Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
Newsletter for the Record/Information Dissemination Section (RIDS), "RIDS
FOIA BUZZ," 2009-2010 - PDF 2.5 MB


Department of Justice (DOJ) Office of Information Policy (OIP) FOIA
counselor logs, February 1, 2007 - PDF 22.3 MB


Redacted copies of two Library of Congress (LOC) Office of The Inspector
General (OIG) Audit Reports, 2001, 2005 - PDF 222 KB


Department of Justice (DOJ) Office of Legislative Affairs (OLA) records
retention schedules and records pertaining to those schedules, 1998, 2001 -
PDF 298 KB


Station (Development) Studies for the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit
Authority (WMATA), 2003-2007 - PDF 110 MB
NOTE: This is a large file; 127 Megabytes, containing several reports with
color illustrations