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Thread: 1976 : CIA Warned That Global Cooling Would Kill Us All

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    MMGW scientists have taken into consideration all of the points made about geological history on the website these TIME mag. covers come from. They have all been factored into the hypothesis that man is the prime factor in the present rapid heating of the atmosphere. Everyone needs to read THE DISCOVERY OF GLOBAL WARMING by Spencer R.Weart, Harvard U. Press, 2008. Weart is the Director of the Center for the History of Physics of the American Institute of Physics. Until one sees the larger picture he presents it seems reasonable to buy into the concepts of glacial history to explain climate change.
    If we are lucky our timing for accidentally heating up the atmosphere will coincide with falling temps of a returning ice age and we will come out smelling like a rose. At present though, worldwide, we are adding CO2 at the rate of 95 million tons per day which is too much too fast and we will destroy civilization sooner than if it was a returning ice age doing the deed.

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    i guess i lost my reply, anyhoo, hello gary good to see you out and about, this topic will go on forever i hope all has in the past, but good to see it being discussed, hope all are well, and take is ICEBERG ALLEY FOR YOU..:bee:

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