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    Anybody have word on when that Lane/Bolden video is coming out?

    The video obviously gives heavy suggestion that Kellerman and the others stayed still by intent.

    Evica suggests they got fooled into a plan where they thought there was a mock attempt being done. What is kind of obvious is presidential protection protocol got very politically fluid and compromised in the Plaza that day. How that works into Oswald being in the lunchroom I don't know. Maybe he was told to be there?
    I also favour a fake attempt/security test being done that day and possible a Continuation of Government exercise. I only wish we had concrete evidence. Regarding Lane's new book, we are all waiting in anticipation. However i don't think that the CIA and only the CIA is the last word even if high ranking elements of the CIA were deeply involved in it.

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    Enough of CIA was involved to storm CIA headquarters with a democratic mob and take it apart splinter by splinter and scatter it to the winds. I think it would be refreshing for democracy to assert itself that way and show a clandestine group that operates by intimidation what democracy's all about. Especially when betrayed.

    They know what they did...

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    I have received and am reading Mark Lane, Last Word: My Indictment of the CIA in the Murder of JFK.

    Everything is new again.

    The association of the Letelier bombing, the Novo brothers fingered by Marita Lorenz, the brothers Buckley, amazing stuff.

    The author recounts the assurance by Bobby Kennedy that he would investigate to pursue the truth in his brother's death, probably "after winning California."

    The confidence that Dorothy Kilgallen would place her material with her friend for safekeeping--then they are both dead within 48 hours.

    Lisa Howard who was so inconvenient as to warrant a high-level memo to get her out of the way, and she drops en route to the pharmacist for the means to save her life.

    The man knows about smears in lieu of argument.

    He is relentless.

    3C ang signed.JPG

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    Plausible Denial is a great book,Lane did a terrific job aside from being an author he is a lawyer doing what lawyers do.

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    On page 61 of Last Word Sturgis tells Marita Lorenz that she was to be used as a decoy. Is it possible Lorenz was drafted-in at the last minute by Sturgis because the intended decoy, Rose Cheramie, had backed-out?

    Knowing now that an elaborate decoy plan was set-up, how does that reflect on Umbrella and Dark Complexion Man?

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    I am curious about what decoy duty was to be performed by Ms Lorenz and/or Ms Cheramie. And, if I had the ways and means, and intelligence, to be a JFK Assassination Researcher, I would pursue all available knowledge regarding The Umbrella Man and Dark Complected Man. Maybe a photograph analysis of the relative body size of TUM and DCM, as compared to possible suspects thought to be identified as the actual duo. Maybe this has already been done, and I have not seen the research in this area. But, it is to me an interesting area of study, and would love to see the results. Another area I would pursue, if I could, would be the movements and any size abnormalities of Governor John B Connally among the frames of the Zapruder Film. Maybe what we see is accurate, and quite likley what is not seen, as well as what is seen more than once, is accurate as well. Just some thoughts of a student of research and researchers and authors, including Mark Lane.

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