Valkyrie at Dealey Plaza - By Bill Kelly

The new movie Valkyrie takes its name from the code word for the Nazi generals plot to assassinate Hitler, which resulted in the July 20, 1944 bombing at the Wolf's Lair bunker.(1)

In an article I wrote some years ago I detail how some of those individuals involved in this plot to kill Hitler were also entwined with the events at Dealey Plaza. [July 20, 1944 - November 22, 1963](2)

What happened at Dealey Plaza was either the work of a lone, deranged madman or a carefully designed and succesfully conducted conspiracy. If a conspiracy, one of my hypothesis is that it was done by those who had done it before and have done it since, serial political assassins. While first instincts took me directly to Guatemala and Cuba, all providing not only scenarios but veterans who are bit players in the Dealey Plaza drama, the July 20, 1944 attempt on Hitler stands out uniquely.

It was Volkmar Schmidt who first mentioned to me in an interview [See: Volkmar Schmidt Interview](3), that he brought up the subject of the Hitler assassination plot with the accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, at a private party one evening in February of 1963.

Kelly: You mentioned General Walker when you talked with Oswald?

Schmidt: Yes, Professor Kuetemeyer told me you know, to deal with people like this who are disturbed, you have to use empathy, be slightly over zealous yourself to like up with them and that total insanity, towards reality. When I heard how hateful he was towards Kennedy and Cuba, which was kind of irrational, I tried to say "hey, there’s something much more real to be concerned about," because I don’t know about Castro, but I know about this Walker, he’s kind of a Nazi, yea? Not so bad as those Nazis in Germany, but I had specifically mentioned to Lee Harvey Oswald, that Walker had given a speech to the students at the Mississippi campus and those guys went off and killed a couple of journalists....

K: So do you think your conversation with Oswald about Walker may have instigated him to take a pot shot at him?

S: Yes, he did, and naturally it was a terrible responsibility, and for years when I drove past the underpass I literally had to cry because, you know. But I exonerate myself completely because I had the best intent, embarrassed Kennedy, and I certainly didn’t tell him to take a pot shot at him...I may have triggered it. Actually, a few days after I talked with him, he bought his weapons.

As for Volkmar Schmidt's association with those in the plot to kill Hitler, Schmidt mentions Professor Kuetemeyer, who "...was certainly, and many of his friends were in the circle of those who tried to kill Hitler, Stauffenberg, and several of his close friends were executed, and one of the sons of his friends, lived at his house and became and is still a very close friend of mine. Fritz from Holland...Fritz first name Frederick, Von - the symbol of nobility, Von Halen. He was actually arrested before the plot came out. He knew about the plot and was tortured to death. And another gentleman who was involved was Von Trott, a friend of Kuetemeyer." (4)

Also heavilly involved in Valkyrie was one Dr. Hans Bernd Gisevius. A Gestapo officer assigned to Switzerland, Gisevius tried to get Allen Dulles, the OSS chief of Bern, to eleminate Hitler, broker a separate peace between Germany and the Western Allies, and fight the Russians together. This plot evolved into the July 20th bomb explosion at the Fuhrer’s “Wolfschanze” bunker headquarters near Rastenburg, Germany. (5)

Col. Claus Schenk Grav von Stauffenberg planted a briefcase bomb under the map table next to Hitler, left the bunker, witnessed the explosion and the flew back to Berlin where he met with Gisevius. Together they drew up press releases to counter Goebel’s propaganda, but when it became clear that the bomb failed to kill Hitler (the heavy wooden table leg saved his life), those responsible were rounded up and executed. Many hundreds, some say thousands were eventually implicated, but somehow, Gisevius went underground and eventually escaped using false identification provided to him by Allen Dulles, though his personal assistant Mary Bancroft. (6)

Mary Bancroft, the stepdaughter of the publisher of the Wall Street Journal, was also Dulles’ mistress at the time, and served as a intermediary between Dulles and Gisevius. As related in her own Autobiography of a Spy Mary Bancroft was a close personal friend of Michael Paine’s mother Ruth Forbes Paine Young. Their close friendship dated from the 1920s when Ruth Forbes Paine was married to New York architect Lyman Paine, one of the founders of the Trotyskite movment in the U.S. and father of Michael Paine. Bancroft and Ruth Forbes Paine traveled extensively overseas and were together on board an ocean liner when Bancroft met her future husband, a Zurich businessman. Once set up in Switzerland, she hooked up with Dulles.(7)

And once set up in Texas, back from the USSR, Oswald met Volkmar Schmidt and Ruth Hyde Paine at the same party. Schmidt would give Oswald a history lesson, applying the Hitler assassination analogy to General Walker, and Ruth Paine would become Oswald's benefactor.

Just think, Schmidt asked Oswald, how history would have changed if Hitler had been assassinated?

VALKYRIE - The Movie

Now with the Hollywood version of the conspiracy up on the big screen and a certifiable superstar playing the romantic hero Von Stauffenberg, in what's reputed to be a historically faithful script, there's suddenly new interest in this once obscure, failed assassination attempt, and how it's changed history.

July 20, 1944 just doesn't ring as true as December 7th or September 11th, but that was the date Hitler was suppose to die, and because he didn't the world has never been the same. Just think how things would be as equally different today if John F. Kennedy slouched down on his wife's lap instead of taking a bullet to the head, and got out of Dealey Plaza alive? How many people would have been implicated in the conspiracy?

Well, after July 20, 1944, hundreds if not thousands of Germany's elte, often nobel class, including Gen. Rommel, were implicated in the conspiracy, and in some cases, their entire families executed. It is telling that both Wolf's Lair and Dealey Plaza operations were not only political assassinations, but coup d'etats designed to take over the administrative powers of government and change policy, with one being successful and the other not.

While the movie does not appear to be a box office sensation, it is in the popular mainstream, and has garnered favorable reviews, including one by Kurt Loder at MTV News, and the other, by Phil Villarreal.

Loder incorrectly asserts that the Day of the Jackel is fictional, as there really is Carlos the Jackel and there were covert attempts to assassinate DeGaul by the OAS over Algeria. (8)

In his review of the movie, Phil Villarreal notes that "There is a certain satisfaction in watching the plot come together. Amazingly it was actually Hitler who signed off on his own potential death warrent by authorizing changes in a contingency plan that set reserve troops into action to suppress a government takeover. Von Stauffenberg and his confederates wanted to use the troops to stifle the SS after Hitler's death." (9)

Indeed. Besides the characters involved in both Valkyrie and Dealey Plaza, an attribute of the Valkarie plot adapted into the Dealy Plaza plot was a Northwoods false flag variation to blame the assassination on the opposition (the SS and Castro), and having the intended victim actually administratively approve the operation.

They convinced Hitler to alter the contingency plan in a national emeregency, what we now know as the Continunity of Government (COG) to allow for the change in leadership in the event of Hitler's assassination, thus getting him to sign his own death warrent, which he escaped.

Kennedy wasn't as lucky once he was convinced to approve certain (maritime) covert actions against Cuba that were originally congingency plans, and evidently used against him at Dealey Plaza. These specific operations were administratively approved by JFK, but also personally exposed to RFK as the director of the Cuban operations, so he was effectively blackballed from responding to his brother's assassination. (10) [See: JFK Assassination - The Administrative Details ]

Former Pennsylvania Senator Richard Schewiker once said that "there are fingerprints of intelligence" all over the assassination of President Kennedy, and some of those fingerprints are found in other, similar operations. Valkyrie had only been a decade prior to Dealey Plaza, so its quite understandable how the same players could be involved in both, but it also fits nicely into the historicial glove.

Both Valkyrie and Dealy Plaza included getting the victm to sign off on the operations used, and a false flag, Northwoods angle to blame the assassination on the opposition, the SS in Hitler's case, and Castro by framing Oswald as the assassin.

That these facits were built into the Dealey Plaza operation show how complicated it really was, and their similarities give us clues to who was behind it, and shows how it is still effecting us today. Now we have to deal with the contemporary continuation of the same psychological warfare oprations, like those posed by Brothers In Arms and Legacy of Secrecy, both new books about the assassination that mention the Valkarie plot.

In her (January 6, 2008 column) Liz Smith gave Lamar Waldron's Legacy of Secrecy a thumbs up write up, in which she wrote, "YOU MAY WONDER why the FBI and CIA withheld information from the committee. By the time of JFK's murder, dozens of (Carlos)Marcello associates had infiltrated a CIA operation code-named AMWORLD, a project started by JFK himself. Writer Waldron revealed this back in 2005. This was the CIA's top-secret plan to cooperate with Cuba's army commander, Juan Almeida, to stage a coup against Fidel Castro on Dec. 1, 1963. That was 10 days after JFK's trip to Dallas. (The CIA and the Joint Chiefs of Staff even referred to the World War II plot to kill Hitler as their role model for getting rid of Castro. You can see that story told by Tom Cruise in the new movie 'Valkyrie.')" (11)

Now I'm looking for that reference in Legacy of Secrecy, but it jumped right out at me when I was reading Brothers In Arms.

Knowing there was something going on between Valykrie and Dealey Plaza, I was still taken aback when I read the following passage in Gus Russo's new book Brothers In Arms.

"...But the (Cubala/AM/LASH) plot hurtled forward in hopes of success before the 1964 elections in the U.S. Joseph Califano, of the Pentagon's Cuban Coordinating Committee, was being pressed by Des FitzGerald for all the Defense Department intel he could get on the key Cuban military officers, scoping for a 'mole' within the regime. 52 FitzGerald was about to brief the Joint Chiefs and, although Califano was excluded from the meeting on September 25, Des and the Agency were, according to memos later released, studying how German generals had plotted to kill Hitler, in order to develop a way to organize high-ranking Cuban officers to kill Castro. 53.

Russo Notes: #52. Califano. p. 124. #53. Califano citing: JCS Memo for the Record, Walter Higgins, "Brifing by Mr. Desmond FitzGerald on CIA Cuban Operations and Planning," JFK Collection, JCS Papers, J-3, #29, 202-10001-10028, NARA, which Rex Bradford over at the Mary Ferrell Archives has conviently posted on line.

The memo, written by a Col. Higgins, deputy to the late Gen. Krulak,concerned a(Sept. 25, 1963) briefing on Cuban operations given to the Joint Chiefs of Staff by Desmond Fitzgerald. "He commented that there was nothing new in the propaganda field. However, he felt that there had been great success in getting closer to the military personnel who might break with Castro, and stated that there were at least ten high-level military personnel who are talking with CIA but as yet are not talking to each other, since that degree of confidence has not yet developed. He considers it as a parallel in history; i.e., the plot to kill Hitler; and this plot is being studied in detail to develop an approach." (13)

In the assassination of President Kennedy we find that covert anti-Castro Cuban operations, approved by JFK, and intentionally exposed to RFK, were utilized in the assassination of President Kennedy, thus blackballing RFK from retaliation after the death of JFK.

Looking closely at the specific CIA authorized attacks against Castro that were connected directly to what happened at Dealey Plaza I came up with the June, 1963 Bayo-Pawly raid and the Halloween night attack by the raider mother ship Rex.

[See: JFK Assassinaiton - The Administrative Details ]

On April Fool's Day, April 1, 1963, those responsible for covert operations against Cuba, the Cuban Coordinating Committee, suggested a number of specific plans to be directed against Castro, some of which were later approved by the President. Some of these specific operations approved by the President, which involved maritime attacks against Cuba from Florida (Bayo/Pawley-Operation Red Cross/the Rex), included agents and operatives who later became entwined in the events of that took place in Dallas.

Lamar Waldron argues that the Mafia dons redirected the plan for a coup in Cuba to kill JFK, while Gus Russo contends that Oswald acted on behalf of Cubans who retaliated in response to the JFK/RFK plots to kill Castro.

There most certainly was a plot to kill Castro, one that utilized Valkyrie attributes, which was turned and utilized at Dealey Plaza, but it is more likely that those responsible for redirecting the target were those who were planning the operation, not the Mafia or Cubans.

I think the origin of the Dealey Plaza operation can be traced back to the same offices where the Valkyrie Plan was developed for use against Castro, and those CIA/DIA officers were responsible.

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