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Thread: Demand Dr. Tom Flanagonís immediate expulsion from University of Calgary

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    Default Demand Dr. Tom Flanagonís immediate expulsion from University of Calgary

    To: University of calgary Dr. Elizabeth Cannon
    University of Calgary

    Dr. Cannon,

    The last time there was a live televised order to assassinate someone was the religious edict issued by Ayatollah Khomeini to kill Salman Rushdie, the Author of Satanic Verses. Unfortunately in November 2010, Dr. Tom Flanagan called for the assassination of Mr. Julian Assange, the Founder of the Wikileaks website. Based on Canadaís criminal code incitement to commit murder is a crime, not to mention a gross unethical and immoral act.

    We, signatories of this petition, demand Dr. Flanagonís immediate expulsion from University of Calgary. We hope that University of Calgary does not squander its reputation by associating with someone who condones murder in the name of politics.
    The Undersigned
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    Myra Bronstein Guest


    Oh hell yes. Just outrageous.

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