I could."
    9 It then says:
    10 "Having read his statement himself, M Bouzid agreed
    11 its contents and signed it with me."
    12 Then there are signatures of both Mr Bouzid and
    13 Lieutenant Delbreilh.

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    Interesting. Certainly needs further investigation.

    I find it curious that the coincidence theorists who pooh pooh the questions about Diane's death by saying that we just can't accept that a princess, no less, could die in a car accident with a drunk driver at the wheel also say, with a straight face, that it is perfectly possible for one lone nut with no motive to kill the most professionally well protected politician in the world. And get away. :dancing2:
    "I think it would be a good idea." Mahatma Gandhi, when asked what he thought of Western civilization.

    The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways; the point is to change it.
    Karl Marx.

    "Well, he would, wouldn't he?" Mandy Rice-Davies, 1963, replied Ms Rice Davies when the prosecuting counsel pointed out that Lord Astor denied an affair or having even met her.

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    It was reported at the time that one of these two men was an American doctor.

    I remember this specifically because of the unlikely coincidence. I also raised this later with the Producer/Director of ITV's 3-part doco on Diana's death (he believed she had been offed and the doco focused on this possibility).

    It now looks to me as though all this was news "management".
    The shadow is a moral problem that challenges the whole ego-personality, for no one can become conscious of the shadow without considerable moral effort. To become conscious of it involves recognizing the dark aspects of the personality as present and real. This act is the essential condition for any kind of self-knowledge.
    Carl Jung - Aion (1951). CW 9, Part II: P.14

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