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Thread: Valkyrie at Dealey Plaza

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    Default NAZIS and JFK

    Following on the above information about Nazis, is everyone going to the movies to watch Operation Finale which is coming out August 29? It is rated as 97% on Rotten Tomatoes. The public is still fixated on both the Hitler era and also the JFK assassination. My current theory is that the public knows subconsciously that they have been grossly lied to about both, so the public is suffering from COGNITIVE DISSONANCE.

    Thought folks might enjoy this quote from The Nazi Persecution of the Churches 1933-1945 by J.S. Conway at page 48. This was a quote from pastor Julius Leutheuser of the German Evangelical [Lutheran/Calvinist] Church on August 30, 1933:

    "Christ has come to us through Adolf Hitler. He was the decisive figure when the people were just about to go under. Hitler struck out for us, and through his power, his honesty, his faith and his idealism, the Redeemer found us...We know today the Saviour has come...We have only one task, be German, not be Christian."

    As for the above analysis, I don't believe that the wealthy were all that opposed to Soviet Communism. They would have gladly traded with the USSR just like the wealthy of today trade with Communist China and have sent 62 million of our manufacturing jobs to Communist China without batting an eye. It was the churches that were freaked out about Communism, not the wealthy IMHO.

    James Lateer

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    Default The Skorzeny Papers

    When you, Mr. Lemkin, posit that the wealthy were the ones who were rabid anti-Communists, that might seem like an obvious reality. However, when I dig down deeper into this question, the situation looks a little different. I would add as follows:

    1. The Bush family, Clarence Dillon of Dillon Read and J P Kennedy all had some sympathies toward Nazi Germany, but IMHO that was because they were actually doing business with Germany on a large scale and it didn't matter whether it was Hitler, Hindenberg or Adenauer.

    2. The adamant opposition to Communism had to be viewed on a country by country basis. For instance, the US Army commanders assumed that the cooperation with Stalin would continue indefinitely after WWII because it had paid such dividends. They were quickly re-educated about that.

    3. There was never any possibility that the US would go Communist. In the election where Hitler came to power in 1933, the Communists got 12.4% of the vote. In the US, Communists were allowed to be on the ballot, but received only 100K votes out of, say, 30 million.

    4. The fervent opposition to the "loss of China" (the first Red Scare) was led by Protestant Evangelical missionary interests. Chiang Kai-Shek was a Methodist. The actual John Birch himself was a Protestant missionary.

    5. The Second Red Scare led by McCarthy (related to E. Europe) was pushed by an alliance of Russian Orthodox folks from the Tolstoy Foundation in co-operation with Catholic interests led by McCarthy and his allies.

    6. The most important fact of all is that after the Battle of Stalingrad, the Nazis knew they would lose WWII. They immediately made long-range plans for the aftermath of the War. The leaders of this European strategy for the US were Allen Dulles and diplomat Robert Murphy. That's why the US chose to occupy Bavaria, (the Catholic portion of Germany).

    7. Only the incompetent Nazis like Goering got captured, tried and hanged at Nuremberg. It was the smarter, Catholic-connected, Austrian-connected, Munich-connected, Vatican-connected Nazis like Heinrich Muller, Otto Skorzeny, Martin Bormann and Eichmann who kept right on truckin' after the War. They had pre-planned starting in 1943 and had millions overseas by 1945. They invented the myth of the Alpine Fortress of Hitler. This justified Ike invading Catholic Bavaria and leaving the rest to the UK and the USSR.

    8. The master plan, implemented by Adenauer was to DELIBERATELY HAND OVER THE PROTESTANT AREAS OF GERMANY TO THE RUSSIANS. What most people didn't know is that Adenauer and the Austrian/Catholic Nazis wanted Germany divided so that the Catholic culture would be in the majority. Don't forget that Hitler was both Catholic and Austrian and put those priorities ahead of Germany as a whole (during his entire life right up to the end).

    9. That is why the European Union was kept "small" by Adenauer and only included Catholic France, Catholic Italy and the Catholic rump of Germany known as West Germany.

    10. It was the murder of JFK and the accession of Protestant German Ludwig Erhard that spelled the end of this pro-Catholic run in Germany. It lasted from Hitler's succession in 1933 to the murder of JFK in 1963.

    11. Once Ludwig Erhard took over (October, 1963), the rabid anti-Communists in both the US and Germany fell somewhat from power. LBJ was friendly with German Socialist Willi Brandt and the CDU/CSU party of Adenauer was forced to make a "Grand Coalition" with the Socialist SPD. Finally, in the 1970,s the Socialists took power in Germany under Willi Brandt.

    12. Once the exclusive Catholic activist grip on West Germany was broken, all of a sudden the UK and the Protestant countries began to gain access to the EU.

    13. The reason why the Adenauer Germans murdered JFK is because he was considered a turncoat Catholic by them. JFK was also considering a re-unification of Germany under a poliltically neutral plan (called the Rapacki Plan). This would have restored Germany to a Prussian and Protestant majority. Adenauer hated the Prussians and didn't like the Protestants all that much, either.

    So there you have my latest explanation for the motive for the Skorzeny-involved murder of JFK. JFK made the mistake of flirting with a neutral and Protestant reunified Germany.

    James Lateer

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    Kelly Declaration AARC v. CIA Re: Detailed Study of Hitler Plot

    Plaintiff :
    v. : Civil Action No. 17- 00160(TNM)
    Defendant. :
    __________________________________ :

    Declaration of William E. Kelly, Jr.
    I hereby declare and state that:

    1. I am a journalist, historian and author of two published regional history books, who has spent considerable time, since 1969, tracking down and interviewing JFK Assassination witnesses.

    2. In the course of my research in January 1995 I interviewed Volkmar Schmidt over the telephone, a conversation taped with his permission and subsequently transcribed and posted on the internet.

    3. In that interview Schmidt told me that he hosted a February 22, 1963 party at his Dallas residence for the expressed purpose of introducing Lee Harvey Oswald to Michael Paine.

    4. While Michael Paine did not attend that party, his wife Ruth Hyde Paine did and met Oswald’s Russian wife Marina, and they became close friends until the day of the assassination.

    5. At the same party Volkmar Schmidt said he had an extended 2-hour conversation with Lee Harvey Oswald in which he used a “reverse psychology” technique taught to him by his surrogate father, doctor Whilhelm Keutemeyer, professor of psychosomatic medicine at the University of Heidelberg, Germany.

    6. Keutemeyer, Schmidt said, had two associates who were part of the July 20, 1944 plot to kill Hitler, Herr Von Halen and dr. Adam von Trott zu Solz, both executed for their roles in the plot.

    7. Schmidt admitted mentioning the July 20, 1944 plot to Oswald and suggested right wing General Edwin Walker should be killed, much like Hitler should have been.

    8. Not long after their conversation Oswald purchased a rifle through the mail using the alias “Hidel” traceable to him when he could have bought an untraceable weapon at any Dallas sporting goods of department store with no identification.

    9. Oswald is accused of taking a shot at Walker through a window at his home on April 10, 1963, a shot that missed, with the remains of the bullet in the Kennedy Collection at the National Archives.

    10. Shortly after the Walker shooting Oswald relocated to his hometown of New Orleans where he got a job and an apartment while his wife Marina resided with Ruth Hyde Paine in Irving, Texas, before Ruth H. Paine drove Marina and the rifle to New Orleans.

    11. CIA Cuban Desk chief Desmond FitzGerald, looking for disenchanted Cuban military officers or anyone close to Castro, met with Dr. Rolando Cubella Secades (AMLASH) to encourage him to kill Castro, and another CIA case officer met with Cubella in Brazil on September 7, 1963.

    12. On September 7, 1963 Fidel Castro visited the Brazilian embassy in Havana and denounced US backed commando raids and attempts to kill Cuban leaders, as reported in an Associated Press dispatch published on September 9, 1963, ostensibly read by Lee Harvey Oswald in the New Orleans newspaper.

    13. In September 1963 Ruth Hyde Paine visited her relatives, including her husband Michael’s mother Ruth Forbes Paine Young - a close personal friend and traveling companion of Mary Bancroft.

    14. During World War 2 Mary Bancroft worked closely with Office of Strategic Services (OSS) officer Allen Dulles in Switzerland and they were closely associated with Nazi military intelligence officer Hans Bernd Gisevius, a major participant in the failed July 20, 1944 plot, assisting him in his escape from Germany.

    15. While visiting the Youngs in September 1963, Ruth Hyde Paine wrote to the pregnant Marina in New Orleans suggesting she return to Texas and live with her in Irving until the baby is born. For her response Marina was instructed to write to her in care of “Arthur Young – Paoli, Pa.”.

    16. Marina accepted and on September 24, 1963 Ruth Paine left the Young’s farm and drove to New Orleans, picked up Marina and the rifle and drove them to Texas while Oswald went to Mexico City.

    17. The following day, September 25, 1963, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Chaired by Air Force Chief of Staff General LeMay (while General Taylor was in Vietnam), met at the Pentagon where they were briefed on CIA covert operations in Cuba by Desmond FitzGerald.

    18. A memo/ minutes of the meeting was written by Col. Walter M. Higgins, Jr., assistant to General Victor H. Krulack, who was SACSA – Special Assistant for Counterinsurgency and Special Activities. In his memo Higgins wrote that FitzGerald reported that the CIA was preparing a “detailed study” of the July 20, 1944 plot against Hitler to be adapted for use against Castro in Cuba. Higgins wrote that FitzGerald, “Felt that there had been great success in getting closer to the military personnel who might break with Castro, and stated that there were at least ten high-level military personnel who were talking with CIA but as yet are not talking to each other, since that degree of confidence has not yet developed. He considers it as a parallel in history: i.e., the plot to kill Hitler; and this plot is being studied in detail to develop an approach.” (emphasis added).

    19. In October 1963 Ruth Hyde Paine helped Oswald obtain a job at the Texas School Book Depository, a building owned by D. H. – David Harold Byrd, a close personal friend of Air Force Chief of Staff General Curtis LeMay, who chaired the September 25, JCS meeting at the Pentagon.

    20. On November 22, 1963 D. H. Byrd was in Africa on a safari with Werner von Alvensleben, a German hunter who wrote an essay in support of the July 20, 1944 coup plotters and whose father was identified in an OSS document as an “assassination specialist.” Werner von Alvensleben’s favorite rifle was a Mannlicher-Schonauer, the Greek version of the Mannlicher rifle allegedly used in the assassination of President Kennedy. In December 1963 von Alvensleben visited Byrd in Dallas.

    21. On November 22, 1963 at the time of the assassination, the Joint Chiefs of Staff were meeting with the German General Staff that included two former Nazi officers who were directly involved in the July 20, 1944 plot, including Gen. Hans Speidel and Gen. Adolf Heusinger.

    22. D. H. Byrd later told friends, including the president of the Dallas Morning News, that he had removed the southeast corner window of the Texas School Book Depository, from which he believed the shots that killed the president to have originated, and displayed it in his home with his animal trophies, “where it became the centerpiece of many social gatherings”.

    23. The request for these records are not broad, but very precise, and they should be looked for among the records of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Asst. Army Sec. Joe Califano, Gen. Krulak’s papers, the files of Desmond Fitzgerald and Rolando Cubella, as well as any of those involved in planning for the covert operations in Cuba in 1963. When the CIA says that the July 20, 1944 plot to kill Hitler “is being studied in detail to develop an approach,” to kill Castro, then it is impossible for there to be no documentary record of this “detailed” study. And considering the numerous other associations between the July 20, 1944 plot within the JFK assassination narrative, its significance cannot be over stated.
    I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct.

    Executed on November 12, 2017. _____/s/ William E. Kelly, Jr. ____(Signature)
    If there is no struggle there is no progress. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.” - Frederick Douglass
    "Let me issue and control a nation's money and I care not who writes the laws. - Mayer Rothschild
    "Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience! People are obedient in the face of poverty, starvation, stupidity, war, and cruelty. Our problem is that grand thieves are running the country. That's our problem!" - Howard Zinn

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    Default The Skorzeny Papers

    [Ooops. Posted on the wrong thread]--JL

    I have recently inquired of a JFK researcher as follows (Maybe somebody reading this knows something about this issue):*************

    "Having finished reading the excellent book The Skorzeny Papers. I am looking forward to readIng [much more about this subject].

    I will mention something I have seen … on the topic of Gestapo Chief Heinrich Muller. In the version of the Muller Journals by Gregory Douglas called CIA Covenant: Nazis in Washington, Otto Skorzeny is mentioned in two periods. One is around November 5, 1949 and another is around August 1, 1950. As you know, most people think that this work by Douglas is a forgery. I am interested in the topic, however.

    On page 41 of the Douglas book, the quote is "Wisner talked about Skorzeny whom he hopes to install as his chief assassin very soon." Was this information regarding Skorzeny something that Gregory Douglas could have known from sources available to him as he wrote in the 1990's?

    Another quote at page 78 "Otto is working with the IRA now at the CIA's request." On page 163 of The Skorzeny Papers, Irishmen named Philip Mooney and William Hynes are mentioned. It is stated "both men survived the war, then 'all but disappeared from history in 1951.'" Then in The Skorzeny Papers, we read "The author was unable to make a connection between Skorzeny's Irish friends in Madrid from 1951 and either Brady or Stringer."

    Was Skorzeny working for the IRA from 1950 to 1952? Author Douglas mentions the murder of Lord Montbatten which did not happen until 1979, so this murder couldn't have been mentioned in Muller's journals unless they were written in 1979 or after. My main question is, does anything in the Skorzeny Papers that you know of, corroborate in any way the Muller Journals of Gregory Douglas?

    I would be interested if you know of anything, especially about Skorzeny and the Irish Republican Army.


    James Lateer

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    Default JFK, Valkyrie, Nazis, Operation Paperclip

    Recent research causes me to go back to this older material to connect dots:

    It is looking to me that some of the JFK assassination mechanism was embedded and hidden inside the US chemical and biological weapons programs.

    Just as the 9-11-2001 anthrax attack trail disappeared into the US chemical and biological weapons program, there are some threads of information in the JFK case which also seem to disappear inside that same "black box".

    I am thinking primarily about the New Orleans history surrounding the involvement of Dr. Alton Ochsner with Clay Shaw. Shaw had connections to Operation Paperclip but this was avoided by author Donald Carpenter in his biography of Shaw. And author Ed Haslem, a TrineDay published source, has described the New Orleans doctor Mary Sherman who was likely involved in chemical and biological weapons research for the government and who was murdered in a sadistic fashion.

    The literature on Operation Paperclip includes excellent books by author Annie Jacobsen and Tom Bower, just to name a couple. But these books deal almost exclusively with the Nazi rocket scientists and not at all with the chemical or biological side of things.

    We know that General Charles Willoughby was instrumental in bringing a Japanese expert on chemical and biological warfare to the US. It is also apparently true that Allen Dulles (in 1943) was informed that biological weapons were possibly being produced at the IG Farben plant at Hoechst or Leverkusen in Germany (by the Nazis). Operation Paperclip and its cousin the FIAT program were on the scene at Leverkusen in 1946.

    And of course the elephant in the room is the controversial book by Judyth Vary Baker detailing her allegations about the weaponization of cancer (almost too horrible to even say) by the U S intel agencies, using Clay Shaw as a paymaster.

    At would seem like the ex-Nazis who were rocket scientist were more important and influential in the JFK murder than those in chemical or biological arenas. But the secrecy surrounding this latter area is, by its nature, much more highly complete and some items of information about it have never been declassified, even today.

    James Lateer

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