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    There was a commercial on TV about a guy who gets the time wrong for a flash mob and shows up at a train station lobby at the wrong time. It got my covert paranoia going and made me wonder if flash mobs are encouraged in order for the authorities to be able to identify the pattern of large groups spontaneously gathering by cell phone communication. Government could then use this pattern to program computers for security identification of forming mobs.

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    Could be. My understanding is that Flash Mobs have their origins in some sort of performance art going back a couple of decades. I remember being asked by some of my Fluxus and other artisit friends to participate. But there is no reason tptb wouldn't use it for their own purposes.
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    Albert, I think you are generally correct.

    There has been a phenomenon recorded elsewhere (I can import on request) which indicates flash mobs are being organized, particularly in inner cities but in a very spotted fashion across the States, to commit minor crimes of shoplifting. You can appreciate the scene when suddenly 20 kids show up in your convenience store and take what they want off the shelves and out of the coolers. The question remains as to whether these are self-generated or mimicking events, or not; from the point of view of wanting to create social chaos, disharmony, fear, terror, etc., it doesn't matter whose idea it was or who organized it.

    When you consider that the US government is "in bed" with most of the major Internet systems, phone services, social media, etc., and have vast tools that allow them virtually instantaneous analysis with the ability to "flip" the data at almost the same speed into a simulation, and when you consider the fact that the CIA is definitely involved in the use of "alternate reality games" (posted here but easily re-imported on request), and when you consider the documented use of intel systems, people and methods to create something out of whole cloth (be it event, false flag/war games/drills, "Gladio"-style Pop-up squads, COINTELPRO-infiltration, etc., I think you raise a very valid question.

    It deserves watching, pattern recognition, and deeper research, as well of course criminal investigation within the events. Os that happening? Is it diverted? Are inside sources being covered up?

    The flip side of the question -- very difficult to answer and effect -- is whether "the good guys" can use similar techniques in a reversal or adaptation to counteract or countermand the process, intent, and especially outcome. One blog worth following in this regard is John Robb's GlobalGuerillas: His entry for June 30th [ } is particularly interesting.
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