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Thread: How scary is this? And was it used on 911?

  1. Default How scary is this? And was it used on 911?

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    I am surprised that nobody has responded to this.

    Something like this could have been used on 911 to create many
    of the hijackers, victims, plane passengers, etc.

    It is a crime to create a false identity...but apparently NOT if you
    are the government.

    What possible LEGITIMATE USE could this be used for by the

    Google 911 fake victims.


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    I don't know of any legitimate use but since when has the US government been concerned with such niceties? Not in my life time.

    This particular software was not available at the time of the 911 events but the US government and its agencies have long been involved in the creation and use of false identities. There are many in the JFK case alone. It would be of no surprise to find that there are fake victims but there are also real victims.
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    jack here is another article that may connect surprise if the gov created false ids, let alone false anything...they believe they are a god unto themselves, but a false one, which has not occurred to them as yet, but it shall.....take care thanks...b
    I Was a Sock Puppet for the CIA
    Well, not really. But I could be, and so could you, thanks to a plan by the US military to create fake online personae to spread pro-US propaganda. By Dan Tynan, ITworld Are you seeking an exciting career pretending to be multiple fake people online ...

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    "Persona management software" is sick stuff and may well have been used on 911, as well as other false-flag ops and provocations. It is certainly used for no good; increasingly one has to wonder who is who, and if the 'who' is at all backed by a real person, or just computer software. Totally sick society - with the sickness coming from the top - down. IMO. It certainly is a dream come true for the sickos in the intel community and behind deep political mischief!!!! Should be illegal, but fits in precisely with corporations being 'persons'; now computer files can be 'persons' too. Sort of a civil rights movement for non-humans to be 'persons' - all in the service of control and profit by the few over the many. Criminal minds run our military, corporations, intelligence and government increasingly. Very sad. We are not moral enough, nor wise enough, nor governed by real [sic] people decent enough to handle the technology being developed - from computer programs to weapons to shock and awe shows to wars to environmental destruction - and all in between. The criminal mischief such software could create is almost endless. I imagine it can even, combined, with voice mimic software make fake phone calls for 'someone'. Certainly could create 'actions' by some real person, by their fake persona[s] to set them up for a nice long prison sentence or death row - and one could imagine endless other scenarios. Now, what you do or don't do doesn't matter. If the Boys Behind the Curtain want to paint you as having done/being something other, its only keystrokes away. And they can and do, obviously, create totally fictitious ones - again only a few keystrokes away. On rare occasions these non-persons can likely even appear as holograms, to be 'seen' in the 'flesh'. Lovely use of technology in the service of fascist control.

    It won't make big news in the MSM or mainstream.....they are part of the same control mechanisms; and the few good persons in them are either afraid for their jobs to pursue such, or in denial.
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