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    About War Is Business

    • What is War Is Business? is a startup news site covering military contracting and the global arms trade. The basic idea is Rolling Stone guest-edits Jane’s Defence Weekly, without the high subscription fees or problematic dependence on certain corporate advertisers. Joe Strummer will provide the soundtrack.
    • Why call it that?
    W.I.B. begins with two assumptions.
    The first: A lot of people are making money from war, while enjoying the comforts of anonymity. Such people were once plainly called profiteers.
    The second: Privatizing war inevitably prolongs it, creating what economists call a “perverse incentive.” Those who profit from conflict stand to gain the longer it drags on.
    • How will this work?
    W.I.B. won’t just report that some huge multinational corporation has won a $100 million contract to build a new weapons system: W.I.B. will name the owners of the factory that makes the widgets for the weapons, and reveal which candidates they supported in the last election.
    The front page will cover the day’s news, offering original reporting and analysis, while W.I.B. reporters steadily compile vast, detailed dossiers on the thousands of corporations and people who every year make billions of dollars from the perpetuation of armed conflict around the world.
    • Who is behind this?
    W.I.B. was conceived and is chiefly edited by Corey Pein, an award-winning investigative journalist who has worked on staff at Columbia Journalism Review, Willamette Week, the Santa Fe Reporter and IHT ThaiDay, and contributed to Salon, Slate, The American Prospect, CounterPunch and BBC/PRI’s The World, among other places. Read his work at, and follow him on Twitter @coreypein.
    Global Conflict Research, Inc., a non-profit corporation, is the site’s research and fundraising affiliate.

    • Donate with your debit card, credit card or PayPal account:*
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    GCRI’s board of directors includes PJ Tobia, whose reports from Southern Africa, Afghanistan and India have appeared in the Washington Post, the Village Voice, the Christian Science Monitor, True/Slant and Al Jazeera English; and DuPont-award winning television and newspaper journalist Tom Grant, a former Knight-Wallace Fellow and current PhD candidate at the University of Idaho Center for Ethical Theory and Honor In Competition and Sport.
    GCRI’s advisory board includes:
    Tim Shorrock, the investigative journalist and author of Spies for Hire: Inside the Secret World of Intelligence Outsourcing;
    Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter Nigel Jaquiss;
    historian Nick Turse, editor of The Case for Withdrawal From Afghanistan and author of The Complex: How the Military Invades Our Everyday Lives;
    Harvard-trained management consultant David Breecker; and,
    Gong Szeto, entrepreneur and designer
    As soon as possible, GCRI will apply for tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service. In the meantime, we are seeking a 501(c)3 fiscal sponsor.
    Crowdsourcing and Wikileaks-style document dumps have their place, but the best investigative reporting requires the time and dedication of skilled journalists who know what information to look for, where to find it, how to vet its accuracy—and how to convey their findings to the public.
    In terms of expenses, that means: reliable internet service, big phone bills, document retrieval and copying fees, database subscriptions, software licenses, electricity, notepads and pens, for a start—not to mention compensation for the programmers, designers, reporters, photographers, editors and other skilled professionals working for the site.
    The accounts of W.I.B. and GCRI will be public to the greatest possible extent. Their goal is not profit, but financial independence, which is required for true freedom of speech.
    Until GCRI obtains tax-exempt status or finds a fiscal sponsor, contributions are not tax-deductible.
    Write to editor [at] for a up-to-date list of what we need most.
    • Attention
    Maybe you don’t have money, equipment or expertise. Then lend W.I.B. your time.

    The time-intensive work of data entry is crucial to the growth of the site. Fortunately, pretty much anyone with an internet connection and a spreadsheet program can help. Email editor [at] to get involved.
    At the very least, take the time to keep tabs on the people who are profiting from the misery of the others: Read, and tell your friends.
    "I think it would be a good idea." Mahatma Gandhi, when asked what he thought of Western civilization.

    The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways; the point is to change it.
    Karl Marx.

    "Well, he would, wouldn't he?" Mandy Rice-Davies, 1963, replied Ms Rice Davies when the prosecuting counsel pointed out that Lord Astor denied an affair or having even met her.

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    What a wonderful idea and far overdue.

    Name the names...
    The shadow is a moral problem that challenges the whole ego-personality, for no one can become conscious of the shadow without considerable moral effort. To become conscious of it involves recognizing the dark aspects of the personality as present and real. This act is the essential condition for any kind of self-knowledge.
    Carl Jung - Aion (1951). CW 9, Part II: P.14

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