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Thread: Lho and the backyard photos

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter Lemkin View Post
    Attachment 4408 Mystery solved.


    That you can't admit a mistake and apologize for jumping to conclusions AND down my throat is sad and disappointing. You strike me as better than that in all ways.
    Nothing wrong with a little humor... but your little tirade was uncalled for.

    Without the need for photogrammetry, microanalysis of grain structure and the rest... I've proven that whoever's body/hands/fingers that is, it is not the Oswald who Ruby killed....

    NOT a leap of faith, NOT we said / they said... but real proof.

    I've been on these boards and researching for almost 2 decades now and I had never seen a hand-to-hand comparison as I offered....
    NOT saying it hadn't been done, I just had not seen it.

    The other image I post and ask a simple question about is the rifle... I find four very easily identifiable differences between the BYP rifle and C2766...

    Close... yet no cigar....

    If you truly believe I have nothing to contribute, fine. Come at with with a reasonable rebuttal... I've been wrong in mytheories many times before and will continue to be wrong..
    That's why theories are put to a test before they can be accepted as representative of a solution... no?

    (Edit: a sincere apology was sent to me personally... why not here in the thread I'm not sure... but I will thank Peter for doing so, publically - DJ)
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  2. Default For comparison purposes

    I reversed the right hand print to enable the comparison...

    For those with any expertise... is the extended space between the ring finger and pinkie - the fact they seem very different from each other -
    and the curvature of the thumb which also appears very different from the other images and print...

    enough to determine a match or not?

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    Once in a while you get shown the light
    in the strangest of places if you look at it right.....
    R. Hunter

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    Default Things my momma, and later, the "community," never told me about.....

    From Jim Hargrove's fan website:
    And it was Roscoe who could easily have added a backyard photo or film negatives to the evidence collected by the Dallas Police on the afternoon of November 22. And Roscoe may have been the unknown police officer who gave the photo to Life Magazine. After Roscoe's death, his wife found another backyard photo among his possessions. And in 1991 the Dallas Police found additional backyard photos in their files. These photos are another "smoking gun" and were created for the purpose of placing a rifle in Oswald's hands. They are further proof that Oswald was being set up as the "patsy" prior to the assassination.

    Finally, what about the Imperial Reflex camera that was allegedly used by Marina to take the backyard photos? It was not found among Oswald's possessions at his rooming house, nor was it found at Ruth Paine's house, nor was it identified by Marina as belonging to Oswald when she was first shown the camera. In fact, Marina described a very different camera that she said was used by her to take the backyard photos. The Imperial Reflex camera first appeared 3 months after the assassination-on February 14, 1964 when Robert Oswald gave it to the FBI. And where did Robert get the camera? From Ruth Paine, who somehow was able to provide many items of evidence used to frame/incriminate Oswald in the months following the assassination, long after the police had thoroughly searched her home and garage....

    (....and Mr. Hargrove, when you update the above page on your website to reflect the new research details I present in this post,
    please extend the courtesy of crediting me for discovering and presenting the obscure 1992 Jim Martin interview excerpts supporting the 1964 FBI report quoting Life Magazine employee Martha Bucknell describing the origin of the BYP print purchased by Life for $5,000, matching Martin's recollection, 28 years later, nearly word for word. Thank you, in advance, for extending me such courtesy!)

    Versus: Jim Marrs, author of the book titled, "Crossfire".: (from google books)


    Marina's original business manager, Jim Martin, later recalled that he sold a BYP print, sourced directly from Marina, to
    Life Magazine, on Marina's behalf. Martin is backed up by an FBI communication rational readers will likely understand is obscure as
    a result of FBI attempt to protect sources and methods! (Hint...this FBI document suppoirts the much later recollection by Jim Martin,
    nearly word for word!)

    In what I predict will be a futile attempt by me to "call off the dogs," readers are now informed that the above memo is
    known to the community, unlike the obscure, Jim Martin (pre-internet era, but not newsgroup era) interview backing up the FBI document.....
    Friend to Marina Oswald Norman Man Recalls Assassin's Widow
    DAVID ZIZZO Published: Sun, November 29, 1992

    ...Martin told the commission Marina seemed to believe her husband alone killed Kennedy.

    But his recollection now is, "I don't really think she thought he was guilty. " ....

    ...While it lasted, being Marina's business manager was a unique experience, Martin said.

    He said he sold the photo of Oswald holding a rifle to Life Magazine for $5,000. He said the photo "came directly from her scrapbook" and could not have been altered after the assassination, as some conspiracy theorists allege.

    "If it had, it was doctored right after it was taken," Martin said....

    Reference Material Section Three:

    2,031 links to significant documents
    related to Black Op Radio topics
    (1964 02/25) FBI Memorandum: C. D. DeLoach to Mr. Mohr (
    Mrs. Bucknell told Wick today that "Life" magazine purchased the
    photograph of Lee Harvey Oswald shown with a rifle and a revolver
    (which appears on "Life" cover of 2-21-64) from Mrs. Marina Oswald


    Peter Janney's uncle was Frank Pace, chairman of General Dynamics who enlisted law partners Roswell Gilpatric and Luce's brother-in-law, Maurice "Tex" Moore, in a trade of 16 percent of Gen. Dyn. stock in exchange for Henry Crown and his Material Service Corp. of Chicago, headed by Byfield's Sherman Hotel group's Pat Hoy. The Crown family and partner Conrad Hilton next benefitted from TFX, at the time, the most costly military contract award in the history of the world. Obama was sponsored by the Crowns and Pritzkers. So was Albert Jenner Peter Janney has preferred to write of an imaginary CIA assassination of his surrogate mother, Mary Meyer, but not a word about his Uncle Frank.

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