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Thread: Onjection to thread being merged.

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    Default Onjection to thread being merged.

    I strongly object to my new thread being merged with this one. I made a separate thread on purpose. Others, who I could gladly name, daily post NEW threads on subjects which have old threads! These are rarely merged.

    There is a report that CNN has announced that NYC has imposed a curfew citywide from tonight at 10pm.

    I will start my NEW thread again shortly. Sorry! This is now a whole new chapter on this Revolution. Liberty Plaza is no more.
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    Peter, I didn't think the thread belonged in the board you posted it in. It was in Historical Events - for things long past. This event is not finished, it is ongoing. And for me it is the same event. One big battle. Attack, retreat, regroup. This is totally expected what happened and not the first time there was an eviction though the previous one they backed down. There will be others in future as well. If you really disagree and insist there is a qualitatively different thing happening please start that threat some where more appropriate like 'War on Workers, Students' board.

    I do agree that some people post new threads on old subjects and I spend much of my time merging them. If you see something that needs to be merged I'll be more than happy to merge them if you give me the URL link of each thread to be merged together. You can post them here in this board, not thread (so the other mods can see) or send me a PM or email.
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