nomolies 11/22/63

Copyright © Vincent Palamara, April 1998
The following is a detailed compendium of every interesting bit of information gleaned from all of the AVAILABLE network film/ video footage. Compare this list to “official” history: I. ABC/WFAA (Dallas)

1) Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce Breakfast Speech, morning of 11/22/63(carried live): just before JFK is scheduled to come out of the pantry area, the announcer starts going into detail about the 1901 assassination of President William McKinley by Leon Czolgosz, who he describes as "a man with a long history of mental illness"(?)
2) Love Field arrival, later in the morning of 11/22/63(carried live): Bob Walker stresses the Secret Service's presence, a little more than necessary.
3) First reports immediately after the shooting: "some of the Secret Service agents thought the gunfire was from an automatic weapon fired from the right rear, PROBABLY FROM A GRASSY KNOLL WHERE POLICE RUSHED".
4) Jim (Ed) Haggerty (Ike's Press Secretary for 8 years, now an ABC executive and commentator): "I had a hand in the planning of many motorcades...I have seen many motorcades...(this assassination) is a little different than any other- a rifle was used...has to be a planned conspiracy( as w/ Truman attempt)...First time in our history where a rifle was used...whoever fired it...could handle a rifle...must have been a carefully planned tragedy and conspiracy", to which Don Goddard responded, " (This) adds one to the case for conspiracy".
5) DPD outrider James Chaney: In an interview with Bill Lord, Chaney explained that he was "riding on the right rear fender" of JFK's limo during the shooting, and that "the President was struck in the face" by the SECOND shot. Lord ended the interview by telling the audience that "(Chaney) was so close his uniform was splattered with blood"!.
6) Dead agent "story"?: Eddie Barker of KRLD-TV said, "The word is that the President was killed, one of his agents is dead, and Governor Conally was wounded". from Washington: " A Secret Service agent apparently was shot by one of the assassin's bullets". Bill Lord: " did confirm the death of the Secret Service of the Secret service agents was killed...Secret Service usually walk beside the car ". again, from Washington: "One of the Secret Service agents traveling with the President was killed today" . Associated Press Wire (read over the air): " A Secret Service agent and a Dallas policeman were shot and killed...some distance from where the president was shot".
7) Aubrey Rike: " We picked up an epileptic[ Jerry Belknap]...(the Secret Service told us)we would have to remove the remains(of JFK)"-
8) Dennis McGuire(Rike's partner): " A Secret Service man told us to prepare to load(the) body" and put JFK in the hearse. McGuire added that "one of the Secret Service men- three of them- DROVE OFF AND LEFT MR. O'NEAL AND THE REST OF US JUST STANDING THERE"! Compare this to "official" history (Rike's later statements ).
9) Funeral home detour?: Bob Clark-" The President's body (was) taken to a Dallas funeral home". Jay Watson- " (JFK's body) is being taken to one of the funeral homes here in Dallas".
10) AFTER Lee Harvey Oswald's capture- formal statement read by Dallas Mayor Earle Cabell: "the irrational act of a single man...all possible security precautions were taken (between Dallas Police and the Secret Service)...this could only be the act of a deranged man"- I feel better now that Earle set us straight(!).
11) DPD Chief Jesse Curry: "We have heard he (Oswald) was PICKED UP BY A NEGRO IN A CAR"- this was Roger Craig's story!!!.
12) ABC commentator Paul Goode( a most objective, unbiased, unopinionated newsman): "100% airtight case...Oswald had a rather sickly smile on his face...mounting pile of evidence against him...Chief Curry is very encouraged by the preliminary test[?!]...silly smirk on his(Oswald's) face...Communism...seems to be the most likely reason...he's refused to confess...the case against him is airtight"- Case Closed!?.
13) Dr. Robert R. Shaw Press Conference (Connally's surgeon), 7:00 CST 11/22/63: "The bullet is in the hasn't been will be removed before he goes to the recovery room"(?!)- what about CE399(the stretcher bullet) that entered the record around FIVE hours earlier?.
14) Mary Moorman- first shot struck JFK.
15) Charles Brehm-"first shot hit him(JFK)".
16) The Newmans- the head shot came from the grassy knoll.
17) Jean Hill- heard 4 to 6 shots.
18) The rifle(which one?): ".25 caliber rifle". "7.65 German Mauser"[said three different times]." Argentine 6.5 Mauser". " Argentine-made rifle[said two different times]".
19) The President's head wound: shot in the RIGHT TEMPLE[said several different times].
20) Dallas D.A. Henry Wade: "People CANNOT positively identify him (oswald) there (in the window)"- too bad Wade would forget this "official" statement in his later years, telling newsmen in the '90's that upwards of 6 people did see Oswald in the window!.
21) BEFORE attempted transfer of Oswald: Bill Lord: "(It's) like an armed camp...police officials are frankly worried...they don't want anything to happen to Oswald". Roger Sharpe: " All possible security precautions have been taken...Bill Decker has done everything possible to maintain strict security". Lord again: " Extreme precautions have been taken...police officials are worried...there are many weopons visible...(the police are) ready to prevent anything they possibly can".
22) IMMEDIATELY after Ruby shot Oswald: Bob Walker: " probably more security used for Oswald than for the President(?!)...most stringent security precautions"- give me a break!.
23) Janet Adams Conforto a.k.a. JADA ( about Ruby): "He disliked Bobby Kennedy...I don't think he loved Kennedy that much"-hey, that goes against "official" history. Oh, well, at least Jada didn't get in trouble for her little "mistake"-did she?.
24) those nasty rumors"- Bob Clark: " rumor that Oswald was in the Carousel last week". Jay Watson: " One of the workers at the Carousel recognized Oswald in the audience". Robert MacNeil: " A performer- a memory expert- saw Oswald in Ruby's club". Roger Sharpe: " Many, many rumors...linking Ruby to Oswald"- so much so that the media reported that the Dallas police were going on the "assumption" that Ruby and Oswald DID know each other and that Ruby killed Oswald to shut him up.
25) Dallas' finest- Both Jim Leavelle and Patrick Dean recognized Ruby, as they had known him long before 11/22/63.
26) C.A. Droby(a lawyer/friend of Ruby's): He "has been threatened". As Droby himself said on the air, " I received two calls that I would be the next to die"-these calls came from " a man". Droby added: "I was standing pretty close to the Sheriff's office" on 11/22/63.
27) 47 witnesses and counting- ABC's Bob Clark, who rode in the motorcade, ALSO said the presidential limousine stopped during the shooting... II. NBC/WBAP-TV(Dallas)

1) "automatic weopon", "British 303 rifle", "30-30 rifle", " 7.65 German Mauser", "British, German, (or) Japanese"-gee, everything BUT a 6.5 Italian Mannlicher Carcano!.
2) Dallas Police statement: "The most stringent security precautions in the city's history"(?).
3) Capt. Will Fritz: "Oswald hasn't admitted to anything yet, but HE LOOKS LIKE A GOOD SUSPECT".
4) JFK shot in right temple[said several times].
5) the "dead" agent continued.
6) Jean Hill (via a live phone hook-up)- 4 to 6 shots, came from a hill, etc..
7) the murder weopon- "No fingerprints on it-sent to FBI here in Washington for analysis".
8) Robert MacNeil- NO mention of running into Oswald, although he DOES go into detail about using the phone at the TSBD, among other things.
9) Donald Wayne House- the Fort Worth suspect: shown and discussed about to a confused public- what about Oswald?.
10) Newsmen Frank McGee and Bill Ryan- JFK's wounds were in "the back of the head and , incongrously, someway or another, in the front of the neck". This dilemna was pondered over by Robert MacNeil, as well.
11) Houston motorcade clip from 11/21/63- shows JFK's limo surrounded by approx. 18 motorcycles ! III. CBS/KRLD-TV(Dallas)

1) Dan Rather explains it all for us- The fatal wound to JFK "entered at the base of the throat and exited at the base of the neck on the back side"- what?! This is almost as bad as Hoover's call to LBJ describing the shooting sequence.
2) Immediately after Ruby shot Oswald- Newsman:" Everyone down here thought (he) was a Secret Service agent"(?!).
There are other anomolies and items of interest on the AVAILABLE video footage, but these are the most important. It would be nice if we could obtain ALL of the video from the networks, particularly CBS. Nevertheless, this network video survey is a vivid reminder to us all that ,before we go believing what's in print, it is a good idea to take a long hard look at what was said on the air that day: 11/22/63.
Sources: "The Kennedy Tapes"(1983)- 14 hours of edited ABC footage from 11/22 to 11/24/63. A&E's rebroadcast of the NBC tapes-6 hours(1988). 1988 special by Dan Rather and CBS , "Four Days in November"- 2 hours of heavily edited footage sorry no link...could not find it, he has so much now on the web...b